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    just lovin you ruby andrews
  1. (with reference to the person who has been carrying a grudge for years because you didnt let him have an interview!) Was this nutter british by chance?... sounds familiar but then there are a few out there! lol x
  2. Not been in here for some time but spent the night reading all the posts welcoming you... much deserved! May I add my own welcome and thank you for the music... no better gift, its so personal. There is so much music out there but thousands of us fell in love with your sound, hand selected it and made it a big part of our lives. That makes you very special to us. Thank you Lorna x
  3. Its one of those tunes that transports me right back to wigan...i used to feel all edgy n excited when i heard the opening bars..... its haunting for sure, quite trippy!.. i think its the arrangement im into mainly? x
  4. hi frank! ive just posted after hearing about you and up you pop! hey whilst your here.. dont suppose you remember the year you came and covered the animal nightlife gig in bolton for us ha ha..a long shot i know but it would save me trawling through bloody thousands of B&S! would love to read your review again. good to see you, hope your well and life is treating you kindly lorna x
  5. frank elson worked for the bolton evening news???? didnt realise that. he covered a few nights we put on in bolton... animal nightlife being one of the nights...nice guy. my partner is kevin birchall from horwich so he will enjoy reading your post x
  6. our first trip to the wheel but certainly not the last... we loved it! great music, smiley happy people wall to wall, what a great place! loved the footage in sinc with the sounds playing... well done all involved for creating such a healthy happy vibe.... save me that shelf to dance on next month love x
  7. sounds very exciting barry! ... is there room for two podium dancers??? haha only joking, will try to behave! really gonna try get there...brilliant buzz on it and much deserved! mwah! x x x
  8. sounds good... bit of 'funk' will be baz maleady not running it any more then, dont see him on the line up? how often are they gonna be? will try to make one meanwhile good luck with it x
  9. ive been to all of them and there is something for everyone... its fab! you would be too late for accomodation at the hilton but a weekend pass is £49 and as its in blackpool, lots of choice on the hotel front... hope this helps x
  10. well said! ... lovin 'Oslo' by the way... nice healthy crowd gettin down n dirty!... we are all part of the 'family tree' so spead your wings... or should that be branches??? love x
  11. well done that man! if your ever performing northwest then please post the details... you obviously deserve the respect shown on here and now with the nomination.... so RESPECT! lol xx
  12. god didnt know about any of his dark side! what goes on behind closed doors eh...what a shame and such a contradiction to his music/sound... shatters my illusions... cheers! ha x
  13. ah that dave!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry hun... shocking for names x hope to see you soon, you going the tower? xx
  14. hahaha... he could have broke the news more gently!

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