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  1. pete b

    New Podcast At Last

    itunes works fine for me, cheers
  2. nice tune (cannae tell a word he's saying mind) but a bloody neat video
  3. pete b

    In Focus

    Sounds like the Motown album to me, by Elvis Mitchell/Ben Fong-Torres- Virgin books, 1990 but was published in GB as well. Released in time for the Motown 30th birthday celebtations( jeez i had it 20 yrs ish !!). If its not this one, you've got me stumped but i'd be interested!!
  4. pete b

    80s Modern Soul Track Id Needed

    Darn,there goes me 15 minutes of fame,thought it was a case of a record sounding better "out"(and with a charismatic DJ ) than at home, a step nearer tho'
  5. pete b

    80s Modern Soul Track Id Needed

    Kinda feel guilty spoiling the fun but its willis pugh-come back baby ,Its on a cd called 2nd family of southern soul whats my prize 10___Come_Back_Baby___Willis_Pugh___2006.mp3
  6. pete b

    pete b