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  1. Garry Huxley

    Whitchurch Soul Club (Shrops) Mick H - Soul Sam - J Weston - T Mundy

    Can't wait top line up as usual
  2. Garry Huxley

    What is this automobile record player??

    Emperor Rosco guested at Whitchurch civic centre few times in the 70s he had one in his car along with a tape recorder on which he used to record jingles for his show's, I never actually saw it but the chap I was working for Steve Obertelli (Right Track Disco) was chatting with him out in the car park and was excited to tell everyone about it on his return to the decks
  3. Garry Huxley

    Garry Huxley

  4. Garry Huxley

    Timi Yuro joke

    £30.000.00 winning bid which one of you nasty bugger's did that pmsl
  5. Garry Huxley

    WHITCHURCH SOUL CLUB ( 6th Anny) - T Massey - J Parker - M Etheridge

    lookin forward to the first one of the year, always gets packed full of really friendly people, not forgetting great music & good beer
  6. Garry Huxley

    Whitchurch Soul Club >> JIM SMIRK's 65th <<

    sitting here at home in rain soaked Wellingborough with man flu aching like mad hope I'm better by tmoro if I don't get there see you all next time Feel like shit
  7. Garry Huxley

    Whitchurch Soul Club >> JIM SMIRK's 65th <<

    Who is this Jim Smirk geezer, probably some old soul git that makes me buy his records after he prostitutes them in front of me
  8. Garry Huxley

    Severn hospice fundraiser

    Come on folks this is a quality soul nite with with top dj's in memory of les Hall's wife who was and still is the love of his life, Les has a collection of records that will have you dancing all night along with the other whitchurch soul club regular dj's including Nige Caulfield who is I think the only BLIND dj on the scene Whitchurch soul club regularly sells out and is talked about all over. Ellesmere is located midway between whitchurch and oswestry
  9. Garry Huxley

    Severn hospice fundraiser

    Charity soul nite to raise funds for the Severn hospice Comrades club Ellesmere Shropshire SY12 0AB Entrance £4.00 Dj's Pete Best Errol Green Nige Caulfield & Les Hall Playing all the best of xover & rare oldies
  10. Garry Huxley

    Pure Soul at Hartshills sportsclub

    Hope so missed you at lifeline & Pow wow stoke as I spend most of the time in Pow wow, but read all len's comments about lifeline room.
  11. Garry Huxley

    Pure Soul at Hartshills sportsclub

    If anyone else wants a lift from Wellingborough area got room for 3 more in the car Garry
  12. Garry Huxley

    Pure Soul at Hartshills sportsclub

    Better get me shoes polished, Your new venue sounds quite a blast, See ya soon Rob & Lyn. Garry
  13. Garry Huxley

    WHITCHUCH SOUL CLUB 5th ANNV - T Massey - Mick H

    Only about 6 hours to eargasm time, Not looking forward to the 110 mile drive in the rain, but the music always compensates for the journey. Garry
  14. Garry Huxley

    Ebay And Import Charges. Useful Tip

    already got that, no longer on wants list
  15. Garry Huxley


    to both lifeline n pow wow, you were both great, sorry I had to leave early as I have a lung disorder and I was really struggling to keep up with all the die hards and thank you mace for not eating jap food like before fedral crewe, youre the man yes sir you am. ATB Garry (see you in a few months)


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