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  1. Clarence Carter-I Cant Leave Your Love Alone-?

    Yes it's a nice little cheapie, and came out on Atlantic. Had it for years but never took any notice. It had different flipsides on the US and UK copies i've had/ got, can't remember off hand what though.
  2. Northern On Tv Programmes

    Remember one Sunday night when at a pool match they'd got the tv on, 'Heartbeat', 2009 i think? And to my suprise we had all obscure Northern tracks on, Lilian Dupree "Hide & seek" and Rose Batiste (Debonaires) "Hit & run". Forgot what else, but they ...
  3. Usos 16Th April Anniversary

    Will post something up today, or tomorrow?
  4. Anyone Got This Version?

    Heard the instrumental first in the mid 70's and was the most played out, but also heard the vocal on the odd occasion, but where? After all these years of liking, but never really raving over the vocal. Shifty playing it one night at either the 100 club, o...
  5. Usos 4Th Anniversary

    Well four years on down the line and were still here, praise be to all the people who've supported USOS at it's various venues, and the dj's for such sterling work in keeping the quality tunes on the decks. As Phil T. said, a little aprehensive about attend...
  6. ** O'jays - Working On Your Case **

    Wasn't sure if Ed and Arthur were the same person til it was mentioned on here, never really delved into it.
  7. ** O'jays - Working On Your Case **

    An interview in Soul Up North with Ed/ Arthur Wright didn't shed any info on the origins of this recording, i think he only mentioned that he'd produced it. Took note of it at the time as i'd clocked the Herbie Williams credits. We also have "No time for yo...
  8. United Sound Of Soul 4Th Anniversary

    Likewise Phil, looking forward to hearing your spot, and the rest to get my enthusiasm back on track. All this talk of dj's retiring, dominoes falling, etc. You could break the habit of a lifetime though and back United
  9. United Sound Of Soul 4Th Anniversary

    Morning eveyone. With the Sun shining, the temperature rising, and the bird's singing. It's one of those days when you feel good to be alive, with the added bouns that is USOS. Looking forward to meeting up with you all again, and hearing the dj's playing a...
  10. Sad Day A Coming If Rumours Are True

    The signs have been there for a while with Butch, who regardless is still the top man. But like many at one time or another the apathy creeps in for whatever reason, the enthusiasm and passion goes. Same here for a while, not been to many niters for well ov...
  11. United Sound Of Soul 4Th Anniversary

    Yes, it is a shame we'll not be in the big room, but won't detract from the enjoyment of the occasion i'm sure.
  12. United Sound Of Soul 4Th Anniversary

    And Roy Roberts too.
  13. United Sound Of Soul 4Th Anniversary

    Back with it folks, trouble logging in lately, and other things on the agenda. But looking forward to Saturday. And coming off the back of a Liverpool victory against City, things are good.
  14. Sonic Soul - February 25Th 2011

    Sorry for missing yet another venue, a late decision to go into work on Saturday and a hard week all round. Looks like an eventful night missed. See you all soon.
  15. Sonic Soul➢ - Lutterworth - (Hot On The Heels)

    Failed the las two weekends, but trying to make sure for Friday night. Looking forward to hearing Mr Grey's selection especially, as it's been a long long while since i last heard him.

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