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    Man of Value--Tyrone Barkley & try alittle Harder - The Fidels

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  1. Dekka 6x6

    Up The Junction Crewe

    Up the Junction now I go play snooker there a few times a year and think of some good times. When alot of us came down on scooters from Stoke. Then sometimes hitched it then walked back. Yes walked if we didn't get a lift. The time I won a dance competition yes me, but I think It was rigged. The prize was a various artists Ska Album. That was the sound at the time. Maybe 1970. Not sure. Nigel what a great idea a junction reunion I don't think that's been done. people have done all the others but not that one. D.
  2. Dekka 6x6


    My Home coming hoping to meet people from the past of nights out in Kidsgrove and Butt lane. Will be alot quieter though, will be well behaved. D.
  3. Dekka 6x6

    Radway Green Stoke on Trent

    Looks like I'm being dragged out again on this occasion the Radway . Like motown more than anything just hoping. Dekka.
  4. Dekka 6x6


  5. Dekka 6x6


    Well you're going the right place on Saturday to lift your spirits and put you on the right road to recovery.Can't say the beer is any good for you though It makes you loose your memory. Now where did I say I was going Saturday.
  6. Dekka 6x6


    All I can say Is Rob Yates now this Is going to be A GREAT night.
  7. Dekka 6x6

    New Trinity Soul Club

    Hi First time at Trinity soul club started a bit flat but soon warmed up and being a disliker to meeting room buildings I completely forgot where I was and turned out to be one hell of a night maybe spoilt by some minor hiccups on the decks.Thank you Dekka from Crewe.
  8. Dekka 6x6

    New Trinity Soul Club

    Hi First venture at the Trinity just to ask the times from opening too close. Looking at previous post a gang of 6 women wow do I dare to venture. Dekka.
  9. Dekka 6x6


    Not much for classical but your playing would bring tears to my eyes. Cats and howling dogs spring to mind.
  10. Dekka 6x6


    Hi Why would you want to go these other places. Must have money money and more money to waste. This is the value for money venue. Us old uns on limited pocket money you know. Dekka.
  11. Dekka 6x6


    Go on then I'll give It a go.
  12. My Fav Instrumental 6 x 6 My nickname will always like this one.
  13. Dekka 6x6

    THE JUNCTION 1971, Crewe, UK

    Do I remember the junction I sure do won a dance competition there one sat night Ok I do shuffle a bit but between me and you I think It was fixed. Ha ha. I was one of a Stoke crowd that frequented the place and I'm sure I saw Edwin Starr there on the very small stage. I still go there playing snooker and yes you can still make out the layout as It was then.It would be If It was to start up again which I very much doubt It, the only complete original set up surpassing the so called Wheel. Fond memories from a great venue It was the most under rated venue of It's time. Thanks Linda Gold for bringing this memory up.
  14. Dekka 6x6


    Hi Copp. More info wanted here not telling me much at all. Please give more as only 13 days to the gig. Dekka. Thanks.
  15. Dekka 6x6

    Coppenhall Soul @ The Working Mens Club - Crewe

    Hi Copp. Don't know Ray Daniels can you give me some info about him. Thanks. Dekka.


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