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  1. Only one place to be tonight people!

  2. Crikey, the sun is shining!

  3. Has the world ended yet? Just wondering

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    2. Steve L
    3. Alison H

      Alison H

      The world ended years ago, we're all ghosts & spirits :o))

    4. good angel

      good angel

      I could give you a vulgar answer about Willys..lol

  4. Is now a grandad for the first time :-)

    1. suzannek


      Congratulations Steve :)

  5. Jesus I've just seen a venue advertising free admittance for over 60s (showing bus pass as proof) Is that what we've come to??? God help us :-((

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    2. KevH


      ..and the smell of lavender in the bogs.

    3. KevinKent


      60 is just a number. Doesn't stop you from doing niters through to the end, nor from doing a 600 mile round trip to get to them.

    4. KevH


      You're right KK.!!!

  6. Spinners? they're all torque!

  7. Unbelievable Jeff!!

  8. Chablis is good!

    1. lightwatersoul


      tea is better lolololol

  9. Thank God, Jesus Christ and all the Angels for Lifeline and the rare soul scene!!!

    1. PaddyFerry


      Was it not good tonight Steve you sound like you've had a mare?

    2. Steve L

      Steve L

      Just craving some quality mate after nearly drowning in a sea of mediocrity :)

    3. KevH


      Did you go out last night mate?

  10. Get into the Christmas spirit - gin, vodka, rum whichever one works for you!

  11. Stopping in is the new going out!

    1. Bearsy


      too much staying in this year but thats because being skint is the new im minted lol

  12. Why do people post statements or questions here that no one else has got the faintest idea what they're on about??

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    2. soulmaguk


      it's cryptic Steve, come on just make your own idea of what their on about , i do!

    3. Steve L

      Steve L

      sorry didnt realise it was a crossword type thingy

    4. soulmaguk


      it is in my mind!

  13. Glad I'm not out this weekend, had two heavy ones on the trot - need a rest!

  14. Beekeeping is the new northern!

    1. good angel

      good angel

      Why you been stung

  15. is planning on falling off the wagon tonight!

    1. KevH


      i knew it.!!!

  16. shopping done, if we aint got it now we aint having it!!!

    1. soul elite

      soul elite

      Humph! have hardly started yet...X

  17. Cabin Fever!!

    1. Mark Res

      Mark Res

      Just got a perfect 7" from this man in the mail - exceptional item and outstanding service...cheers....MRez

  18. Snowflakes like golfballs here and my postmans just delivered me a record wearing shorts - hardcore!!!

    1. Tabs


      What was the postman wearing...... lol

    2. KevH


      Male or female postie?

    3. Steve L

      Steve L

      male! nutter! the postman i mean

  19. is off to the big city!

    1. good angel

      good angel

      Dont sell the cow for some magic beans.lol

  20. Jimmy Greaves was right, jockoland is CHILLY!!!!

    1. Philly


      Where abt are you??

    2. Steve L

      Steve L

      Back home now but was in peebles over the weekend - rather cool for august!

  21. vive la resistance!!

  22. is tuning up the banjo ready for our little jaunt to the big city!!

  23. is stopping in and spinning some b-sides (aidedand abeted by a bottle of Pinot Grigiot!!!

  24. Loves Sunday mornings when you haven't been out :)

  25. England v Germany + hot day + all day in the pub = a headache on Monday!


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