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  1. Simon


  2. Simon

    Ian Levine

    Had a few silly run-ins with Ian on here in the past & i sort of regret them now, can't unfortunately turn the clock back but i can at least be better going forward. Having dealt with death & serious illness in recent years in mine & Sam's family it makes you reappraise things & put things into perspective. So as a fellow soul & Dr Who fan i really hope Ian makes a full recovery & can get back to living ..
  3. I'd like to see someone sex these programmes up a bit, take a bit of a risk. Brewster, Almond (as much as i love him), Stringfellow, Jay, Waterman have nothing whatsoever to do with Northern Soul, well i've never seen them out & about or talked about in my 20/30 years of doing Northern Soul. I'd like to see Ady C, Butch, Pete Smith, Jo Wallace, Alan H, Dave Flynn, Andy Rix, Chalky, Russ Vickers , Dave Moore & countless ..
  4. I gave it a 3, it was an enjoyable half hours entertainment that i wished had gone on longer. Paul Mason came across very well & with passion, as he generally does on Newsnight. Simon
  5. Thank you for the replys, i'm sorted now. All the best Simon
  6. Simon

    Record Cases/boxes

    Thank you all! x
  7. Simon

    Record Cases/boxes

    Hi Y'all, Can anyone help with advice as to where i can get a really good 200 box record/flight case? I'd like one that's very sturdy, possibly be-spoke that looks the business. Many thanks in advance Simon
  8. Simon

    Your Nighter Dj Line Up

    10pm - 11pm, Carl Fortnum 11pm - 12am, Alan Handscombe 12am - 1am, Martin Thomson 1am - 2am, Dave Flynn 2am - 3am , Irish Greg 3am - 4am, Jo Wallace 4am - 5am, Ginger Taylor 5am - 6am, Dave Abbott 6am - 7am, Butch
  9. I see someone in Germany is selling one on the bay, starting price $100. Is this really that rare or hard to get hold of, i thought it was a £30 tune? Simon
  10. After a djayable copy. Many thanks in advance Simon
  11. Simon

    2011-08-28: Brighton Got Soul Allnighter

    Think this is my fifth year at jocking this event & it gets better every year, i'm generally fairly blase about spinning tunes nowadays but this event is special & i'm genuinely humbled to get the call from Rob again, over the years at this event i've spun alongside the likes of Ginger Taylor, Roger Banks, Irish Greg etc, all of whom i've aspired over the years to be able to build even a fraction of their superb collections! ..
  12. Simon

    100 Club To Close By Xmas

    The 100 club is a dump but a dump with major historical importance in respect of Jazz, Punk, Soul & tons of other stuff. Wigan Casino hosted NS nights & the odd night of bingo.
  13. Simon

    100 Club To Close By Xmas

    The big distinction between the two for me is the 100 clubs' historical music importance, with jazz greats, punk greats etc having played there since the early forties, Wigan Casino was a dump that put on Northern Soul nights be it some of the biggest, apart from that it doesn't have a huge musical heritage as far as i'm aware.
  14. Simon

    100 Club To Close By Xmas

    Ha Ha....All totally in jest Carms, i don't even know myself properly let alone anyone else however i've always valued your opinions & friendship, have good memories of the London clubs, The Volks KTF alldayers & even when we met up in Cornwall that time many moons ago. Hope you're doing well & enjoying the NS still. Simon x