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  1. Simon

  2. Ian Levine

    Had a few silly run-ins with Ian on here in the past & i sort of regret them now, can't unfortunately turn the clock back but i can at least be better going forward. Having dealt with death & serious illness in recent years in mine & Sam's fami...
  3. I'd like to see someone sex these programmes up a bit, take a bit of a risk. Brewster, Almond (as much as i love him), Stringfellow, Jay, Waterman have nothing whatsoever to do with Northern Soul, well i've never seen them out & about or talked about i...
  4. I gave it a 3, it was an enjoyable half hours entertainment that i wished had gone on longer. Paul Mason came across very well & with passion, as he generally does on Newsnight. Simon

    A bit of a taster of what you can expect to hear from me: Tony Drake - Suddenly @ Brunswick Shawn Robinson - My dear heart @ Minit Blue Jays - Point of view @ Jay Dorothy Berry - You better watch out @ Planetary Tammy Wayne - Have a good time @ Boom Simon
  6. Northern Soul and Ska alldayer

    DJ line up for the Northern Soul room: Ion Tsakalis Soul Sisters (Amanda & Sue) Colin Baldock Craig 'Swifty' Simpson Simon Bridger Plus very special guest: Ady Croasdell (100 Club/Kent records) Ska in the bar - Darren Bennett - Madness official dj / Hit the moon Ian immediate - Killer Ska Records Dave Crozier - Mojo to Go Go Veronica - Skavoovie Little Willy £5 entry on the door 3pm - 12am
  7. Thank you for the replys, i'm sorted now. All the best Simon
  8. Record Cases/boxes

    Thank you all! x
  9. Record Cases/boxes

    Hi Y'all, Can anyone help with advice as to where i can get a really good 200 box record/flight case? I'd like one that's very sturdy, possibly be-spoke that looks the business. Many thanks in advance Simon
  10. Your Nighter Dj Line Up

    10pm - 11pm, Carl Fortnum 11pm - 12am, Alan Handscombe 12am - 1am, Martin Thomson 1am - 2am, Dave Flynn 2am - 3am , Irish Greg 3am - 4am, Jo Wallace 4am - 5am, Ginger Taylor 5am - 6am, Dave Abbott 6am - 7am, Butch
  11. I see someone in Germany is selling one on the bay, starting price $100. Is this really that rare or hard to get hold of, i thought it was a £30 tune? Simon
  12. After a djayable copy. Many thanks in advance Simon
  13. 2011-08-28: Brighton Got Soul Allnighter

    Think this is my fifth year at jocking this event & it gets better every year, i'm generally fairly blase about spinning tunes nowadays but this event is special & i'm genuinely humbled to get the call from Rob again, over the years at this event i've...
  14. 100 Club To Close By Xmas

    The 100 club is a dump but a dump with major historical importance in respect of Jazz, Punk, Soul & tons of other stuff. Wigan Casino hosted NS nights & the odd night of bingo.