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  1. Shawn Robinson on Minit My dear heart m- or V-good Money or swap ?
  2. steve00


  3. This Guy Keith went over and beyond, making sure my record got to me, after going astray via Holland and Germany. It took a few weeks but he was always there and kept in touch. Far play !!! Can,t say enough really .


  4. What sort of price ? Or what trade are you looking for Leo !!
  5. Still looking, there must be one out there !,,,,
  6. Looking for Eric Lomax Seven the Loser On Columbia Thankyou...
  7. Wanted Joe Bataan Chick-a- Boom / Cycles of you Anybody got one, must be one out there !! Thanks
  8. Cheers Darren Sounds ok but label is not the best, will watch it, No buy now price !!!!
  9. Two great sides, that why I want it, not cheap !!
  10. Wanted Topics ( HEY GIRL ) Chadwick ex+ or above Thankyou......
  11. Looking for a Demo or issue of this ! The Voice Box Baby Baby Don,t you know On LOMA Please message me with price, thank you
  12. Still looking for Milton Wright I belong to you / like a rolling stone thankyou...........
  13. Still looking for Milton Wright i belong to you / like a rolling stone Thankyou for looking

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