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  1. Shawn Robinson on Minit My dear heart m- or V-good Money or swap ?
  2. steve00


  3. What sort of price ? Or what trade are you looking for Leo !!
  4. Still looking, there must be one out there !,,,,
  5. Looking for Eric Lomax Seven the Loser On Columbia Thankyou...
  6. Wanted Joe Bataan Chick-a- Boom / Cycles of you Anybody got one, must be one out there !! Thanks
  7. Cheers Darren Sounds ok but label is not the best, will watch it, No buy now price !!!!
  8. Two great sides, that why I want it, not cheap !!
  9. Wanted Topics ( HEY GIRL ) Chadwick ex+ or above Thankyou......
  10. Looking for a Demo or issue of this ! The Voice Box Baby Baby Don,t you know On LOMA Please message me with price, thank you
  11. until

    Posted vid on YouTube and Facebook, only Friday night. Again was Fantastic !!!!!!!
  12. Still looking for Milton Wright I belong to you / like a rolling stone thankyou...........
  13. Still looking for Milton Wright i belong to you / like a rolling stone Thankyou for looking
  14. Like a rolling stone ( vocal ) Ex / m- no rubbish please VG ++ Someone must have one ?
  15. It's the Retro Bag shop in Manchester, they are asking the I.P.O to make the logo there trade mark, which in turn would mean nobody else can use it. Northern Soul Facebook page are trying to stop this, they have to prove the logo has been around for a few years. Proof goes back to 1973 so far, but the I.P.O need people with proof of this to contact them.
  16. Just read this on Facebook, bag shop in Manchester trying to get the logo as there,s. Anybody heard about this or is it bull ?
  17. Same as the last topic with slight change !!!!! Jack
  18. Nice one boys, yes your right ( JACK ) trying to track this one down, kept coming up Fat Larry, Plonker....
  19. Anybody help ( Fat Larry Band ) Hey it,s Summer Very good + ex m- thank you
  20. Court Davis wanted,,, Try to think what you,re doing Pm for offers thank you

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