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    Can't possibly single one tune out
  1. Derbyshire Bint

    Groovin' @ Grundy's

    Hiya Dave and Louise Hope you're both well Don't believe him about the wine.......he's too embarrassed to admit that the string from his mittens got tangled and the left one was in his right sleeve!! :-)
  2. Derbyshire Bint

    Groovin' @ Grundy's

    I should also have said ..... IT'S FREE ...... nada, zilch, rien, zero, nothing to get in ....... So come & join us at our new Sunday Soul 'Social' .... for some seriously soulful ear and foot refreshment ......... with music from right across the soul spectrum.......A Brother's Guiding Light thru to Timi Yuro and loads more. See ya there! Kev
  3. Derbyshire Bint

    Too Darn Fast!@ Grantham

    Hiya Barry, Coops and Steve Kev, Robert and I really enjoyed the night. Good company and great tunes! Steve, I agree wholeheartedly with your comment above Unless someone has a BPM monitor (!) a few ever so slightly faster tunes add to the mix. IMHO Barry, I'm sorry that we missed your spot........we really didn't go just because you had come on!!! Honestly! It was good to see Theresa back to her usual self! We hope to make the next one. Vicki
  4. Derbyshire Bint

    Groovin' (Episode 3) @ Rolls-Royce, Derby

    Yahoo!!!!! Not long to go now. To all you lurkers.....if you've never been to this Soulfest then give it a go. It's always very well attended with tuneage of the finest quality... oh..., oh....oh.......and a lovely pint of Pedigree!! See you there Vicki
  5. Hello everyone, Late summer Bank Holiday weekend is only a few weeks away which can only mean it's nearly time for another two room 'mini-dayer' at Rolls-Royce in Derby. After an excellent Episode 2, we're back with this year's final event and another great line up. Episode 2 saw c.400 people through the door, creating a great atmosphere in both rooms .... Episode 3 is likely to be the same ............ hope to see lots of you there. This time's Groovin guests are MICK H, CHRIS ANDERTON and ERROL GREEN, we were also hoping for a super-duper early doors session from one (or more) of the Bentinck Backroom Boys but other (charity) commitments means we've had to put that on hold for now. Anyway, as always the emphasis will tend towards midtempo, crossover type tunes but really you can expect a little bit of everything, particularly from regulars Rob Kay, Denmac & Kev Rodgers. It all kicks-off at 4pm thru to 12.30am as usual, and if your tastes tend to the more traditional Northern & Motown type of stuff then the main room is the place for you, where there's another great line-up, in addition to CHRIS ANDERTON and ERROL GREEN doing early-ish spots, there'll also be contributions from LITTLE SCOTTY, GLYN SISSONS as well as regulars Keith Banks, John Poole and possibly a further 'suprise' guest. As always it's £5 otd, there's plenty of on-site parking, it's air-conditioned, holds up to 450, hot food is available through to about 9.30 - 10.00pm 'ish and there's usually tables full of records, cd's, t-shirts & other goodies. (best to contact Keith if you want a table in the main room and either Rob Kay or myself for space in GROOVIN' ). Cheers, Kev Rolls-Royce Pavilion, Moor Lane, Derby. DE24 9HY Opposite the Moorways Sports Centre & Swimming Pool. for info; email - stevenbanks2002@hotmail.com Keith Banks - 01332 573312 Rob - 07831 336 296 Kev - 07855 785 368
  6. The moral of the story is..........don't post whilst drinking wine, and then you don't risk repeating yourself........"this time". Which I haven't done this time!!!!!
  7. Really gutted not to be able to attend this most excellent of venues this time.......but Paul and Sue have granted us leave of absence this time!!! Vicki and Kev
  8. Derbyshire Bint

    Black Bull, Mansfield - Bentinck Backroom Boys Are Backl

    Mark!......honestly you can't put that and not expect someone with a dirty mind not to high-light it!! Not that I have a dirty mind....at all......ever Looking forward to seeing that new DJ, what's his name? Tats? I've heard that he might be good! Hopefully see you all on Saturday Vicki
  9. Derbyshire Bint

    Dab Of Soul, Nantwich, Friday July 15Th Mark Hopes/john Benson

    For anyone that hasn't been before the building is lovely inside as well, complete with uneven floors ( not the dance floor I hasten to add ) and plenty of atmosphere! I'm just not too sure about the weird blonde with the saxophne up on the minstrel gallery though!!!! Paul and Sue.......and Chris, Dave, maybe Helen?, and anyone else that I chat with! See you later. I'm looking forward to tonight. Vicki
  10. Derbyshire Bint

    2011-08-05: Monumental Soul-On-Sea 3

    Ray......forgot to say that we're also going this year. So see you in August in sunny Clacton.
  11. Derbyshire Bint

    2011-08-05: Monumental Soul-On-Sea 3

    Ray you'll enjoy it. Kev and I went last year.
  12. Derbyshire Bint

    2011-08-05: Monumental Soul-On-Sea 3

    H-E-L-L-O!! Really looking forward to this. Anticipating a fantastic weekend of soul. Looking forward to the crack with like minded people. See you all there Vicki and Kev
  13. Derbyshire Bint

    2011-06-24: Bridlington Spa Northern Soul Weekender

    Hiya Geoff It'll be good to see you again and catch up...... where? in the crossover room? :lol: ?? Not long to go ! Vicki
  14. Derbyshire Bint

    Kindred Soul @ Bidds - Sat June 11Th

    Sorry but I have to know.......is Ted time travelling? My computer says it is only 21.37 now!!! Vicki
  15. Derbyshire Bint

    ==Junction 17 Sandbach==Saturday 4Th June,

    R..e..a..l..l..y looking forward to this!! There will be lots of friends here to with, to with, to with, to with and lastly to and with. Chic, it's ages since I've seen you!! See you there Vicki


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