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  1. Groovin' @ Grundy's

    Hiya Dave and Louise Hope you're both well Don't believe him about the wine.......he's too embarrassed to admit that the string from his mittens got tangled and the left one was in his right sleeve!! :-)
  2. Groovin' @ Grundy's

    I should also have said ..... IT'S FREE ...... nada, zilch, rien, zero, nothing to get in ....... So come & join us at our new Sunday Soul 'Social' .... for some seriously soulful ear and foot refreshment ......... with music from right across the soul spectrum.......A Brother's Guiding Light thru to Timi Yuro and loads more. See ya there! Kev
  3. The Spirit of Albrighton

    Really really sorry but Kev and I can't make this.....and yes we were two soulies that loved Albrighton and tried to never miss one. If I had a pound for everytime I've asked someone if they went to Albrighton and then prattled on about how good it was, I'd be rich. Hope you all have a good night.
  4. Nowt Fast Nowt Furious

  5. MonuMENTAL Soul on Sea 4


    Only 7 sleeps to go....then .........yes I think that just about covers the weekend.

    Thanks for that Winnie......I do like my emoticons!!! :D :thumbup:

    Hi Steve and Theresa.........looking forward to seeing you both, and listening to my request. Well I can't wait for thr whole of your spot !! Hi Jordi........it's been ages and ages since I've seen you although I did listen to you on Solar, and thoroghly enjoyed every moment of it. really looking forward to listening to your tunes, Vicki :0) where have the emoticons gone!!!!!
  8. BOOMERANG @ Canal Tavern

    See....even when I post without drinking red wine I can manage to cock it up !!! Geoff, you might be travelling up on your own but you will never be on your own at Thorne :-)) Really looking forward to Thorne, particularly as we missed the last one. We are hoping to try the whole experience this time and sample the delights on offer in the resturant, all washed down with a pint or two or three of Black Sheep. See you there Vicki and Kev (and maybe Robert will be with us)
  9. BOOMERANG @ Canal Tavern

  10. Dave Ripolles and Flanny @Dab of Soul

    I know it's a little late .... but what a superb night of crossover soul ...... fabulous sets from Flanny & Dave Rip and the other two geezers weren't bad either. Very nice to cross paths again with Jordi, Lynn & Gary Holyman, Steve & Michelle as well as Chic and the Shrewsbury possee along with all the other friendly faces that were there too. Tons of records on sale from £10 to £700 and even some new stuff from Fish which tempted me in to spending a whole seventeen pounds .......i know, I know, I can't believe either. Anyway, if you were there, you'll know how good it was musically and if you weren't you missed a treat. Kev
  11. Bentinck Back Room Boys Breakout 3 , Black Bull

    Hiya Boys Can you put Kev and I down for two seats and space on the dance floor please? See you all on the 29th Vicki
  12. Soul Purpose @ Sketchley Grange, Hinckley, Leics

    Mr Baskett, Are you having another birthday? Didn't you have one of those last year? You can't keep on having mate, people will begin to notice! - just kidding. It's not 'nailed-on' yet, but hoping to be there Friday and if we are, I'll definitely let you buy me a beer for your birthday. Take care Kev
  13. Too Darn Fast!@ Grantham

    Hiya Barry, Coops and Steve Kev, Robert and I really enjoyed the night. Good company and great tunes! Steve, I agree wholeheartedly with your comment above Unless someone has a BPM monitor (!) a few ever so slightly faster tunes add ...
  14. Groovin' (Episode 3) @ Rolls-Royce, Derby

    Yahoo!!!!! Not long to go now. To all you lurkers.....if you've never been to this Soulfest then give it a go. It's always very well attended with tuneage of the finest quality... oh..., oh....oh.......and a lovely pint of Pedigree!! See...
  15. Hello everyone, Late summer Bank Holiday weekend is only a few weeks away which can only mean it's nearly time for another two room 'mini-dayer' at Rolls-Royce in Derby. After an excellent Episode 2, we're back with this year's final event and another g...

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