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  1. hope we make this one. Tezza...one of my favourite d.js. happy new year . shirl (the good brandy sister ) x
  2. had a great night, thanks for inviting us to d.j missed my brandy sister but enjoyed every min of the night. sorry if I didn't play all the requests but time just flew by. great set from Betty and great music from resident d.js thanks again Shirl (the good brandy sister ) x
  3. but will he be safe with the girls !!
  4. realy looking forward to tonight unfortunately my brandy sister joyce (the bad one ) cannot be with us so im gong solo for the first time, see you all later, shirl (the good brandy sister ) ktf xx .
  5. BrandySistaShirl

    Kingstone Club - Barnsley

    joyces birthday weekend :)xx
  6. no she deffo wants a pie jill caus she owes me half of one. and i suppose i will have to help her celebrate.. blimey lifes hard sometimes but you just have to soldier on...xxx
  7. BrandySistaShirl

    Route61 Soul Club

    were ready and waiting.. glad to hear tezza still has his Yorkshire roots. we were beginning to think he was avoiding us.when ever we play at route he is absent. four more sleeps.see you all soon guys. ktf shirl ( the good brandy sister,) xxxx
  8. BrandySistaShirl

    Kingstone Club - Barnsley

    third night of celebrations and still going strong.looking forward to neils set.see you all nice and early n il be leaving nice and late...caus a can never get that brandy sister a mine out!!! xxx
  9. BrandySistaShirl

    Trades Club - Barnsley

    well what a great night...and yep a can remember it ..lol dean n Derek top sounds ...good crowd..friends top music...thanks for having us.see you all at kingstone and we can do it all over again.xxx:)
  10. BrandySistaShirl

    Kingstone Club - Barnsley

    im ready..:)xx
  11. BrandySistaShirl

    Trades Club - Barnsley

    im ready...... xx
  12. BrandySistaShirl

    Trades Club - Barnsley

    see you there..just had enough time to recover from new years eve Fridays are my favourite day of the week..:)xx
  13. its not my birthday this month jill. but as its nearly christmas il have a drink or two.xx
  14. had a great night thanks guys.pity we couldnt get there for our little brandy sisters set. bet she did herself proud.thankyou for the pie jim it was delish.xx
  15. its mine jim... x

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