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    Active on the Northern Soul scene,Sept 77 to the Present

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    Motorcycles, Live Music , Soul (The Whole spectrum), Boxing
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  1. oh bugger. was very much looking forward to this. see you later in year , hopefully
  2. until

    Let me know if you’d like me to spin a few over the weekend
  3. I love Pale ales. My fave.
  4. until

    i have tickets. £30 each ... i'll post them out to you send a message please
  5. Surely the first 'Northern Soul' Niter was at the Twisted Wheel ? The phrase wasn't coined until a certain Mr Godin paid a visit . I know its a daft statement, but before that it was Rhythm & Soul , R&B/Mod clubs... same music obviously, but no 'Northern'
  6. i like this little club. perfect lay out and a perfect size. see you there
  7. Wonderful ! a little backing vocals would have made it extra wonderful
  8. i have a copy of Brothers gonna work it out . it has 3 tiny edge cracks, but otherwise pretty much mint. the 'cracks' don't affect the playing surface, but because of this, you can have it for cost of recorded postage
  9. i remember seeing this a few years back, scoured YouTube/Google tonight, with no luck. anyone got link hidden somewhere?
  10. Thats exactly it. " the big (overhand) Right" he hit Fury with a big left hook, granted, but that was a rare punch for Wilder. UPPERCUTS (lacking in BOTH Ortiz fights)! Wilder does'nt throw them...... if Fury bangs some of those in at close quarters, i think we'll see a very different outcome
  11. Joyce is out of his depth. far too small in size to worry any of the big boys. Dubois is a slugger, who throws wild bombs, over hyped in my opinion. Wilder depends entirely on his overhand right... i watched both of the Ortiz fights, not once did he throw an uppercut ! both of those fights could have ended early, if he had done. Mike Tyson (like or loathe him), would have finished any one of these. he was the complete package, any punches, from any angle . I see one winner on Saturday, thats Fury !
  12. BIG thanks for the invite. A new venue for me, so very much looking forward to seeing you all .
  13. was that the first £100 record? i have vague memories of it being a big topic of conversation , 77 ish

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