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  1. sludge7

    New Discogs listings

    Hey kids -- am selling a couple of things at reasonable prices in aim of quick sales if anybody's interested... https://www.discogs.com/seller/sludge7/profile
  2. sludge7


  3. Yeah, we are watching this too -- no idea who is responsible for the soundtrack though!
  4. sludge7

    co-op broadband/phone - anyone on?

    Yes, I've been with them for a few years now -- no significant problems of note, and when you phone up about something, you get to speak to a real live human being who speaks English... Highly reccommended.
  5. You should have a reference number from your claim that you can use to complain about your complaint.... Even if they're not going to grant your claim, you should still receive a letter telling you that they're not granting it and why... They can't just ignore you -- they are legally obliged to respond!
  6. Chris -- how long ago did you claim? I filled in my claim form online and sent off a scan of my proof of posting and I got an automated reply and was waiting forever -- and then about six weeks later I got a cheque in the post -- so maybe you just need to wait a bit longer? Fingers crossed!
  7. Just got a cheque yesterday for £7.25 which is the full value of the postage I paid to send a letter International Tracked & Signed For to the USA which the Royal Mail failed to provide me with a signature/proof of delivery for. The contents were just pieces of paper, so couldn't claim for value of contents...
  8. sludge7


    Here's what I've been following this week -- http://www.transcontinental.cc/ -- much tougher than the Tour de France IMO!
  9. sludge7

    Red Kits are brilliant

    There's another feeding station in Llanddeusant not far from my house -- http://www.redkiteswales.co.uk/ -- I see red kites probably every day (if I remember to look up...!)
  10. sludge7

    an all windows must do update

    If you've got Windows set to update automatically, you should have already received this by now. Dave showed me Mike's post this morning and I've checked all our computers at work now and they all did it automatically yesterday afternoon...
  11. sludge7

    Free Windows 10

    Another reason not to take the upgrade: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/windows-10-users-cant-turn-off-updates-on-new-microsoft-operating-system-10396373.html
  12. sludge7

    Free Windows 10

    We've been advised by the company that makes the software that runs our inventory and sales system NOT to take the upgrade as they haven't yet sorted their software to work with it, so I would advise anybody thinking of taking it to make sure that you will still be able to use all your software/peripherals, etc...
  13. sludge7

    What's your favourite Motown Song?

    Mine will always be Martha and the Vandellas -- Jimmy Mack...
  14. sludge7

    Your earliest memory in life

    Mine's similar -- I would have been 3 years and 2 months and I'm sitting in the chair in the lounge holding my newborn baby sister who has just come home from hospital and I remember that I'm wearing red fluffy slippers with white pom poms...
  15. sludge7

    Pegs....what`s your preference?

    I cycle to work and back every day, so a regular recycler... Regarding the proper way to hang tops, please pay attention Dave Rimmer, if they are made of woven material, like a button down Ben Sherman, you can pretty much hang them any way you like, but if they are made of KNITTED material, they MUST be hung from the bottom hem of they will get stretched out of shape...!


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