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  1. Sound file for the Festivals

    Look forward to that Mike. The flip has intrigued me since Bob mentioned it.
  2. Sound file for the Festivals

    The Festivals is a bit of a rare one. I remember Boba putting up a want for it some time ago and saying he's never seen a copy. Would love to hear the flip. Andy
  3. Its common for some Canadian (and other countries) releases to be different from their US 45 rpm releases. Could be that these are tracks on an album which the record company deemed more suitable for the Canadian market. They did many albums so without checki...
  4. Casanova Two - WLP - Reissue

    So, I'm rummaging around in the storage space and find a box of records which I'd totally forgotten about. In there I find the Casanova Two and I'm thinking "foook I didn't realise I had this". Joy upon joy, but then it struck me to check the matrix and run o...
  5. How rare are some of the 70' boots

    This is an official reissue from the Jamie Guyden organisation. I got 6 copies when it was done. Think I have 1 left. Been selling them at £25. The price of the original has gone shooting up, so for most this is the only way to own it. Great tunes both sides.
  6. Remember the Oxblood colour shoe from the Army Stores very well . They were a big fave of the soul crowd around Derbyshire and Notts. I remember pestering my mother until she bought me a pair....even though they didn't fit me .....just had to have them.
  7. Import duty?

    From Royal Mail.... "If you buy goods online from outside the EU for delivery to the UK, you'll have to pay Customs Duty (if over £120 value) and Import VAT (if over £18) on top of the purchase price (including duties), though Customs Duty is waived if t...
  8. Local car boot find

    Best find in terms of percentage return on investment was back in the late 70's at the local flea market. Wilbur Walton Jr - 24 hours was covered up and then whilst at Wigan one night it was uncovered. I realised I had seen it a few days before and went ...
  9. Can you explain this? - Valerie & Nick 45

    Not sure why it wouldn't be the same copy ? Many Ebay sellers put their sound files on YT.
  10. Minty Quality X Over

    These come from a guy who has the contents of his old long closed record shop in his basement. His shop closed 20 years ago so they have just been sat on the shelf. These are all about the condition. I've not even played these myself !! The vinyl on each...
  11. Johnny Monday ???

    Never been booted as far as I know. I've had WD and issue copies over the years, but definitely more WD's as they seem easier to find.
  12. X-Over with some NS Bargains

    Sorry sold that one ATB
  13. Hi all Nice copy of the following: Chuck Corby & Entrees - City of strangers - Sonic Ex+ £40 Clip from YT for info only https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEnQimZ6foc Post 1.50 UK First, 2.50 Recorded and 5.oo worldwide Paypal a...
  14. X-Over with some NS Bargains

    Here are a few for your delectation... Sensible (!!!) offers considered M = Mint (rarely used) Ex= Very nice record small signs of use VG = Well used some scuffs and maybe some noise - no skips, jumps or deep gouges +/- will refine a ...
  15. SOUL NOT DOLE - Armthorpe Pit Club

    Me and Mick looking forward to this one. I've put a picture up of us so say hello if you see us there. I'm the good looking one.