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  1. J Manship Auction Results 09/08/2017

    It was like that with so many so called "rarities" these days. I can't believe that the Millionaires goes for such as price. When it was popular back in the 70's copies were so plentiful you could buy it for less than a Starbucks coffee today. Anyone and ever...
  2. World Athletics Championships

    I'm against drugs in sport, but I did feel that Gatlin got some flack purely because he beat Bolt and spoiled the party. There are numerous athletes competing in the championships who have previously failed a drugs test - some not that long ago - but they got...
  3. Poll: DJ Playlist - Worthwhile?

    Agreed. There is too much ego around it from some. That's why I also pick and choose which I read.
  4. Poll: DJ Playlist - Worthwhile?

    Playlist are interesting for a few reasons...and I voted yes BTW First they can indicate the music policy of the venue. Second they can indicate the tastes of the DJ. Thirdly, taking the first and second into account it helps (me) make a decision on wher...
  5. Casuals - out of tune?

    I like the other side better anyway. They (Casuals) were part of the Glass City Review that was sponsored by Clark's record store. This 45 was recorded in the back of the Toledo record store in 1969. The label Glass City was the sister label to Clark's f...
  6. Post insured - proof of record value

    How did you sent it ? If you have sent it with some form of tracking you should be entitled to some compensation. If not it will be difficult but in the past I've just stuck to my guns and bugged them until they've agreed. Purchase price is irrelevant as you ...
  7. Updated Info: Been asked a couple of questions regarding condition description. The "ticks" described are more like a light few crackles - there are NO jumps, skips etc. Apologies if my original description gave a different impression. ...
  8. Cleveland Robinson Rare Records Never Seen ?

    Both the label variants seem to be Rite pressings from the plant in Ohio I believe. They have that distinctive dish in the middle.

    George Firstly I think Russell makes some good points in the fact that its probably close to its most popular today and we see this in the commercial use of soul tracks on TV adverts, programs etc. As for the age demographic, its true that at most e...
  10. I lived in Dubai for a few years and it didn't do my black treasures any harm when outside temps in summer have gone way above 50 C . Just keep them indoors out of direct sunlight. Anyway I think the melting point would be around 100 - 120 Deg C for vinyl. BT...
  11. Gatur label listing

    One here..... http://www.soulfulkindamusic.net/gatur.htm and here ... http://www.globaldogproductions.info/g/gatur.html
  12. Just going through some of the old storage boxes yesterday and found 2 copies of this beauty.....just have a listen. Probably the best Arctic double sider and probably one of the best Northern double siders. These were done as official reissues by t...
  13. Robert Taylor... Time keeps ticking

    Should be an easy one to get. I bought one off the guy on Ebay selling them around 10 years ago for $8 and he actually sent me 5 copies !!
  14. Northern SOUL BO-LL-OX...!!

    Just because people don't respond it doesn't mean its not known. Its had spins over the years in many different places as others have said. There are lots of this type of record, but the point in my previous post was that the 45 I was referring to was well kn...
  15. Northern SOUL BO-LL-OX...!!

    Nice one Mal. There was one on here just last week I think which described a certain record as "semi known" and "right for todays DJ" or words to that effect. I nearly choked on my fecking cornflakes, it was hugely popular sound mid - late 70's Wigan and...