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  1. Nice Detroit Double Sider

    Found a duplicate of this great double sided 45 so thought I'd offer it up. Orthea Barnes - I never loved nobody / Waiting for Joey - Coral £30 Full description... A side - label is slightly worn but no rips, stickers or writing and the vinyl h...
  2. BBC. Patronising

    Good lord above, its seems you are getting a bit tense over this. No need to write an essay. Two simple points, firstly Newman should 'play the ball not the man' as they say. Tackle him on his words, beliefs, theories etc., not what the liberal left deem him ...
  3. BBC. Patronising

    My point exactly, which you seemed to previously dismiss.
  4. BBC. Patronising

    The thing is that Newman, as most of the leftists, tried to paint Peterson as some 'alt right' pantomime villain. His crime ? Well he's a clinical psychologist who researches from a psychological and biological view into gender differences and rails against i...
  5. BBC. Patronising

    Strangely enough when Greg Dyke was DG of the BBC he encouraged the government to scrap the license fee and have the BBC as a subscription channel.
  6. BBC. Patronising

    Would this be the same James Harding who left the Times before being fired. Even his friends acknowledge that he was quote "left of centre". The same Nick Robinson who was approached by the Labour party to be to Miliband's spin doctor ? Very Tory indeed. Mayb...
  7. BBC. Patronising

    But of course the Mail and Sun's daily readership numbers dwarfs that of the Guardian probably by a factor of 10....part of the information you missed of course. So why would the BBC buy thousands of copies of the least read newspaper ?
  8. BBC. Patronising

    Its as relevant today as it was then. If you need more there are lots more quotes and tweets on the Biased BBC link provided above. Alternatively you can ask them for a copy of the 69,212 copies of the Guardian newspaper at a cost of £139,000 to us ...
  9. BBC. Patronising

    The BBC do make some fine programs in certain genres, but I think its more about their view of news events and even trying to drive the news via opinion. John Sissons retired just a few years ago and was a new reader, presenter of Question Time and long stand...
  10. BBC. Patronising

    I've read some of his work, for reasons I won't bore you with, and it is a bit deep and sometimes you have to read it a few times to understand what he's getting at. However Newman was a bit clueless and because Peterson has ideas and opinions which the left ...
  11. Russian Spy

    As Putin said this week...and I paraphrase...he's not one of the forgive and forget types, and traitors will be hunted down wherever they are.
  12. Russian Spy

    And why exactly did we negotiate his release from a Russian prison after 4 years, bring him the UK, set him up and live freely for years, then kill him ?
  13. BBC. Patronising

    On the contrary my smoked salmon socialist. He is what the Andrew Marr of Al Beeb said... "The BBC is “a publicly-funded urban organisation with an abnormally large proportion of younger people, of people in ethnic minorities and almost certainly of gay ...
  14. Most Accurate Vinyl Graders Us Or Uk Sellers?

    To answer the original question....I've bought from the US for 30 years or so and I have to say that until recently their grading has been much better in general. I've often had records described as VG but in fact were mint...just needed a dusting down. Howev...
  15. BBC. Patronising

    It was ever thus. Can't say anything more really as the mods will be on to it, but suggest you read this.....https://biasedbbc.org/ Read the 'in their own words' tab which are quotes from current and ex BBC personnel.

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