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  1. These may be of help to you Andy
  2. Here are some nice bits ranging from Ex to M- for your delectation. Postage is £1.50 UK First, £2.50 Recorded, Special would be around £8 and Worldwide £5. Payment as Paypal F&F or add 4% if you prefer that way. PM's please NOTE: If you fancy them all as a package deal let me know we can work it out ! Bernie Milton: £45 ( £100 on dealers) Bill Jacocks: £25 Black and Blue : £20 Carl Carlton : £10 (slight ring on label, underrated for me) Ferry Brothers: £40 (on lists £75) Gaslight: £15 Jades: £15 Jupiter: £20 Robin Hood: £35 (old Dean Anderson spin on lists £100 double sider) Roger Troy: £20 (sticker mark on label) Trends: £25 (their xover best for me)
  3. Didn't John Manship auction one of these a couple of years ago ? Maybe the old memory is playing tricks.
  4. After a copy of this if anyone has one spare. I can make an offer or you can let me know what you're looking for - I'm easy either way. PM me please Cheers
  5. Yes I saw that one Steve which is why I asked. Several have gone though using the S1 and S 22 and were stated originals and one listing made reference to a warehouse find. Then I saw the one you flag up and thought ....mmm...that matrix is more like it, I've never seen it before and the record is a bit more worn...probably an original. I was just wondering if anyone who had bought the 45 from the Las Vegas guy could check their run out grooves ? Someone on here must have bought one over the years I'm sure.
  6. Thought I'd try this again Anyone ??
  7. Tried that. I would say the 45 played better, but was left with 'grey grooves' and some residue I couldn't get rid of.
  8. Sent you a PM Sean
  9. I am indeed young man and will be attending. Do we need to pre-book ? Andy
  10. When is the next one Sean ? I was away on business for the last one. Andy
  11. OK so we all know that this 45 has been booted or reissued by the group depending on the blurb you agree with and of course they are available in every colour of vinyl via the Las Vegas seller in the US. However, I noticed that a few have gone through Evilbay recently selling for big money and the descriptions referencing originals with a machine stamped matrix 45-01 S-1 and also mentioning a warehouse find in Tx. These were not sold by the usual seller in LV. Can anyone confirm the validity of this matrix information ? Thanks
  12. I think from memory the 45 is mentioned in Shelly Garrets book....' The Unbelievable and True Story Behind Shelly Garrett's Beauty Shop'. From memory tho' so could be wrong
  13. If anyone has a copy for sale please let me know. Happy to make offer or PM price and condition - easy either way. Cheers Andy
  14. Agreed, the attack went world wide affecting thousands of organisations and millions of PC's. Definitely not a UK specific attack, but listening to, and reading some, media outlets you would think Jeremy Hunt himself planned it.
  15. Paul to send a PM just click on the "White Envelope" symbol on the top right of the page and then "compose new" button and that's your PM email. Just put in the name of the recipient as their name appears on site eg. Henning v Herzen. Job done. Cheers Andy