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  1. Anyone who knows anything has been saying for the last two years that LFC need a top class keeper. Perhaps Klopp has learned his lesson now. Having said that what possesses him to play Karius before Mignolet is a bit of a mystery to me. I think Mignolet has made mistakes but nothing on the scale of Karius. As an aside I wonder what the Spanish press are saying about Zidane's team selection after Bale's exploits ? Seems lik..
  2. Gradings M = mint unplayed (don't use this unless I'm certain it hasn't been played) Ex= Signs of use but still a nice 45 VG = signs of use and wear, but no skips, jumps label damage etc unless noted Payment as PayPal F&F or 4 % if you like. Post UK First £1.50, Recorded £2.50 or worldwide at £5. Anything special wanted let me know and I'll come back with a price. PM's for questions and reservati..
  3. Currently a big demand on this with Evil Bay ones now going over 500$. I'd grade this conservatively at VG+ (UK grade), some sellers would call it Ex (UK grade) based on records I've bought recently. A clean label with very slight wear (see scan). Vinyl bright and shiny with some superficial marks which do not affect the play - its loud and clear on my deck. £225.00 plus post Post £1.50 UK First, £2.50 Recor..
  4. Andy Mac

    Cheap soul pack

    I found these tucked away in a storage box. I have copies of them all so they can go up for sale as a job lot. These are all mint as far as I can see. All 12 records for £20 plus postage. Likely to be around £4 for UK first I guess but will confirm. Paypal as F&F please or add 4%. 2 x Copies : Sylvia - My Thing / Pillow Talk - Vibration 3 x Copies: Bobby Bland - Ain't nothing you can do - Duke 2 x..
  5. Wouldn't worry about it Mal. Just another BBC Remoaner scare story. There's numerous ones on the BBC who want to link every story to Brexit.
  6. Andy Mac

    Major Lance - Don't want me no more - 70's boot

    Yes I think this is the one he's looking for. I saw a WD on the net but that had Sandi Sheldon on the flip
  7. Andy Mac

    Any northern records

    I know that. Just read my comment above in response to Tobytyke. As I pointed out its her sister, many get them mixed up, but thought you might actually like the record from one of the Warwick family.
  8. Andy Mac

    Any northern records

    Here's the LP version from Dee Dee....I'll leave to personal taste to choose the 45 or LP
  9. I've been asked to source a copy of this for a mate. If you have one to sell can you PM with price and condition ? Thanks A
  10. Andy Mac

    Any northern records

    I thought being sisters it would be close enough and many get the two mixed up anyway
  11. Andy Mac

    Any northern records

    Here's one from Dee Dee
  12. Up for sale the following: Dynamics - I wanna Know / And that's a natural fact - Big Top WLP Ex (UK grade) £75 (On the usual dealer lists at up to £150, so a half price bargain !) Please see scan - Xol UK Grading : Mint (Unplayed but I never use this) Ex - Signs of use but still a very nice record VG - Surface marks, some noise but no skips/jumps Paypal as F..
  13. Whether it was declared as a gift or not, for that value you weren't going to get an Import Duty charge but were definitely getting VAT. When items requiring charges come in Royal Mail pay the import VAT and the extra £8 is the cost for them to get it through customs and border clearance. I've challenged it before with RM but they just respond that "that's the law and that's what we are told to charge" and that came from a mate who ..
  14. Andy Mac

    Not so Tired Oldies....

    If we're going with the Kittens I'll go for ' How long (can I go on) with the gritty flipside 'I've got to get over you'. Also for the Carltons ' Keep on Hoping' and 'I'm a man' are rather spiffing little ditties !

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