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  1. acky6859

    The Performers - Set Me Free (Mirwood)

    manship gotone
  2. http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/oldsoulgolf/m.html?item=161779887444&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  3. acky6859

    Sounds Of Lane

    you get fixed up ok with this ?
  4. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/161722358576?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  5. no problem I would easily come down and do a set if I aint playing anywhere only costs ye a cheap room mate
  6. acky6859

    Somewhere Down The Line.....first Night

    looks like that was a good night you's had as well
  7. nice set andy hope your keeping well sir
  8. acky6859

    Somewhere Down The Line.....first Night

    nice sets same kind of taste
  9. My playlist from Edinburgh Ingelston weekender 15/16th May 60s/R&B room brill two days in 4 rooms. this what I played on Friday / Sat afternoon / sat night Playlist from Edinburgh Weekender in 60s/R&B room Friday/sat afternoon/sat night ( not in order ) all OVO Friday Night Dorothy Williams – the wells gone dry Charlie Rich – midnight blues Gino Parks – For this I thank you Ella Reed – sweet man Ray Agee – The wobble-oo Eliot Shavers – Soul Village Lonnie Lester – you cant go Jimmy McCracklin – one track love Tony Clarke – love must be Taboo Marty Lewis – can’t do without you Willie Spencer – riding shotgun Ruby Lips – Little Man C/U Young holt trio – something that money can’t buy Benny Curtis – make it now Barry Beefus – Barefoot Befus ( request ) Betty o’brian – she’ll be gone Tony galla – In Love Lou Lawton – Knick Knack Paddy Whack Curtis Lee – Is she in your town Dottie & millie – Talking bout my Baby Sat Afternoon session 1/2Hr just a mix set across board ( near enough in order ) Don Gardner – Is this really love Delettes – whats the use August moon – wasted years Eddie Wilson – toast to the lady Charles lamont – I got to keep moving September Jones – I’m coming home Ray Camacho – she’s so good to me Gwen Davis – My man don’t think I know Syng McGowan – that’s what I want Lost Souls – A secret of mine Roosvelt Grier – In my tennament Freddie north – the hurt Ray Barretto – deeper shade of soul David Coleman – drown my heart Reggie Alexander – It’s over Sat Night 2 x 1/2hr sets not in any order 5 royals – catch the teardrop Arter set – sermon Peppermint harris – wait until it happens to you Albert Washington – I’m the man Barry Beefus – Barefoot Befus ( request ) Ted Taylor – somebody always trying Roy Hamilton – she makes me wanna dance Lydia Marcelle – everybody dance Johnny adams – come on Paul Clifton – she wabbles when she walks Little willie john – I’m shaking Laver Baker – wrapped tied & Tangled Chosen few – birth of a playboy Susan rewis – they say you found a new boy Little GiGi – I voulenteer Cookie Jackson – do you still love me Curly moore – you don’t mean Jasper woods – hully gully papa Buddy & ella Johnson – why don’t cha stop it Barbara perry – my man is a mean thing ( request ) Bonnie Lee – I’m good & know im good Ruby Johnson – calling all boys Slim harpo – I’m gonna keep what I got Lenny Johnson – Walk ginny walk Tony Clarke – a wrong man
  10. acky6859

    Marshall & Chi-Lites

    Marshall & chi-Lites - love Bandit / pretty girl ..daran M- £65 +£2,50 post in uk two great Chicago sides listen to both sides superb https://youtu.be/VAcdH2ZWOl8 https://youtu.be/60logfnZrp0
  11. acky6859

    Few Nice Dancers For Sale

    The cheers - two loves NATION VG++ £50 SOLD The Chances - it takes more than love alone / one more chance...BEA & BABY £25 SOLD Norma Rudd - he's mine - sureshot VG++ £25 SOLD Vernon & Jewel - hold my hand... kent VG++ £25 SOLD C Henry woods troupe - the stranger / the stranger Disco mix ...ENYX vg++ £25 Bobby Hutton - I've got a memory...Phillips VG++ £25 SOLD The C.O.D.S - I'm looking out for me ..kellmac VG++ £20 SOLD Vernon Garrett - angel doll...venture VG+ £30 SOLD postage £2.50 signed for paypal F/F pm if interested thanks for looking
  12. acky6859

    Father & Sons-Soul In The Bowl

    will check after work
  13. acky6859

    Father & Sons-Soul In The Bowl

    think I have this on minit
  14. acky6859

    Flair & The Flat Foots - Hey Boy, Hey Girl

    never seen one either flynny
  15. acky6859

    Four Pros- Everybody's Got Some Soul - Carla

    just seen your post I have one demo as well great double sider


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