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  1. Soul Revolution 1st Anniversary

    My first visit to the Soul Rev and I had a really good time and will certainly come back in the future. Big thanks to Steve who offered us a spot to play some records! /Peter (one of the Swedes)
  2. Anyone travelling with Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) should contact the airline immediately as a strike has cancelled a lot of flights tomorrow!!! http://www.sas.se/en/Misc/Ovriga_sidor/Information/
  3. Tickets for both nights will be available at the door on Friday.
  4. Too bad you can't be there Olof! We'll miss you hogging one of the corners /Peter
  5. Hi Steve! Too bad you couldn't make it... Say hello to Olof from all of us! /Peter
  6. It is that time of the year... *** WIMAN CASINO 6:th MINIWEEKENDER *** The best in Rare, Modern and Northern Soul 25th & 26th of May, 2007, Stockholm New venues this year: Friday: 21-03, L¤karhuset, Klara -stra Kyrkogata 10 (T:...
  7. Swedish Soul

    Hi, I'm one of the arrangers of our yearly soul event in Stockholm, which will take place on the 25:th and 26:th of May. If you PM me your email address i'll make sure you'll get onto our mailing list!/ /Peter W
  8. Deleted 45's As 'ballast' For Ships

    Like this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvTAqbHR5NU
  9. Shagg Stuff

    On a playlist from Steve Guarnori's radio show the release year of Guitar R is 1974. Regards /Peter
  10. Wiman Casino Miniweekender

    LOL, typo?!? My last name is "Wiman" so Leo suggested Wiman Casino... Skurt is by far one of the worst children shows I've ever seen - it even beats the mentally retarded teletubbies! Best! /Peter
  11. Wiman Casino Miniweekender

    Haha, "Skurt" is the kind of childrens amusement that is gonna cause serious mental illness for them in a few years time. It was actually Leo who first suggested the name for the event... Best //Peter PS The Ryanair flights between Stockholm ...
  12. Very welcome to the *** WIMAN CASINO 3rd MINIWEEKENDER *** 8th & 9th of October, 2004 Friday: 20-03 Saturday: 15-03 Spinnin' the best in Rare and Northern Soul DJs: Ady Lupton (UK) Dylan Czbaniuk (UK) Paul McKay (UK...
  13. Kumano 45

    Just when I thought I had got the Utopias off my mind... Weeeeeoooooo
  14. Kumano 45

    The track is also featured on their self-titeled album which is dirt cheap. Kumano LP Anyone like the artwork? Best //Peter