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  1. Rarities for Sale

    Wow.. First time I've seen a copy of the Deboniers on ORR pop up for sale. Very nice rarity...
  2. Info on Voices please

    A Pete Lawson discovery in the days of Stafford as I'm undoubtedly informed by Mr Molloy....
  3. A Handful of Sales

    The following are for sale. All are conservatively priced and graded as accurate as possible. Scans can be sent if required. Barons - Keep The Music Coming (voc/instr.) GAMMA 711 VG £55 Jo Armstead - Got My Taste (Of The Honey)/Preacher Rose Th...
  4. Two wants

    Just sent you a PM. Jules ?
  5. JOHN POWNEY RIP - Funeral details

    Very sad news. Visited his home a number of times with Micky Cruise. John had phenomenal records. A big lover of Doo Wop along with his love for soul music and his cats... RIP JP, God bless..
  6. 1 LP 1 45

    Sent you a PM re: Rita Graham. I'm guessing you got hold of a copy as you've read but not responded. ATB Jules Molloy
  7. Features: Young Soul Rebels - Book Review

    And a heartfelt thank you to Stuart for my mention in the book. I'm very honoured and very humbled. Respect x
  8. Mrs M

  9. Nice one Kitch. Just signed up for a regular listing. You may see me collecting again soon ?
  10. MaryAnn Farah and The Satin Soul version for me... One of my old plays back in my DJ days...
  11. The Voice Box

    Totally agree. I Want It Back Your Love' my fave side!!!
  12. argie and the arketts

    Melv.. I sold you my copy. Did you sell it on mate?
  13. Northern played at football matches

    What about football played at Northern Soul events? In the early 9t's and Ady's Cleethorpes Weekenders there would be a Sunday footie match in the afternoon. Johnny Beggs in goal. Micky Cruise playing a cracking game although he couldn't breathe after 90 minu...
  14. Electrodes on Fran

    I picked this up from the US in 1992/93. It's a pretty hard record, I paid about $70 at the time. If I remember correctly my copy was the same as your ebay purchase. I don't rate it to be honest, luckily I traded it for Clara Wood the following week. ?

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