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  1. Well it looks like we have 2 birtdays to celebrate at Kingsway kennys and Carl's see you on the dance floor off
  2. aup carl,ian looking forward to another great night at the welfare sounds as if you are going to busy again with a few that i have spoke to ,see you nice and early
  3. aup carl,ian looking forward to tomorrow night ,can,t wait to hear young elliot heard he did fantastic at swindon so it looks like we in for a great night as always at kingsway. see you all tomorrow
  4. aup carl , ian really glad you have a do on,on boxing day was at your first night at the welfare it was great so it looks like we are in for a treat see you on the 26th
  5. aup carl , ian really can not wait for this one , best place to be on new years eve be there nice and early see you then if not before
  6. aup carl , ian can,t wait for saturday look,s like it,s going to be a very busy night ,last time i went to the bank hoilday there there was only a handful in but every one i spoke to said they can,t for this one with two great promoters bad weather won,t stop me and quite a few coming from chesterfield see you and ian saturday
  7. aup carl , ian thanks for a great night last night ,just about recovered and ready for another great night of oldies tonight see you all later ktf
  8. aup carl , ian looking forward to a great weekend we got kingsway saturday then we have to do it all again sunday at the phoenix can,t wait see you all saturday
  9. hi carl , ian really looking forward to tonight after missing last month look,s like it,s going to be a packer again better get there early see you all tonight ktf
  10. aup carl,ian seems ages since we last came down to this great venue .can,t wait to see every one see you all saturday nite ktf
  11. hello carl,ian,we were speaking to a couple that came last month,they say it was a good night at the maltings,so if its anywhere near as good as kingsway way we are up for it,so see you friday,julie,andy,by the way is the next phoenix this month.
  12. aup carl n ian looking forward to tonite,shoes all polished and rearing to get on that dance floor always a great nite at kingsway great dj line up. see you nice and early ktf
  13. aup carl n ian few people have asked me if it was ticket only but told them no that they can pay on the door .we will be there about 7.30/7.45 is that ok ,really looking forward to tonite looks like its going to be a packer see you all later ktf
  14. aup carl n ian 1st thanks for a great nite last nite really enjoyed it. so we all are looking forward to news years eve where else could we all have a great nite to celebrate so we will all see you on thursday nite can not wait see you then ktf
  15. aup carl n ian well what can i say except what you trying to do to me lol we have kingsway boxing day / then we have phoenix on the bank holiday monday /then i have to do it all again at the best place to be on new years eve my poor legs .if i don,t see you all before i hope you all have a good christmas .

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