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  1. To anyone who knew Monty im sad to have to tell you hes passed away last friday after a long fight with the big c . His funeral is next wens 27th feb at 2.30 at Stanton Church , Shropshire , just off thr a53 between market drayton and shawbury
  2. sorry never came out very clear , on' it'll never be over for me ' if any one can post it you will see why
  3. help please , anyone know if its larry adler on harmonica ? thanks
  4. right place right time may be defo ahead of its time . i still cant find anything that is a tiny bit as good as behind closed doors
  5. it was on radio about it to , the owners sounded well p*ssed off they have got planning to convert it in to 2 homes , so it dont sound like its any thing to do with them ,im suprised not that many people seem intrested in the manor i know its long gone now but ten years ago , it was the dogs gonads as pedro whould have said .
  6. well i never knew what a gay was when i worked down the pit ?
  7. bit ironic but some one as set fire to the lea manor today ,i dont know how to add videos but if you go to shropshire star web page there is a video on there , if it looked bad in pics above its well fooked now .time to put it out of its pain i think .
  8. i know we covered it before , the photos were taken yesterday 27th feb 2012 , dont go past that often so i was just keeping you people up dated on it,im sure it wont be long till its knocked down , Mel if your reading this as you can see the sign is still on the wall !
  9. iv been told its hell of a mess inside after fire
  10. iv passed this way before , pang at my heart strings , more northern soul history going down the pan
  11. sorry your right http// check this out
  12. anyone post the petition against this sounds like this will stop any one sharing videos ect on the internet ,
  13. what sam clears the floor with now will fill the floor in years to come ,the man is a legend years ahead of the rest of us mortals
  14. had a real interesting chat to a lad other week about boot /pressings /fakes what ever you call them, what he was saying that now the interest rates are crap and people with no interest what so ever in the music are buying rare records for investments,thus banging up the price of 45's ,he would be very carefull buying anything that your not 100 percent sure of ,he told me he had tryed to make a boot leg and it was almost perfect and he is just joe public like me , so what can some one with a little money behind them do ? i must ad he never did it to sell on it was for himself .
  15. moving it on slightly do records make the man or does the man make the records ?

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