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    Almost all types of soul music. RUFC. Travel and holidays (Dont we all).

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  1. Only one tune to cheer me up today... Ed
  2. All the bloody lot of them.. Ed
  3. What strange stuff to leave behind? Camel walk might ' have been ' rare, but it's not a record that gets you moving very much. Nice house... Ed
  4. A wow moment today in Kissimmee...enjoy. Ed
  5. Absolute brilliant artist Cult status from this little ditty. Please listen and love it. Ed
  6. Slow down Friday? Naughty little title here from ZZ Don't get tempted. Have a fun weekend everybody. Ed
  7. Got to share this Tesla shot. Amazing gull wings. Ed
  8. If you are at a loose end on's an idea. Sharkey's Pier Venice FL. Ed
  9. Skyway bridge Tampa. Very impressive! Ed
  10. Stonewall copy. But it's such a great laid back tune, no wonder somebody used it. Ed
  11. RIP. A well travelled artist. Ed
  12. When I sold the bulk of my somebody who would play them out and about.. I kept back few ' feel good' tunes. Enjoy, and have a dance this weekend. Ed
  13. Casey Key is full of 10 to 20 million dollar homes... But on Thanksgiving's virtually mine! Ed

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