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  1. If you appreciate class beer, look at this on tap in Rotterdam 2 days ago... Ed
  2. LORRAINE SILVER recorded “Lost Summer Love” when she was 13 years old in 1965
  3. This cd is going to end up as an mp3!
  4. And don't forget
  5. It was a time when the newly released and played soul oriented music of the North and South kind of merged. Did it last long? Is there any difference today with a modern soul event up north to the same darn sarf.? Ed
  6. Take my Heart was the b side of a top 40 hit in Canada on the quality label. Massive back in the day.
  7. The man who brought us this:
  8. Another monster or two back in the day...... Mr Floods Party The list goes on........ Ed
  9. You did realise its No Smoking? And of course the Band from Barrow.............Chapter 5 ..................And they still play the clubs up North
  10. I had a very long debate as a young man with John Carmody (weasel) RIP, about the definition of soul, using the argument that it had to be a black artist He argued Van Morrison had as much soul as any artist... Domino certainly has a lot of soul, blue eyed or even Green eyed being from an irishman! The argument never got resolved sadly, but as an old man, I can now see his point. Ed
  11. When / Where was this played? Its about the worst example I've heard so far on this topic, and the first time I've ever heard it also. Ed
  12. Are there still rarities to be found? At the LA 2004 event, I spent about 20 minutes looking through GWEN OWENS collection she had for sale. Not a Velgo label in sight. In fact no rare soul at all by the time I had trawled through them. But amazingly she did have a bunch of BEATLES singles.. If only she had kept a few of her own stuff! Ed
  13. Reminds me of the I'll fated Cleethorpes versus Wigan nights back in the day Ed
  14. The TREX is impressive at the airport. Saw this advertised yonks ago.. Ed
  15. So 2 x Northern Soul nights on the 8th July in Edlo, less than 500 yds apart. One is free, and one is £3 on the door. Unfortunate clash. Ed