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  1. Hope everybody is having a great bank holiday weekend... An old gold tune to get you humming along. Ed
  2. Thought Ann Newby LIRMG was last year.. Shows how time flies. Ed
  3. I do understand that a single record only selling about 1000 copies is unlikely to make anything, and I agree selling 1000 is still impressive! Back in the day, I'm sure weak spot, reaching for the best, footsee, etc did give a return, even though targeting a niche crowd, but that same crowd today must be smaller and more selective on what they would buy. So on to topic, just as always, the majority of records ( or Cd singles, or buyable mp3 tracks etc) must try and sell as many as possible? Not sure many companies do anything for love? You can't put food on the table with love and respect alone....even the bible ain't free! Ed
  4. At the start of the new season I predicted pool to win the Champions League, and city to win the league. Both a step closer now, and I suspect both would swap trophies if they could. I wonder if United will really try against city, or just be happy pool won't get that elusive league title? And as an update, I can see Ajax going all the way. But the real test is can rovrum avoid the drop? Fingers and everything else crossed:) Ed
  5. Is retro the same as tailor made? How many copies of a cut like this would need to sell to make it commercially viable? Ed
  6. Another remake... Not bad but nothing much as good as this coming out as new material....unless you know different. Ed
  7. Indeed. Such characters....seems like yesterday we were all at Scarborough for Easter! Scrumpy en al.. Ed
  8. Now you know the rules at Northern Soul events, no monkey business with the opposite sex, or these days with the same sex. It's just dance dance dance and grateful... Ed
  9. Did My heart needs a break and / or Just can't live my life get played out before she died? Just wonder if she knew of the impact they had / have before she passed. Truly a class act, and her music will live on for a long time to come. Ed
  10. Indeed! And rumour has it the front fender indicates it's not a Vespa... My ten bucks investment is rising nicely. This was the last one for sale in the coffee shop. Ed
  11. Picked this up in a LA Starbucks and never seen another. Ed
  12. Is that Gordon Trow RIP at the front on the first snap? Ed
  13. Very sad, RIP. We've all sung His lyrics on here a thousand times, and the upcoming biography I'm sure will be fascinating. Ed

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