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  1. Show us your great photos (2017)

    View from the Stratosphere LV Ed
  2. J Manship Auction Results 09/08/2017

    I had a Charles Johnson when nobody would give more than a fiver for it. Sold it for a tenner. Thought I'd done well... I should have put a sell on clause in the sale, like the footballer transfers do now:) Ed
  3. never heard it before, but had to buy it

    I disagree, I think the author is talking about impulse buying a tune, immediately he got a chance to do so because he thought the record was awesome. Not looking at a label and thinking he would take a chance. That would make another thread. Ed
  4. never heard it before, but had to buy it

    I stopped buying records a long time ago, but came across this track and ordered the cd straight after. What a voice.. Ed
  5. Must have been a sensation when it first hit the Northern scene. Unique and almost Taylor made for the furious dance floors back then. Ed
  6. How you got into northern soul

    Falbala, reaching for the best, out on the floor, the flasher, sharonettes going to a go go, the night, sexy sugar plum. Around 1975, these were the few tunes that broke through at Baileys and Tiffany's nappy nights, where ' bigger boys ' performed the ...
  7. What was on at the 100 Club in September 1985

    A great venue for atmosphere. Been going a long time as well http://www.the100club.co.uk/history/ Ed
  8. The top 500

    Agreed. Please do that. A simple request to see what's popular today around the country, has turned into a farce. Ed
  9. The top 500

    Does it for me Ed
  10. The top 500

    Its strange but when I first started to go to all nighters in 1976, it was frowned upon to wear a Northern Soul patch or even mention it as a term. The mood had sound to rare soul etc, even though disco, funk, jazz funk, was entering the playlists. ...
  11. The top 500

    Great tracks! Ed
  12. The top 500

    496 to go..
  13. The top 500

    Forget previous lists, the topic is about the top 500 most popular tunes TODAY... Just to see how things have changed. IF no smoking is still popular (I doubt it) on today's scene, then put it forward! Ed
  14. The top 500

    I see from soul sources that this oldie is now widely played out and could make a today's top 500 Garnett Mimms - Prove it to me - UA Ed
  15. The top 500

    Assuming non of Kev Roberts original top 500 can be included, what would make it in today's scene? Name, artist, label, you tube link? Approx position? Ed