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  1. tomangoes

    Poll: Overseas Weekenders?

    LA, Detroit, LV. Just to see the acts really. SITS for a piss up. Ed
  2. tomangoes

    Benny Troy RIP

    Can't think of many records in the last 42 years I've danced to more than IWGYT. RIP Ben...thanks for the memories. Ed
  3. tomangoes

    Poll: Version Battle - Not My Girl

    Great for the Karaoke........... I could clear a room in seconds belting this out. Ed
  4. tomangoes

    earliest youth club memories

    The Place and Windmill youth clubs were 75% northern soul, as were Warmsworth and Elmfield house. There was even a budget set from the youth leader to buy tracks. But the track I listed got all the punks up as well! Definitely some 'bigger boys' brought records back from the clubs and even guest dj'd Biggest rare track at the time was this; Ed
  5. tomangoes

    earliest youth club memories

    Just had a flashback when talking about mad records and dancing, Windmill Youthy Conisbro...76/77 We all had a go at this: Ed
  6. tomangoes

    Poll: Version Battle - Not My Girl

    I think I heard the JH version around 1978 at Cleggy WG. Was it discovered/played anywhere else much before then? I got the bootleg at the time because it was a top top tune........and still is. JH for me.........moody and soulful singing by a guy whose baby has been rumoured to be 'running around'.........and obviously he hopes she would 'never be that way'. Probably more in hope than expectation:) Ed
  7. tomangoes

    earliest youth club memories

    Two monsters from summer 76 Ed
  8. tomangoes


    Free pies and beer? That usually works, at least in Yorkshire. Good luck with the recruitment.. Ed
  9. tomangoes

    What did they wear at the mecca.

    I only went twice. Another planet compared to cleggy... Mohair jumpers and skin tight keks were in fashion at the time. Winkle picker hoofs. But let's face it, it's reputation was all about progression, right direction or not. The fashion was part of it....but the music was the real difference. Unrecognisable in comparison to anywhere else once the discoesque sound took over. New York Port Authority and ..
  10. tomangoes

    uk labels -did they ever exist

    65 release? 5 years later on pama, as a demo? Why? Ed
  11. tomangoes

    Poll: Version Battle - Stubborn Heart

    Ernest puts in the work on the vocals and it's fantastic. The other version is second rate. Ed
  12. tomangoes

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Sunset at Siesta Ed
  13. Just you tubing tonight and dropped on this Jackie Wilson track/version. I'm amazed I've not heard it before, and I've been a fan for yonks........whats your recent personal shock discovery? Ed
  14. tomangoes

    News: Ron Dunbar RIP

    Was this the same artist as let's make love and chills and fever Ronnie Love? Sad news in any case. Ed
  15. tomangoes

    Heir Hunters on BBC

    And no doubt us the licence fee payers, top up these companies coffers by paying them to appear on the programme. Unless they don't get paid of course, and do it for the publicity... Ed

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