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  1. Beer

    And my fave.. Nothing like whooping your donkey, in the privacy of your own home:)
  2. Beer

    Have you noticed the IPA's are just about taking over at the moment. Bottled, draft, and canned.. Even featuring at the 'big texan ' Amarillo.. Ed
  3. BBC 4 tonight...artists being short changed!

    The programme makers did not cut Don Arden any slack....................obviously Shaz did not condemn him, but in conclusion he was no guardian of the artists interest alone. The 'savvy' artists eventually got proper Lawyers to protect their cut. O...
  4. Great show tonight by Shaz Osborne highlighting the royalties got out of a successful 60s record.. 1penny out of a 66 penny 45rpm single sale. With their expenses deducted from that penny! Some pretty angry stars interviewed after they realised what...
  5. Blue-eyed Soul?

    One of my faves from the Cleethorpes Winter Gardens era, although the instrumental was played more on early plays.... Famous starliters included Jimi Hendrix, Joe Pesci (the actor) and Felix Cavaliere! Ed
  6. Poll: Version Battle - Friday night

    How long has Steve Mancha's version been played as a regular play? Only heard it a couple of times, whereas Johnny Taylor 's must have been more maintstream? In terms of quality, I agree with others that in essence it's like two different tunes. Ed
  7. Show us your great photos (2017)

    Casey Key beach Florida.. Back there again next month. Ed
  8. Country Music Festival Las Vegas

    And for the intruder that would be an occupational hazard. Ed
  9. Country Music Festival Las Vegas

    And the difference is, Joe public cannot legally obtain a firearm purely for protection, so regardless of choice, it's not an option. Ed
  10. Country Music Festival Las Vegas

    Probably for the same reason most other folks do, self protection. If the bad guys have access to them, it's a personal choice, but sometimes you can only fight fire with fire. Hopefully 'my theoretical gun' would never see the light of day. Ed
  11. Bunny Sigler R I P

    And B Signer wrote it... Confusing... I thought he sang with one brother in the 50s but not 'benny'. Also thought when 'turn to ' came out, it was a spello.. You live and you learn! Ed
  12. Bunny Sigler R I P

    If someone in the know could clear that up it would be great.. Ed
  13. Bunny Sigler R I P

    Great singer and one of the later discoveries got a lot of dance floors full again.. Ed
  14. Country Music Festival Las Vegas

    I have friends in Sarasota Chicago Los Angeles Clarksville Washington Detroit and Omaha, and none of them own a gun. If I lived in the USA, I think I would own one, unless it was in a state where it is extremely hard to own one. I fully agree that t...
  15. Country Music Festival Las Vegas

    Mentally ill covers a lot of conditions. Being a nutter or lunatic, is at the extreme. I'd still put this shooter and the terrorists in the same category as nutters. Indiscriminate killing of innocents can never be justified, but it's becoming more commo...