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  1. Really sorry. I did not see in the topic title, or first post, that it restricted debate to vinyl only. I thought it was about ebay, and its practices since 1st January 2021. Whats changed etc. Why etc. Again sorry for misunderstanding. Ed
  2. I'm not sure what genre this is, but if BUB RIP could play another last hour at Cleethorpes dayers, he deffo get the crowd up with this. Ed
  3. If any dj on here has pushed the boundaries.. its you Sir! Ed
  4. Hard to know where the boundaries are. I remember one all dayer at Sheffield Steel City around 78 when the 2 room set up first came in. Upstairs smaller room pure northern and downstairs jazz funk with some hip hop thrown in. No natural fusion at that point. Amalgamation of sorts evolved. If its soulful sounding and you can dance to it, get it on the decks. Hard not to defend that when back in the day it was dance only with classics like scratchy and cats eyes. Ed
  5. When the 'anything goes' across the board nights return, I can see a few of these making an appearance. Acid.... Ed
  6. Well here are the moves, and I'd give it ago...but I think I'm done at the 2 minute mark. Ed
  7. Time for a film to be made about this genius. Ed
  8. RIP Indeed some great music made that will long be played on our scene. I was there for the second coming of shake a tail feather and it was massive around 79. Ed
  9. Scratchy might turn the Lady back out the door.. Ed
  10. According to Manship...about the Henry Boatwright version: a lead-singer with SOUL BROTHERS INC. Henry Boatwright offers up a forgotten Cleethorpes Pier classic.. Maybe Herman's Hermits version was confused with this ? Or maybe some adventurous dj did bang it out somewhere? Zoomsoulblue...where did you hear it? Ed
  11. That Herman's hermits tune...ouch. It gives that Paul Wnka when we get there a run for its money... Ed
  12. First time I heard this 'mecca biggie' I wanted to walk out the room. Definitely on the fringe. Ed
  13. Salisbury pub Scarborough around 77 listening to this old geezer reminiscing about back in the day for at least an hour, and thinking these are tall stories.... RIP Martin Ellis....all turned out to be true. Ed
  14. It could be a long list. Some good examples mentioned. To actually put somebody off though, it can't be a once popular poppy happy go.lucky tune simply because if it made somebody happy once...it could again. So more looking at an extreme tune, just bordering on norvun.....but yet brilliant to devotees. Got to be this. Brilliant but weird Ed
  15. Cheers for that...heard it was a morcombe pier fave, but never went. Now you've got me going on labels...heres a beauty on Roxbury... Ed

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