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  1. I'm claiming double bubble......... Ed
  2. Warren 'Pete' Moore - Miracles - RIP

    Just read this. Motown Museum extends its condolences to the family and friends of Warren “Pete” Moore, original member of The Miracles, who passed away Sunday, November 19, 2017. Not only was Pete a singer, but he was also a prolific songwriter, vocal ...
  3. CD information

    What Rita had to say about it..
  4. Likely Lads star Rodney Bewes RIP

    Immortality of the characters are guaranteed. What was he like in real life? We've all met the under the thumb guy....and resisted being that guy due to the likely lads portrayal! Ed
  5. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Great memories....... Ed
  6. Wayne Cochran R I P

    Rip A classy guy!
  7. Northern’s Last Hurrah?

    Even middle age outsiders (here to stay) now seeking refuge and a social life in northern Soul ............ There is a good number of them! BUT maybe most are just spouses putting up with it:) The question is, what else is there? Rock n Rollers face...
  8. Not talking about NOTW, talking about 'COSMIC SEA' Where was that played first and when? Must have been as a new release, that's why I'm guessing at the Mecca. Ed
  9. I started going to nighters in 76. Al Foster had been and gone by then, but I did hear it at youth club nights earlier than that, probably played by older youths etc. Cosmic Sea is unknown to me now, so certainly was then. Was it a mecca track?...
  10. Great alt version! Also never heard it. Ed
  11. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    Maybe it should be renamed the secret world of Northern soul... 4 years and no announcement...amazing. Ed
  12. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    How long has the current owner had the test pressing? Ed
  13. Never heard that before? Did you mean: Ed
  14. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    Was lucky enough to meet Frank up close and personal, sing dilyiid along side him at the la2004 gig, and I too hope it's genuine because it is the most famous tune in the swons, even if it's not the greatest! Ed
  15. And obviously the real deal came with made to measure breeks and jackets from burtons and jacksons Two tone also got a revival around 75. Happy days.. Ed