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  1. tomangoes

    Prisoner Soul

    Fascinating stuff. Hope label.... Makes sense now! Remember the free Angela LP circulating at Bradley's records with a few top tracks on it like Dickie Wonder. Read somewhere the voices of East Harlem were regular prison performers? Ed
  2. tomangoes

    Tommy Neal-palmer stock copy

    Quote: The lengths and varied attempts that Richard Popcorn Wylie & Tony Hester went to, to get this magnificent 1967 Club classic to the Billboard charts without success makes for very interesting Northern Soul documentation and reading. One theory is: 1st. release was the very rare "Pink" labeled Pameline PAM 200 45 in 1967 2nd attempt at release was the Palmer 5024, that never seemed to have got past the promo stage. 3rd and most successful release in late 1967, Pameline PAM 100 yellow label, aimed to meet demand, within "Northern Soul's" parallel universe in Pittsburgh, Pa. where the iconic DJ "Mad Mike" had turned it into a local "club hit" so the yellow label incarnation was was born using the Palmer matrix P5024 the Yellow label was pressed. Local "old-timers" confirm the yellow label was in the Record Stores in small quantities to meet Pittsburgh demand. The quest was still on as Popcorn & Tony believed they had a Billboard hit on the hands if only they could get "radio" breakthrough. Off to the west coast and L.A. the song went, where in December 1967 where "Surf and Jazz" dedicated label owners of Vault Records Jack Lewerke & Ralph Kaffel released the song. But that failed to make an impact also. Ironically in 1968, British Decca's willingness to take a risk on releases, gave Tommy Neal his one and only British 45. It was an instant success at the Twisted Wheel, King Mojo, Nite Owl, and every Soul club in London. Now considered a MOD and Northern Soul timeless classic. So popular in fact, Decca kept the Vocalion 9290 release on their catalog well into 1970. Making the British release 3700 miles away from it's birth, the best-seller of all the 5 releases. The other timeline though, could also be. Popcorn and Tony took their masters to Palmer "first" and Palmer only pressed promo copies but also made some on yellow Pameline for Tony & Popcorn to distribute. And the "pink" label copy was a rogue press from who knows where (it does not carry the P-5024 matrix in the deadwax.) The pink variation is certainly the rarest imprint, and is surrounded by exact timeline mystery. What we do know for certain, that this is Wylie & Hester at their most inventive and it was an absolute simultaneous club smash in Pittsburgh and England in 1968 and remains today and all time floor-packing classic! And it looks so much better on Pameline, spinning away on the turntable cams, than the all too common British Vocalion.. still today that vintage opening line "Get You Car Or Your Motorbike.. " signals an exodus to the dancefloor.. footnote: To add to the confusion of who Tommy Neal actually was, as he mysterious only released this one classic 45. The original Bell Sound acetate credits the artist as "TOMMY MEALY". maybe after 4 attempts at a USA side hit, Popcorn and Tony moved on to other things, hoping their next great production wasn't so jinxed. Ed
  3. tomangoes

    Tommy Frontera (Detroit) - who was he ?

    Which of his records have been 'played regularly ' on the Northern Soul scene apart from Leading Lady? I can't say I'm a great fan of his singing voice...just my opinion. Ed
  4. tomangoes

    At The BBC

    So the Spellbinders came to these shores and played at various places including the wheel and mojo, singing amongst other ' help me '. You lucky buggers who got to witness that! Did they get many record sales in the UK? Such a shame the split as there was so much talent involved. Ed
  5. tomangoes

    Tommy Frontera (Detroit) - who was he ?

    I'm sure at some 'up front ' or ' anything goes ' events, do wop will get airplay, and Tommy might get more recognition. Ed
  6. tomangoes

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    Great label. Had this yonks and still love it's moody take on this classic.. Ed
  7. tomangoes

    At The BBC

    Spellbinders? Thought they'd already split up in 67. When did they come to these shores? Ed
  8. tomangoes

    Any good soul music bars in Tenerife?

    Well I'm here right now and they are playing the maytals.... Dave and ancil collins... Must be a new kind of Northern Soul to what I define it as? Ed
  9. When you are asked to put forward a record that ' could be definitive NS' Nabay is up there! Did the record have any local success? Great label for one offs...and quality tracks. Thanks for the story ( so far) .. Ed
  10. tomangoes

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    No apology... pure unadulterated fun in the Sun.. I'll see you when I get there : Rife here we come.. Ed
  11. tomangoes

    6TS Weekenders Under New Management

    Good luck to all concerned.... Not sure if it's out of fashion now....but to hear the likes of Jock Mitchell belting out the tunes up close and personal is the icing on the cake. Carolyn Crawford was brill at last year's Detroit gig. Ed
  12. tomangoes


    One thing I observed in recent years was the rise and rise of the UKIP party, until the Tories realised their vote share was dwindling and adopted a slightly watered down agenda. UKIP is obviously now a shadow of its former self, but it showed a path of how to get popular opinion onto the main party agenda. Maybe someone will come along and drive the message that nobody should be homeless and / or hungry and get the ' people' behind them. If it means winning votes it may well get adopted, hence my previous comments about people power. Ed
  13. tomangoes

    Forgotten Monsters From Wigan Etc Days

    Seen it on lists and in boxes, but never heard that played out. Ed
  14. tomangoes


    Right now the amount of money Mr Hammond has to spend was approx £13000000000 more than he thought he'd have a year ago due to ' better returns, and less spending' Stealth taxes are higher than ever, inheritance tax take is higher than ever, and unemployment benefits being paid out are lower than ever. In short, there is plenty of money coming into the treasury, but how it's spent is where the debate gets interesting. Until poverty and homelessness eradication becomes a political winner, no change is happening soon. Ed
  15. tomangoes


    Governments set budgets, collect tax, and distribute according to manifesto promises, in the hope of keeping power and feathering their supporters nests. Alas in the Capitalist world the only thing for sure, just like in a game of monopoly, there can only be one winner, and the rest go under. The only hope is charity, conscience, a small part religious beliefs, and humanity. Communism did not work, socialism never musters enough votes, and we are left with the global mess we have now. The ONLY way to change things is by people power, and since we really do have a society of selfishness right now, it's not likely to happen. Even charities are having bad press from executive pay, plush offices, wasteful spending, and abuse of power over those who need help. I've no idea what ' let's make Britain great again means.....'. But what I do see is a general shift to the right in politics which makes the topic situation terrible. Ed


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