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  1. tomangoes

    Silly Names, Pseudonyms, Aliases, Why?

    Soul Sam, Son of Sam, Fat boy Slim, DJ honky... They are all at it:) Back in the day it was so simple: Little Leslie from Ponti Ted from Grimsby In our youthful years, Surnames were never revealed, but some strange tags and nicknames often accompanied the Christian name. Ed
  2. tomangoes

    Male or Female?

    Just can't tell on some tunes, and I always thought this was a female lead. Ed
  3. tomangoes

    Silly Names, Pseudonyms, Aliases, Why?

    Seemed appropriate 14 years ago... And....Having seen Gino W last year in Detroit, I'm sticking with it. Ed
  4. tomangoes

    Nelson Lemmond of 'The Tempests'.

    Sad news. RIP. This is top top drawer. Ed
  5. tomangoes

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    Well our Heroine Aretha can now join these two dearly missed songbirds and make up the trio. Ed
  6. tomangoes

    Aretha gravely ill

    Terrible news. So sad. RIP. Ed
  7. tomangoes

    Happiest and most uplifting records..

    Well at least she knew it got released..unlike TWPYB at the time of recording:). Lovely lady. Glad she knows how famous she is now in TSWONS! Ed
  8. Knowing what to look for to determine if a specific record is original, may take a long long time to learn..... Luckily this sites members hold that knowledge and love to share it! As a rule of thumb, if you buy Johnny Manships rare records price guide, and say a record is listed at £1000, it's unlikely you will pick up a copy for less than 75% and it will be genuine. Unlikely but not impossible! Happy hunting. Ed
  9. tomangoes

    Aretha gravely ill

    Not a dry eye in the house. Ed
  10. tomangoes

    Aretha gravely ill

    If she is down to 6 stone and has cancer again and having hospice care at home.. As is widely reported, then for sure it's a terrible situation. One of her relatives had reported she was awake and aware. Aside from all her songs, I loved her performance in the blues brothers as the nagging long suffering wife: Ed
  11. tomangoes

    Aretha gravely ill

    Sat at home watching TV, and having a laugh with the family. Not me, the Queen of Soul .... Hopefully on the mend. Ed
  12. Several demos listed on youtube.... Not sure this was ever pressed up but do recall a red reissue being available back in the 70s. Ed
  13. tomangoes

    Poll: Version Battle - Run For Your Life

    I bet all 3 versions bombed commercially! Strictly Northern and all brilliant. Luther by a whisker. It's a pity Fred Hughes did not make a version as it's right up his depressive melodramatic style! Ed
  14. tomangoes

    Transfer deadline day

    These players are lucky. The list of out of contract players is amazing. Players who only a few years ago were household names, and now jobless. Ed
  15. tomangoes

    Pointer Sisters - Send Him Back

    First time I heard this was around 77/8 at Wakefield Unity Hall. Almost straight away it was pressed up with very good fakes! The demos are nice! Ed


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