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    Almost all types of soul music. RUFC. Travel and holidays (Dont we all).

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  1. Overcast and 17deg Whitby today. Better for walking I guess. Ed
  2. Tomangoes

    Johnnie Taylor - Unsung

    Genious always comes with a price. Sad story in the end, but what a legacy. Thanks for posting. Ed
  3. The weekend is here...let's pump up the beat and volume with this forgotten disco crossover dancer. Ed
  4. Got this in a soul pack 40 + years ago... Youd need to be a brave soul to play it, but it sure is unusual... Ed
  5. I see what you mean. Both records have great bits in it, but other bits where the singers seem to lose concentration. Just about sums up all the records I love.. Ed
  6. I second that emotion.. The back story to Tomangoes makes it even more intriguing.. Ed
  7. Thats so 90s...I thought it was Freddie Jackson! A great era for powerful vocals. Ed
  8. Indeed... Good for starting a conversation... The boy just sits where he wants.. Ed
  9. Rare soul...a better investment than BP or Shell... I should have held on to my Ronnie McNeir instead of flogging it for £50. Alfie Davidson price is incredible. Ed
  10. RIP Bobby Some great tracks highlighted. Many more on the tube. A true talent lost. Ed
  11. It obvious now that the only hope of returning to any kind a non social distancing normality is if an anti virus for all the strains of covid 19 can be developed. The wish it away approach has failed. There is not much money left to pay for a second wave, so let's hope the jab comes quickly. Ed
  12. Dug out this pound special. Marmite to some..but I love the moody style. Great dancer. Ed
  13. Sutton on Sea looking towards skeggy. Wind turbines are not to everybody's taste.. Ed
  14. Camping glamping...its a bit much when camping is once again a luxury.. Ed

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