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  1. Twisted Wheel - Sounds ?

    Most records listed so far could be considered normal. UK releases, Motown imports, Atlantic//Stax/etc Perhaps had to find, but not unique. Now we are getting US labels like Soul Power and Mandingo stated as Wheel tunes. It must have been a big...
  2. Twisted Wheel - Sounds ?

    So all the DJ's had records of this quality and rarity? It must have been the beginning of the end of playing 'normal' records easy to get etc Ed
  3. Cup games still have the magic!

    Well done to Wigan tonight, and Rochdale last night. Gives all us minnows (rufc for me) hope! We had Arsenal on the ropes a few ago at their ground and lost 9 8 on penalties... Long live the cup(s) Ed


    How many rooms does it normally have? Where would this clip have been taken, main room or side room? Ed
  5. Twisted Wheel - Sounds ?

    Great record. Who played it, what year, and where was it likely to have come from? Just wondering when the rare stuff started to get played. Ed
  6. Twisted Wheel - Sounds ?

    Which dj played this? Never seen this on any 'wheel list' or cd. Must have been a super rare find back then. Ed
  7. Twisted Wheel - Sounds ?

    Wheel tappers and shunters club more like:) But as others have said UK bands tried to copy USA bands, and some stuff is ok. Ed
  8. Twisted Wheel - Sounds ?

    From an earlier thread TWISTED WHEEL BRAZENOSE STREET MANCHESTER The 'old wheel' PLAY LIST and discography Please add your memories to this list. Blues years to RnB A Walk on the Wild side - Jimmy Smith (A favourite for the Las...
  9. Twisted Wheel - Sounds ?

    Listen to the words...... Ed
  10. Twisted Wheel - Sounds ?

    I think in hindsight, your musical tastes and observations develop from say being a 14 year old to a 20 year old, so young kids who got fed on Marie Day, Gary Lewis, thought it was great, whilst the more mature kids were giving some serious WTF is this crap. ...
  11. Twisted Wheel - Sounds ?

    Would it be correct to say that the Wheel played 'dance records' regardless of whether it was a black soul artist or not? Were the punters divided on this principle, or pretty much in agreement? The reason I ask is that when I joined 'the scene' aro...
  12. Twisted Wheel - Sounds ?

    So, please tell me, any member who was there when TW Scratchy got played first, what the dancefloor reaction was? Heard this first around 76, and I've no idea why I love it? It's unique and mad as hell. Nothing much more 'fringe' ever been...
  13. Parklands Florida Yesterday

    I thought the proposal was to arm teachers and older students to take out shooters early. More guns and more bullets? We also had a nutter in Cumbria not that long ago shooting at random, so it can happen anywhere. Ed
  14. Twisted Wheel - Sounds ?

    News to me...but I will look for it. Cheers Ed

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