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  1. I'd rather talk about great Gladys Knight and extended family LV 2004 bloody awful...and we'd driven 5 hours from LA to see her....but a few years later without all the hangers on .... in Nottingham.....Superb. She is my favourite female vocalist based on females who could put 20 brilliant tracks together....Linda Jones based on just a few tracks. Ed
  2. Although I went to the Mecca a few times it was after the main thrust had taken place. However a mate of mine had an older brother who was there during its heyday and bought records such as this. Around 76 I was given a tape of the best ones and it was priceless. Mandrill, Heartstoppers, Claude baby Huey, Marvin Sease, Jimmy Thompson, etc. I managed to buy a lot of them over the next couple of years as the older brother had thrown in the towel. This was my favourite below....and has since been revived...but at the time I'm sure ONLY the Mecca crowd were listening to gems like this.
  3. How long before the no win no fee scum start suing the NHS? We know it's coming. Ed
  4. Human nature...if a top collector died and the wifey sells the vinyl....not everybody would be respectful....some would see it as an opportunity. Sad but true... You hear a lot of stories about great finds in charity shops. Not many say they gave more than the asking price of 50 pence or so. Vinyl addiction can be a cruel mistress:) Ed
  5. Unique voice and style. Everybody sings along to his big hits. Son of a Coal Miner, and from West Virginia! He had massive success and truly deserved it. RIP Bill. Ed
  6. Ok..answered my own question. The price of a life. Ed
  7. I was truly skint in 84/85. Not much work going in my line of business, coal mining. Nottingham was not deemed as welcoming to us Yorkshiremen. Just had a few flying visits, kept getting turned back. All in the past now I guess... Ed
  8. Memory fading... Might have been this and I was a year out. Anybody remember it? Ed
  9. Can it be groups? Come on sources... Teddy P? Joe T? Fred H? Eddie F? Garnett M? Joe S? Any chance in a million Jock M will get selected..? Ed
  10. Anybody know any blackbyrds tracks that used to get played? Walking in Rythmn I remember a track was played religiously at Mexbrough reform club (brickyard) around 76 but cant remember the name. Here's hoping! Ed
  11. We do need more feel good music. Here's one that ticks the boxes right now. Another Mecca play....but rarely heard since. Ed
  12. Anybody any idea how much a top of the range ventilator costs? It's about time we made the NHS great again and build factories for as much as possible to make it self sufficient. Being held to ransome for drugs and equipment is no way to operate. Ed
  13. Not got any proper rare or expensive vinyl any more....just hope one of the under £50 records I have left, takes off and moves up a decimal point or two! They are not making them anymore! Ed
  14. If a doctor thinks it's pointless keeping somebody alive on a ventilator (or other keep me alive device) because they will never recover without it...we all get that. It's just a tragedy if the decision is not based on that fact. If the Queen could only survive with a ventilator...I cant imagine that being removed easily. As pointed out in the first thread... BMA guidelines...all lives are important and equal. Ed

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