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  1. Latest rumour is 6 northern soul promoters are creating a super league of events management..... I'll leave you to guess at who the gang of six are:) Ed
  2. Seeing is believing. If you've ever been to a usa nba or nfl game, you will know its all about the money. Stop start, sponsors ads, ridiculous prices, and a relentless getting up and down of fans during the game. Soccer is not that far behind either. Ed
  3. 75000 x £50 = £3.75m per home game. Call it £4m with pie sales x 25 home games for man United.....£100m...add £10m for car parking:) Total revenue £620m last year. On offer just to be in the super league...up to £500m From a business prospectus, and don't forget the banks have charges on United, its a no brainer. When you can borrow money for peanuts, and get a solid double digit return by buying a guaranteed income super league club, it supercedes noisy fans and politicians. Not many green and yellow scarves at United these days, metaphorically speaking. Ed
  4. Well as much as these teams will make more money....fifa and others will lose money. Let the battle commence. My money is on the super league teams....if not now, it won't be long. A risky business usually values at 5 times profit. A non risky business comes in at 20 times profit. Guaranteed income is the goal, nothing more, nothing less, just like the USA models. Ed
  5. This was just reported about the uefa President: Ceferin was particularly critical of Manchester United executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward and Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli, who have both stepped down from their roles at Uefa. Agnelli was also a long-time president of the European Club Association (ECA), from which all 12 clubs involved in the ESL have resigned. "He's probably one of the biggest disappointments, or the biggest disappointment of all," said Ceferin. "I don't want to be too personal. But the fact is that I've never seen a person that would lie so many time
  6. A few years ago, I went to the Ajax and Feyenoord tournaments. Man u had them and Arsenal i think. By invitation only... A way of making a few bob extra. Will the national leagues still allow these teams to play...so as not to lose income? Right now its uefa who would lose out if these teams do not play the champions league or mickey mouse Cup, but instead create their own cup. Divide and conquer? Interesting stuff. Ed
  7. Definitely 4 quarters coming to fit more adverts on.... I'm sure we can live without 6 teams. It will be interesting to see if these 6 will be allowed to carry on in the prem? Imagine on doing shit, like one did a few years ago, and dropping into div 1, and playing super league Cup competitions... arsenal got very close to being relegation bound earlier in the season. Ed
  8. Prem clubs were getting £90m Champ clubs £9m Div 1 clubs £1m Div 2 clubs £100k On top of their own income. Rumoured £500m for super league clubs. If any of them have a bout of conscience, I will try and get Tony Stewart to take their place. No such thing as a fair share in modern footy. Ed
  9. I cant see many players revolting in those 12 clubs... Ed
  10. Its still in our hands. Hope springs eternal. However, based on the last 3 performances, its more likely we will be looking forward to a weekend in Blackpool than Bournemouth next season. Lady luck has deserted us. On the other hand we only went up on a fluke, spent zero money, and have had the better players injured for most of the campaign. Kay sera sera...I think the song goes. Ed
  11. This season, Mourinho suffered 10 league defeats in a single campaign for the first time in his managerial career. No Premier League side has lost more points from winning positions this season than Spurs, who have dropped 20. Got to say, when Spurs were playing well...they were magnificent. JM is welcome at rovrum....just needs to work with the decimal point moving 2 places. Ed
  12. The clubs generate the dosh. These associations are just a cost deemed too expensive. Million pound pen pushers in billion pound offices. Interesting this comes out before just before new formats announced for euro Cup competitions...obviously not the deal acceptable by the big 20. Most interesting though.... the Spanish clubs....supposed to be fan owned? Ed
  13. Its coming and here to stay UNLESS uefa give a much bigger percentage of income to the clubs involved from what they get now. Even FIFA can't stop it. Sepp Blatter and others have had a very nice income from being ' a self appointed ' governing body. Look at boxing. 4 world governing bodies all now sharing the pot. Look at the USA sports. No in and no out unless agreed by the members. Nothing to do with results. Soccer players salaries are chicken feed to American football players and basketball players. Its a business, and the best kind are protected from competition.
  14. Could well be! On the AB shows they do name at least some of the prominent dancers. I'm sure footage of the 1968 AB dance comp winners will show up. Ed
  15. Can't seam to find a clip of that 68 dance comp final? 67 is on the tube and 69 with 2 pontiacs. Anybody able to post the 68 so we can see the siblings perform etc. Ed

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