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  1. RIP Mr Price. What a fascinating life he had. It should be made into a movie someday. Ed
  2. All in the game. One single goal scored or not conceded in the last game of the season, could have made a difference. Millers beat owls and Derby home and away. Wickham beat the millers easily at the new York. Fine margins? 5 goals from 110 shots. 19 games lost by one goal. Truth be told, lady luck favoured the teams just above the bottom four, and when that happens, the only way is down. Ah well, a few local Derbys to look forward to, and there's always another chance we will bounce back again. Ed UTM
  3. Top singer Just hits the right vocals for our music. Great version here. Ed
  4. Don't forget though we are talking about an auction site. There's books and books wrote about the adrenalin pumping as a sale is ending, which translates into extreme behaviour, just to win. Same on that homes under the hammer, some folks double their initial maximum, and mostly kick themselves after I suspect. These sky high prices would never be reached in a set sale, because no seller could imagine any buyer would pay that much. Its a trait that's here to stay, thats for sure. Ed
  5. Kejserens nye klæder History repeating itself... Ed
  6. In a similar melody style, this soul pack special always resonated with me. The eight minutes..looking Ed
  7. I doubt there would be many duplicate top 500s if it come to it.... These prices must simply reflect the size of the market for collecting original vinyl. Its a world wide market place for sure. £100 grands worth has turned into a £million in twenty years. Its definitely a serious business these days. Ed
  8. OMG Saxie Russel fifteen hundred notes! A nought too many...these were very common, even I had one! Ed
  9. The Premier league The Football league The Football association 3 lots of administrations to pay and all with an empire to protect. Let's make football great again:) and more streamlined! Ed
  10. Softening the blow... In terms of compensation when early termination is sought.....it appears a football managers contract even beats a marriage contract...in most cases! Its not reported very often when a sacked manager walks away with peanuts, or indeed do they remain unemployed for long. Ed
  11. Is there any better job? Jose is back in the game. Perceived failure is not a problem for getting several bites of the cherry. You don't even need to have been a top player...Houlier, Mourinho, Ferguson, Rodgers. And most of us think we know how to do a better job than our manager, at least half of the time! Ed
  12. Saw this ad...free trial so you can see if its for you. Ed

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