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  1. OMG Saxie Russel fifteen hundred notes! A nought too many...these were very common, even I had one! Ed
  2. The Premier league The Football league The Football association 3 lots of administrations to pay and all with an empire to protect. Let's make football great again:) and more streamlined! Ed
  3. Softening the blow... In terms of compensation when early termination is sought.....it appears a football managers contract even beats a marriage contract...in most cases! Its not reported very often when a sacked manager walks away with peanuts, or indeed do they remain unemployed for long. Ed
  4. Is there any better job? Jose is back in the game. Perceived failure is not a problem for getting several bites of the cherry. You don't even need to have been a top player...Houlier, Mourinho, Ferguson, Rodgers. And most of us think we know how to do a better job than our manager, at least half of the time! Ed
  5. Saw this ad...free trial so you can see if its for you. Ed
  6. Let's go the whole hog...scrap the Premier league, bring all teams under a not for profit English football association, and spread the TV money more fairly across the whole pyramid. It says the fa are supporting the Premier league....its the breakaway premier league that's the root cause of the inequality between leagues. Ed
  7. Looks like its make or break in the next few weeks. Premiership drawing up a charter so any members have to stick to the rules of the pyramid promotion demotion uefa cups etc. Interesting to see if the big 15 or so walk away. Its now or never I guess. Ed
  8. Saved the best till last.. Reginald ‘Stop to think it over’ (Out-Let Productions) 7’ Class. Ed
  9. You are right there about a money monster. £90m for getting into the Premier. You'd think you'd hit the jackpot.. BUT It does not go far with wages of £25m a year for the top players. So to be top dog, the money has to come from somewhere, and fair play rules restricts outright gifts etc. Too late for wage caps now, anything less than a trophy a year is failure. Glad I'm a Rotherham fan actually, where success is cherished, not expected. Its a real conundrum for the top 6. Ed
  10. Manchester United Football Club once declined to play in the FA Cup competition, as I recall. Any punishment? 15 clubs say no thanks to UEFA Cup competitions. Any punishment? 15 clubs say we want our own euro Cup competition...can UEFA stop them really? Its all about the money, and who are the winners and losers. Ed
  11. Premier league? Short term no impact because of super league Cup on revenue. However, if they make 6 enemies...it could simply speed up a super league PERIOD. That will impact on revenue. Principles don't pay wages, as they say. If anybody potentially had a lot to lose, its UEFA....and all they've done is coughed and farted. Ed
  12. Kin ell.....£15.2 BIG ONES...on transfers. Ridiculous. How do you become a football agent? Mr 10% makes the Glazers look like paupers. Ed
  13. Fans need to be careful what they wish for. At Rotherham, many years ago we had an owner who insisted on running the club like a business. No debt, no speculative purchases. We were in effect making a £1 profit every year. The fans wanted more of the owners money investing. The owner sold the club for £1. Several years of indebted failure followed. No success, no stability, an embarrassment. Luckily Tony Stewart took the reigns and we are run once more on sound footing. We live within our means. Man United will never go bankrupt, that's for sure, but the own
  14. Owners of US sports franchises make money out of it. Virtually guaranteed. Not many owners of UK football clubs make money out of it. The owners of Man United have bucked that trend. A billion pound loan costs 30 million pounds to finance, or less. If Man United make more than that in profit, 50 million in 2019...hey ho, a nice big dividend of 20 million for the family. They are not breaking any laws. Directors of the company have a duty to make a profit for its shareholders. Perhaps football clubs should only be ' not for profit' charity status. Until then, many
  15. At a proper norvun do...its no touchy touchy, on the dancefloor, so it should be fine! Plus 90% plus of normal attendees should be doubled jabbed by summer. Please let's get back to normal soon! Ed
  16. Now thats A list.. Just to add...that Ballads track is one I had in 79, bought in a job lot....and I've never heard it out! Very nice chill out soulful tune. Ed
  17. That Friday feeling came when this forgotten oldie popped up on an old memory stick.. The Larks, come back baby. Have a good one. Ed
  18. Agreed. Fantastic sound. Oh to be able to last all the way through tunes like this again... Ed
  19. I know it, so it can't be rare or broadly unknown..... Nice tune. Literally hundreds of great underplayed stuff like this out there. If you are a DJ...take a chance and them played! Ed
  20. The old ones..are sometimes the best ones. Love the vocals and melody on this JJ Barnes offering. Ed
  21. I was not sure about this so: A humanist funeral is a non-religious ceremony that focuses on the life the person has led, rather than a particular faith they may have had. Humanist funerals follow a similar structure as a religious funeral, with readings, music and eulogies, but without the mention of a God or faith. 84 years old, loved the music, and was lucky enough to dj. Loved by his family. Some of the greatest records were the early ones. All things considered, I'd recommend: Ed
  22. My first trip was about 79, and it was a soul night. Not sure why our crowd never went earlier, but Cleggy was easier to get to I suppose. Last trip must have been around 80 or 81 which was a 're opening' one off event, or so it was advertised as. Realistically though, those lucky enough to have been there at the beginning really were spoiled. Ed
  23. I'm sure we all love ro see an inventory of the donation. What a nice gesture from the family. If its half as nostalgic as the motown museum, it will be well worth the trip Was planning another coast to coast road trip across the States next year, so this my have to be on the route. Ed

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