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  1. Just watched this on Netflix and it's excellent well worth a watch.
  2. That is cheap only ever seen 2 demos before
  3. linda4me

    News: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2019

    Happy Christmas all
  4. linda4me

    Essential Motown Northern Soul 3CD

    Just ordered mine HMV £4.99
  5. linda4me


    Condition might help
  6. linda4me

    RIP Aretha

    Magical voice and a very sad loss R.I.P. beautiful lady xx
  7. linda4me

    EE sim card problem

    All sorted she phoned ee technical thanks
  8. linda4me

    EE sim card problem

    Im told as it is a replacement sim for her old number it is already activated ?? some of her contact numbers work fine others have engaged tone when not engaged ?? thanks
  9. linda4me

    EE sim card problem

    Hello,my sister lost her phone so she had the sim blocked,they sent her a replacement sim with the same phone number which she put in her mobile problem is she is having trouble calling/txting some of her contacts and some are having trouble contacting her ?? it is a contract sim not payg any ideas thanks
  10. linda4me

    Phillips cd recorder

    Hello all,have stripped my stack system down to clean etc but failed to note where the two leads go from the cd recorder to the amp thanks Bob
  11. linda4me

    Ken Dodd

    R.I.P. A brilliant comic/entertainer
  12. linda4me

    If I was granted one vinyl wish...

    You and me both,what a track
  13. linda4me

    Happy New Year!

    Thanks Mike,same to you and all members
  14. linda4me

    Want-Mickey Lee Lane- Hey sah lo ney

    One on ebay seller jamesp44


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