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  1. Good morning, does anybody know what happened to the Lou Pride " I'm comin home" listed last night on the Manship list - and funnily has vanished this morning????? inquisitive St. Pauli Soul
  2. No thank you, not for 400. Sorry to have wasted your time. regards David
  3. Size 43. Made by England. Leather sole. Worn once (too big!) Great for shufflin.... Interested PM me. Except Bank Payment only.
  4. What about Mr. Big Shot - Brilliant dancer....
  5. Looking for original please, PM me if serious.... Dave
  6. Hi, can anybody tell me if this is an original? The printing seems off centre, It has "#38" scratched into the runout. The B-side is called Dynamite and has "39X" scratched into the runout.
  7. Hi, can anybody tell me please how to certify if the above record is original and not a reissue, second issue or boot. many thanks Dave
  8. Harvey Averne – Never Learnt To Dance Good quality please... Conrtact: Soulboy@freenet.de Dave
  9. Open to sensible offers - condition must be minimum VG+
  10. Manship auction - 2016.12.15 “Tobi Legend - Time Will Pass You By / Heartbreaker - Mala Promo”. Mint condition. The winning price was £ 933.00
  11. Hi Jules, love the record but following its pricing trend on Popsike its in a downward spiral (2015 - > 1,000 GBP) , already 400 GBP is above the going rate. Let me know if you are willing to deal - if not have a great weekend (-;
  12. ..then I would like to purchase it please David
  13. Marvin Gaye - This love starved heart of mine - Tamla pic sleeve M- £500 Is this still free? regards Dave
  14. Hi, I am one of those stompers from Mr Ms that are supposed to have killed off the northern scene way back in the early 70s - but we had fun whilst doing it. Since my return from Asia in 1998 I have been part of the soul scene here in Germany, especially in Hamburg. I think it could be of interest to know that the german rare soul scene developed out of the "roller scene" or the scooter scene. This scene I am told was at its peak in the 90s with up to 1000 scooterists meeting at a "scooter treff". The music covered a wide spectrum from Billy Ocean to the Yum Yums. Since then the numbers hav
  15. ...5th edition black text 25 pound blue text 75 pound. I ordered 6th addition last night so I'll keep you informed. Could it be that Mr. Manship has a warehouse full of records that he releases onto the market at a rate that keeps the prices up and his business profitable. He also controls pricing through his own price lists (the bible for most). Just a thought.....
  16. ...thanks guys, I just paid a wad for the black text - but it was well worth it just to for your banter
  17. Thanks guys. Concerning Teddy I have only found this link so far: https://www.npr.org/2013/06/10/189284120/arctic-records-drafting-a-blueprint-for-the-philly-sound
  18. Can anybody tell me if the black text Arctic label is " 2nd issue" - or doesn't it matter? Thanks Dave
  19. ....tape now uploaded to Sound Cloud at "https://soundcloud.com/david-biddell/tape-of-wigan-casino-allnighter-in-1974"

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