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    Kellee Patterson I'm gonna love you a little bit more
  1. lambrettacraig

    Boomerang Canal Tavern Thorne

    Another brilliant night at "Boomerang". The evening went by in a flash. Fantastic music, from all the DJ's with something for everyone. I had that "tired, hungover but happy feeling" all day Sunday. Hotel room already booked for the next one (Thanks Mr Fleming) see you all again in May. Gotta rain check August though, away on holiday.................................
  2. lambrettacraig

    Harvey Scales - Trying To Survive - Magic Touch

    Played at Boomerang Soul by Dave Ripolles not so long ago. Great Track
  3. lambrettacraig


    That's a cracking tune indeed!
  4. lambrettacraig


    That Soul Aces track was truly outstanding!
  5. lambrettacraig


    What a fantastic night, musically brilliant.


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