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  1. Patti Austin Leave A Little Love on Coral £125.00 E+ Postage £7.75 Special Delivery Please email for info: mandywakelam@gmail.com
  2. A few more details xx Lynn Crowie has asked me to post details of Jan Nicholls' funeral. Jan will be buried on Friday 14th October at 12pm at All Saints Church, Elmore Row, Bloxwich WS3 2HR. The family have requested family flowers only. There will be a collection at the Church for a chosen charity. Please wear whatever you feel comfortable in. There will be a Celebration of Jan's Life afterwards at Colebatches Club, 699 Bloxwich Road, Walsall WS3 2BD. Anyone wanting to bring a box of records please feel free everyone will be able to play some tunes. There will be a buffet also. Car parking for the Club is limited but you are able to park over the road on the public swimming baths' carpark.
  3. Mandy


  4. Mandy

    Dave Wooley.. Rip

    Totally devastated to hear this just returned from holiday and had a message!! Very sad that it happened so long ago and I didn't hear any sooner but unfortunately I don't come on here much nowadays and hadn't seen Dave for quite a while. The laughs we used to have sat on here until the small hours laughing and messing about. RIP Dave, such a lovely man xx
  5. Mandy

    Kindred Soul @ Bidds (July) Thank You To All

    Totally in there with you Dave! Haven't been to a soul night for a very long time and I'm so pleased that Alan and I jumped in that taxi!! Music was absolutely stunning, company (Pete & Izzy and Dave) just the best and some great people there too. Had a brilliant time and will definitely be back for some more. Thank you so much to Jill, I'll see you right when I next see you!! Amazing evening ..
  6. Mandy

    Derby Engineers Club

    Just back off my holidays as are Mark & Liz, and want to say a massive THANK YOU to all the DJs and punters that turned out for the Dayer ... I had a fabulous time when not chasing people for raffle ticket money and trying not to get too drunk In my opinion the music as absolutely outstanding (sorry there was no back-dropping tracks for the baggie brigade) .. sorry we didn't advertise it correctly but as stated above the DJ line up should have said enough! The Gambian soul dayers have never been about classic oldies tunes but tunes not played often enough and quite frankly whatever the DJs wanted to play was entirely up to themselves .. no politics of what they could and couldn't play! I will be getting together with Mark, Liz and Mak over the next weekend or so with a final count up of what was made and to let you know who won the ticket prizes .. and a massive THANK YOU to the promoters who donated very generously and all the other kind people who turned up on the day with numerous prizes too ... far too many to mention individually but THANK YOU I'm sure Mark will be having a say too when he's back from his well earned rest
  7. Mandy

    Gambian Soul Club Event 2011

    Cant wait .. look at that line up!! Going to be a lot of drinking, dancing and talking nonsense me thinks !!
  8. Mandy

    Gambian Soul Club Event 2011

    Getting a bit giddy now for this!! Loads of raffle prizes thank you all very much and what a line up !! Hope to see some old faces there and have a few strongbows
  9. Mandy

    Gambian Soul Club Event 2011

    Can the people who have said they'll DJ please contact Mark and let him know times you wish to be on at as we need to sort this out over the weekend. Thank you
  10. Mandy

    Gambian Soul Club Event 2011

    Just to say thank you to the promoters who have so far donated .. got some great prizes coming in and hopefully more before the day ... 100 club tickets, weekend passes for Manchester Euro Cultural weekend, CDs, Greatstone tickets, Rugby Soul club tickets and more Worth the fiver entrance just to win some of them
  11. Mandy

    Gambian Soul Club Event 2011

    Any offers from any budding DJs out there who would be willing to give half an hour of their time to spin a few tunes ? Please contact Mormar (Mark) on here
  12. Due to unforseen circumstances Pete cannot be involved in the organising of the Gambian Soul Club all dayer, but is fully behind the event. So myself, Mark Johnson and Mak plus anyone else who can help will be sorting the arrangements out. 100% of monies raised will be going to the charity. The date is Saturday 16th April at Derby Engineers Club, 214 Osmaston Road, Derby. DE23 8JX. Start is 4pm until 12,30am The Gambian Soul Club past events have been well supported and great fun while also raising money for this deserving charity. With your support we hope to make the 2011 alldayer another succesfull event. Mark and Mak are taking care of DJs/venue/record sellers etc so if you want a spot or a table please contact by PM on here and I will be on the hunt for the usual fabulous raffle prizes from promoters and well wishers. If you can donate anything at all from CDs/venue tickets/pictures/wine/choccies please contact me via here or email on mandywakelam@googlemail.com or on 07948720025. I will be contacting the usual promoters who give very generously to this event. Thanks very much and hope everyone who usually attends will be there .. been a long time since we've had a get together!! Mandy, Mark & Mak
  13. Mandy

    J17 Sandbach Cheshire

    Hoping to be there too with Angela & Shute .. just gotta sort the little man out as nanny got him tonight so not sure she'll be wanting him twice in one week
  14. Thanks Russ. Never been before and to be honest only know 1 or 2 people that have been before so it'll be a whole new experience for us!!


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