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    Blowing up my mind The Exciters
  1. wigantojapan

    Biggest ...dance Floor

    Aberdeen all nighter is still going and thats a massive dance floor
  2. wigantojapan

    News: Marva Whitney - Funk Soul Sister - R.I.P

    one of my fav never ever listened to the other side your love was good to me till ow even though i have this classic sund for over 30 years haha thank you marva for the joy you brought to people and will continue to bring through your music
  3. first listening for me gogs and seems a listening song rather than a dancer ,,but a good wee grower and good saxaphone.plus a good wee hookline
  4. wigantojapan

    Transporting My Technics Deck

    fxxx might just sell everything i japan less stresss but def not selling the records cheers
  5. wigantojapan

    Transporting My Technics Deck

    Hi bobo i will carry the records on as hand luggage that will be the size and weight maxed out ,can get away with 10kg-12kg if the size is right and you dont look like you are struggling haha the 30 kg is in the hold for the deck,speaker and amplifier ,that why i need a sturdy case/s with locks cheers
  6. wigantojapan

    Transporting My Technics Deck

    thansks bobo no i am going to japan with only the clothes on my back can carry the records in on hand luggage as i have done before. the deck,amplifier and speaker all weigh less than 30kg which is the airline allowance just need to know of good protective cases for them with locks . shipped about 500kg to japan when i moved there so aware of the practise of shipping ,costs what is involved for me this is not a lot to transfer cheers another thing s personal and hiting you with tax at the uk end any time i have carried records through as hand luggage no questions when i have shipped them i had to fill in a lot of paperwork and have receipts proving that i had already bought them in the uk and so the vat ,tax had allready been paid you know the script google starbucks amazon and the rest no questions asked a couple hundred records full investigation...well not quite ..but you kow where i am going cheers a sturdy lockable flight case me thinks is what i need
  7. wigantojapan

    Transporting My Technics Deck

    i was thinking that pikey though i have to go to japan anyway to get my records.i also have a good amp and speakers there. how much is a technics deck in the uk in japan they are 10 a penny and coming in around the 150 mark if i remember correctly anyway at the moment anyone who has transported there deck or hi fi system any info wouldd be good cheers guys
  8. wigantojapan

    Transporting My Technics Deck

    Hello Any advise on how to get my turntable back from japan to uk .What case to use and is it possible to take onto hand luggage cheers
  9. wigantojapan

    Moses Smith Try My Love

    how much is this going for cheers brilliant sound
  10. wigantojapan

    British Stuff

    haha i,ve had the sally sagoo for over 35 years and today is the first time i have heard a little bit of love having only listened to stop hahah both brilliant. i,l have acess to my records after a 3 year trip so guess whats getting played first cheers
  11. wigantojapan

    Some Goodies For Sale

    Hi zander Jamie watt here.I,m in thailand at this moment back on 10th july can you keep the lovemasters for me if possible lots of more sounds i like but no much cash cheers ktf jamie
  12. haha yes it was well battered nippy wee thing though fell to bits in my mates field up by the airport about a year later a good bag o chips
  13. This is a good groove,warm voice and good horns,yip could float and sing my heart ot to this on the dance floor thanks for sharing how much are chips now adays i once went into a chippie in edinburgh and came out with a mini car
  14. wigantojapan

    The Invitations - (Artist Of The Week)

    briilsant one of the first records i bought again after 30 years with a cold
  15. thanks mr c nice xmas present


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