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  1. Hitsville Soul Club

    Me and my boys drove 36 hours total to travel from chicago to florida to dance with (mostly) dudes twenty years older than us to records fifteen years older than us for 36 hours. I did it last year and I will do it next year. Ben
  2. Deon Jackson On Carla

    Deon lives in the suburbs of Chicago. I was spinning records at a bar and a pretty square looking young man asked me if I had any Deon Jackson. turns out this dude is Deon Jackson's son. I took his info cuz we were gonna try and get Deon in on the radio show ...
  3. Live Sixties Soul Acts Divide Opinion

    as a musician I found the percisions back up band amazingly, incredibly bad. If I we're an old singer and you lined up (actually from the video it looks more like propped up) these guys I would be seriously bummed out. Is there not a competent soul band in en...
  4. Best Song Of The Day

    oh yeah, and I'm playing Cynthia & The Imaginary Three - Thats What I Am, on CD of course.
  5. Best Song Of The Day

    I had heard this but I didnt believe it. I sure hope she wins...what a voice!
  6. What Is The Meaning Of The "ns Black Fist"?

    wow, the discussion of black power on here is a little embarassing to me. I always thought that the use of the Black Power Fist as a northern icon was a little bit tacky. Correct me if I am wrong, but the northern soul scene was largely white, no? I mean, did...
  7. Sounds That Bring A Tear To The Eye

    I was waiting for my lady to come out of the dry cleaners today when "I STILL LOVE YOU" the Seven Souls came on the mixtape. Naturally I cranked it allllll the way!!! when the lady returned I tried to pass it off as cigarette smoke in the eyes. christ, is tha...
  8. A Few Bits On Ebay With Audio

    ending in mere hours!
  9. Live Act Video's From Prestyn

    Wow-great to see these old acts on stage again! I'm certainly all for these old acts finally getting some green in their pockets and getting the appreciation they surely deserve!!! They are really sounding good too! but can we get a real drummer back there? t...
  10. Dj Or Collector

    HERE HERE! now everybody go and bid on my ebays!!!!
  11. have a look, won't you? http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZ8866shant...1QQfsooZ1QQrdZ0? thanks.
  12. Walter & The Admerations On Ebay

    wouldn't hold my breath on a mint copy coming up. I have held this particular copy in my hands and heard it played. it plays better than some records I play out regularly. just scoop those highs and you are golden.
  13. Usa Dj's

    200-300!!!!!!! christ almighty! I gotta come out and spin with y'all!!!!! We do alright in chicago. I think the best we ever did was about 150 in a pretty small place. I'm convinced that people just have no idea this is going on. i think we're myspace friends...
  14. The Five Stairsteps - Playgirls Love

    excellent track. produced by curtis and its much in the vein of Mighty Mighty. more on the funky side. 'don't change your love' has been sampled extensively. the open drum intro is a mega classic hip hop break.
  15. whats a nats nacker, exactly? er....Chicago. I do love me some Detroit though-No doubt about that. Chicago is really first and foremost a blues/r&b town. I think thats reflected in a lot of the soul music from here, especially early on-and def throug...