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  1. Soulboyslim


    Thanks again to you both for your hospiltality - we were v. well looked after. I played these, in something like this order ; 1. Margaret Little - Love finds a way - genebro 2. Marvin Gaye - This loved starved heart of mine - 10' Mastering Lab acetate 3. Edwin Starr - Scott's on Swingers - ric-tic demo 4. Blue Sharks - These things will keep me loving you - Gran Prix [ Italian ] 5. Delegates of Soul - I'll come running back - upLook 6. Betty Boo - Say it isn't so - 10' RCA Custom Test Press 7. Chuck Wood - 7 Daystoo long - Roulette demo 8. El Corals - Chick Chick - Rouser 9. Lewise Bethune - Chi-Town boogaloo - Sack 10. Louis Jordan - 65 Bars - TRC 11. Manny Corchado - Pow-pow - decca demo 12. Flirtations - Stronger than her love - Festival adv dj copy 13. Lester Tipton - This won't change - La Beat 14. Christine Cooper - Heartaches away my boy - Parkway demo 15. De-lites - Lover - Cuppy 16. Jonathan Capree - Gonna build me a mountain - Ox Bow 17. Papa Bear + Cubs - You're so fine - SMS 18. Hamilton Movement - She's gone - Look-out 19. Kenny Thomas - Crazy World - suSu 12' 20. Tiaras - Foolish girl - Op Art 21. Case of Tyme - Manifesto - Legend regards Pete Lyster
  2. Soulboyslim


    Great first night for this new northern soul venue many thanks to all who turned up plus dj's for everything played. Hopefully we'll be delivering 3 or 4 each year and we'll put them on when there's a 5 week month to try and miss all other established venues.
  3. Soulboyslim


    Hopefully full playlists of whole evening will be listed next week sometime Dave. No doubt the guest dj's will have some juicy big hitters plus perennial favourites / crowd pleasers. see you next time.
  4. Soulboyslim


    Thanks Dave - looking forward to the night as it looks like there will be a good crowd in. DJ's all confirmed and ready to play to the crowd. Next time if you're up for it? Paul.
  5. Soulboyslim

    Hydro Soul Club - Newton Aycliffe DL5 6EA

    Looking forward to Saturday night - some new tunes to play, hope you like 'em..... Will be there early
  6. Soulboyslim


    Things are hotting up now for the big Northern Soul night at Mainsforth, Ferryhill. This soul night will cover all aspects of the Northern Soul scene especially Oldies as requested by many punters, gonna be a packer with buses organised from Newcastle and afar. We look forward to delivering a quality Northern Soul Night with quality Dj's. get there early for the prime seats.
  7. Soulboyslim

    Bishop Auckland Rugby Club

    will be there Glen.. keep it up mate...
  8. Soulboyslim

    2 x Roy Roberts Reissues - final copies...

    monies sent today via paypal £12.75 as listed. Cheers Paul.
  9. Soulboyslim


    It's been over a year now since the Serious Shades of Soul crew put on a Northern Soul night and after much persuasion we have a new venue which is superb. Alongside Nige Grice we hopefully will be putting Northern Soul Nights on at Mainsforth Community Centre in Ferryhill Station County Durham. It doesn't sound very exotic but this place screams "Station Rd, Wigan Casino". The first floor venue has such presence it's beyond me why Northern Soul nights have not been put on here before now. The main hall has a superb maple dance floor and full balcony over looking the hall which will be open if numbers allow. we will be catering for all Northern Soul followers but with an emphasis on quality original vinyl only music plus the best DJ's from around the UK. We will cater for everyone, across the board music policy with great Northern Soul..... The first guest dj on the night will be Pete Lyster from The Bridgewater Arms Soul Club. Pete needs no introduction as a DJ with him being one of the main protagonists at The Bridlington, Newquay and Amsterdam Soul Weekenders. A fantastic soul collector and DJ, we look forward very much to his first appearance in the North East. Nige Grice - long established DJ from the Manchester / Brighouse area - always a crowd pleaser no matter who's in the house... Paul Ackley from Newton Aycliffe who still packs a punch with the rarest of the rare.... check out his playlists.. Sean Tasker from Newcastle, Sean has an enviable collection of hard to get Northern Soul, like Nige Grice, a certain crowd pleaser. Plus local DJ's still to be press ganged onto the roster. £4.00 on the door gets you into one of the most atmospheric halls in the North east - about 5 minutes (2 miles) from junction 60 A1M (HEADING NORTH) take your first left onto A689 then immediate first right onto Gipsy Lane direct to Ferryhill Station. Parking directly opposite the club plus plenty of free on street parking. This will be one of the best Northern soul nights in the North East this year...... Don't miss it.... and with drinks at £2.50 a pint what's not to like.... more details to follow - contact Nige on 07887 528263 or Paul on 07778 967285 Regards Paul & Nige
  10. Soulboyslim

    2 x Roy Roberts Reissues - final copies...

    I'll have red copy - when do you want monies? regards Paul.
  11. Soulboyslim

    Little Walter and friends at Rafa Club Bishop Auckland

  12. A new venue for Little Walter - every Thursday night - no admission fee - come along and bring your own vinyl to play - bring to impress is the order of the night. Short notice for this week but hopefully many will turn up for dj's and collectors of fine rare soul, RnB and anything else that gets in the grooves. Check out the first proper soul night on the 9th June 2018 - flyer on events page - 9th June. DJ'S WANTED..............
  13. Soulboyslim


    New event for little Walter and his DJ's. Saturday 9th June 2018 - 7.00pm till late. £3.00 on the door with vinyl only DJ's hand picked by Little Walter. Original vinyl ranging from the early days of the Torch & Wheel through to today's rare soul and RnB. A little bit of everything hopefully to please everyone. A fantastic intimate venue with loads of free on street parking and great booze prices to boot.... If successful will become a regular event with the best DJ's and collectors from the North East. DJ's on the night so far: Paul and Ian Shoulder Mike McGannon Steve Wilson little Walter = more to add.
  14. Soulboyslim

    Just the Two

    Can you send a pic of the record please?
  15. Soulboyslim

    Hull Soul Club

    no - we sat close to the womens wc's - where all the geordies sit lol.............. maybe next time.


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