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  1. cally

    Twisted Grooves

    Really looking forward to Twisted Groves Saturday the best alldayer by far. Atmosphere is great nothing else comes close.
  2. Copy VG+ - writing on label and also a few ware marks. M&S label. £70 to include postage.
  3. Copy has a few fine marks but plays loud and clear. Bargain at £240 which includes postage.
  4. cally

    Chris Morgan wanted- sorted thanks.

    Hi got a demo copy excellent condition plays loud and clear. If still looking make me an offer. thanks Cally
  5. cally

    Prestatyn Soul Weekender


    Always wanted to see the river dance so sorry I missed your version and totally agree with you Mr Flatley the floor was shite and spoiled the enjoyment of some good tunes played also dance floor could have done with being a bigger. Never mind enjoyed the weekend and let me know where your doing the river dance next - all the best Fred Astaire !
  6. cally

    Lonely World...the Sensations.....way Out

    Hi Just put one on ebay yesterday starting at £9.99 regards alan
  7. cally

    Rare Uns To Go Av A Look

    Interested in Barbara lynn what kind of money are you looking for - thanks alan
  8. After check our play lists for next week - we both played Mary Love last night so just a good job we weren't Djin in the same room!
  9. Just sounds like my house - Friday night (usually a bit pissed) and the audience (the wife next door) makes the same comments! I'm usually top of the DJ line up and on for most of the night. Play across the board music and even if i say so myself i did a good job!
  10. cally

    Value Please

    Hi Can anyone give me a value for these 2 45's Wilee McEwen - Hello Darling - S.T.Y.B. in JM's rarest of the rare. The Symphonics - No More - Brunswick Thanks Al
  11. cally



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