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  1. Did anyone buy this ??? I#m seriously interested if it didn't sell.
  2. As a footnote to this, Eddie P, the record that was number 1 in the charts ( as printed in the New Musical Express ) on the day you were born was The Foundations - Baby now that i've found you, It was in the 1st week of it's 2 weeks at number 1 !!! And Denbo, because they didn't start compiling the top 40 till 1952 i can't help you out with what was number one when you were born, the nearest to that date is Al Martino - Here in my heart, which was number 1 for 9 weeks from 14th November 1952 til 16th January 1953. Sticking to my mod roots, number 1 the day i was born was The Kinks - You really got me ( 17/9/64 ) Kev.
  3. Hi Steve, I'm a relative new comer to this forum, having been an invisible floater for a few months, i'm now registered and you are my first post ( I'll fetch me trumpet ) i have for some time now been selling custom made record/CD/rabbit boxes ??? If you don't have any joy via the IKEA route drop me an e-mail and i'll see what i can do, all the boxes i've made to date are out of 9mm birch ply, and have lockable catches on the front and lip an hook hinges on the rear, so as yer lid comes completely off, i make them in any combination of lanes that you require, so something like your shelving/storage should be no problem at all. Cheers. Kev.

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