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  1. easy enough to find
  2. It's not easy to find the classifieds section as it's only under "All Activity" Think it would be better next to sales and wanted. Just a suggestion
  3. Mandells - Think Back - Trans World Sound M- £125 SOLD Bobbie Smith - I'll Be Around - Bell M- £265 Little Jewel - I Want To - Tayster VG++ £175 Price includes UK post Payment by paypal
  4. firefly

    Rarest 45 On Coloured Vinyl?

    Pointer Sisters - Send Him Back - Atlantic Yellow
  5. firefly

    Matt Brown

  6. firefly

    Pointer Sisters 'send Him Back' O. G. Stocker ?

    The yellow one in the picture above is mine I have shown it to JM who confirmed it is a bootleg. He has taken photo and details so I presume at some point it will be added in to his bootleg guide. Alan
  7. firefly

    Brenda Jones Big Mistake Price?

    It would be a big mistake to sell for £75
  8. Radiants Heartbreak Society Please Don't Leave Me Chess 1849 Issue Ex £100 Chosen Few Birth of a Playboy Maple WDJ M- £100 SOLD Price includes UK mainland post Paypal by gift or bank transfer Thanks for looking
  9. Isley Brothers Who's That Lady UA White DJ Ex £150 (b side vg+) Vee Vee I'm Your Fool Movement M- £300 SOLD Price includes UK post Paypal by gift Thanks for looking
  10. firefly

    Sy Hightower Boot ?

    Bought mine years ago off Mike Vague with silver label and pretty sure he mentioned the plain was legit. Think Steve Plumb had the black writing one at some time. Alan
  11. firefly

    Canadian Members Help Please

    Try this site I've used it a few times always seems to be best priced. http://www.transglobalexpress.co.uk
  12. firefly

    Bobby Paris Walked Away

    Do you mean the Canadian issue that doesn't show on UK ebay?
  13. firefly

    Cashing In

  14. firefly

    Cashing In

    According to JM guide the bell sound stamp is fake.


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