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  1. Bluebell Wood Charity Dayer Sun 27th Aug
    Will soon be upon us so can djs who have already offered please confirm for definite and again donations of raffle prizes will be much appreciated and any help on the day will be much appreciated running the door and selling raffle tickets, last year was amazing so let's do it all again😁
    Regards Mickey

  2. Junction 36 Soul Night
    What a brilliant night , as always thanks to terry on the door for her hard work and warm welcome to all, the staff on the bar for keeping everyone hydrated lol.
    Guest dj,s last night were amazing , Dave West for some quality tunes which had the floor bouncing, cheers Dave brilliant , Sam Evans well what can you say , tunes to die for and her style on the decks and how she entertains the crowd is second to none , so both dj,s a big thankyou so much for last night in making it one hell of a night.
    Dean Webb my partner in crime always delivers month in month , fantastic dj friend and gent.
    Thanks to everyone for you support new and old faces which made it such a fantastic night. 
    See you all next month for our 4th anniversary with guests Kev Richardson & Rob Smith joining Dean and myself.
    Regards and best wishes from Mick & Kim and Dean😁😁

  3. Junction 36 Bluebell Wood Charity Sunday 1st May 2pm till 11pm

    DJ Line Up 
    2-3 - Jim Kenny & Alice & Brandy Sisters 
    3-4 - Ray France & Steve Lawson
    4-5 - Paul Littlewood & Darren Wheelhouse
    5-6 - Martin Hardcastle(Rocky) & Mick Glover
    6-7 - John Vincent & Tom Wheelhouse
    7-8 - Derek Greenhoff & Paul Newton 
    8-9 - Robert Wicks & Terry Westhead
    9-10 - Roy Dale & Martynandchristine Ward
    10-11 - Robert Wicks & Mick Glover 
    If its still busy i am sure we will be able to keep going , food will be available on the day , raffle prizes coming in, so thank you to all who are donating these, people kindly offering help to take turn on the door and do the raffle so thanks again.
    Just come along and enjoy some great music from these generous dj,s giving up their time to help raise money for such a worthy cause.

  4. Just spoke with Birdwell regarding Charity Bluebell Wood dayer, the club will put sandwiches and pie n peas on to purchase on the day so folk can get something to eat , raffle prizes coming in already so a big thankyou , will def need help on the day to do the door and raffle , so anyone who will help let me know thanks

    Cant wait for this month , shes back with us on her birthday Sam Evans our guest dj once again , entertaining doesnt do her justice , me and whipit with dean webb and lil miss dynamite , bring it on 

    regards Mickey 

    Junction 36 Soul 
    Last night was amazing, full dance floor all night with some brilliant dancing on show.
    Thanks as always to the staff and Ray n Diane on the door greeting people with a smile.
    Thanks to ar whippet and dean for some great sets of music, a massive thank you to Ian Seamen our guest DJ, brilliant mate, hope you liked our venue.
    To all that came thanks for the support you give every month.
    Next month our guest DJ is Sam birthday girl Evans 
    See you all soon and thanks again for the continued support 
    Regards Mick 

    Junction 36 anniversary night , well what can i say apart from AMAZING.

    2 years at this venue and it is different every month , had some of the best dj,s in the country playing for us, tonight was no exception Mr Kevin Richardson, this fella played what i can only say was a fabulous spot tonight , dance floor banging, special thanks to the venue and staff , Dianne France&Ray France for their work on the door cheers mam n dad, to every one of you old and new that has supported us a massive thankyou.

    Ar Whipett and Dean webb cheers for the work you put in.

    Heres to another 2 years bring it on and see ya all in brid

    Regards Mickey

    Junction 36 Northern Soul Night
    As always a big thankyou to the club and staff, Dianne France & Ray Francefor looking after the door , brilliant job.
    Are Whippit and dean webb for starting the night off and getting the dance floor buzzing.
    Guest DJ last night was Pete Eccles from over in lancs , absolutely brilliant thanks for coming over and playing some amazing tunes.
    Next month 2nd anniverssary with Kevin Richardson on the decks , the man can dance and is brilliant on the decks 
    Right of to Corfu see ya all soon 
    Regards Mickey

    Junction 36 
    Once again a brilliant crowd last , new and old faces making a brilliant atmosphere.
    Massive thank you to Martin Stanford for an awsome spot as always, and hes back next Sunday 12th April for our Charity Dayer
    Dianne France on the door fantastic job mam.
    Staff at the club as always keeping the drinks flowing, thanks 
    See you all next week
    Regards mickey

    Looking forward to this as always and mi good mate Dennis Black aka LLB my guest dj.

    Are Whipit and Dean Webb will be doing their stuff as usual getting the dance floor buzzing 

    See ya all soon Regards Mickey 

    Junction 36 , packed house to say the least , big thankyou as always to Diane France and Ray France for their work on the door, thanks to bar staff who work their socks off on a very busy night.
    Cheers Mark Mellors for being our guest DJ last night , brilliant spot as always.
    Dean Webb and ar Whipit superb and to all the loyal supporters and new faces thanks for making it a special night. 
    Next month Dennis Black guest DJ (aka scooba diver) 
    Regards Mickey

    Junction 36 Northern Soul Night
    Once again a fantastic night to start the new year, 200+ so a massive thanks to you all for the support and making a brill night.
    Thanks to staff at the club, Dianne France on the door, ta mom , Ray France for doing an amazing spot last night, cheers pop.
    Welocme to Dean Webb to the team of resident dj,s  with me and ar Whipit.
    Next month guest DJ Mark Mellors, should be in for a treat with this DJ 
    See you all next month 
    Regards Mickey and happy new year

    Looking forward to this as always , two brilliant dj,s , Tom Wheelhouse AKA sweetpea and John Vincent , dunt get much better than that 

    Next years line up coming on nicely, mark mellors, martin stanford, pete eccles, dave raistrick, ian seamen , sam evans , all in the diary so next year looking good

    Regards Mickey  

  5. DJ,s and times for Sunday 16th


    2.00 - 2.40 - mickey & whipit

    2.40 - 3.20 - di franace & joy yoxall

    3.20 - 4.00 - brandy sisters

    4.00 - 4.40 - terry westhead & ray france

    4.40 - 5.20 - martin stanford & daz wheelhouse

    5.20 - 6.00 - sam evans & andy baskett

    6.00 - 6.40 - tom wheelhouse & jonah

    6.40 - 7.20 - dennis black & steve from denton

    7.20 - 8.00 - karen mageary & pete jones 

    Junction 36 , wow yet again a fantastic crowd , 300 in and what an atmosphere.
    Dek Greenhoff & Rob Wicks played 2 belting hours of class tunes.
    Diane n Ray on door brill as always and the bar staff awsome.
    Great to see the old family of nutters back and a few new faces. 
    Still buzzing from last nite and cant wait for Nov 16th double decking dayer , 18 dj,s coming.
    Next month guest dj,s Tom Wheelhouse & John Vincent so in for a treat yet again.
    Thanks again for all your support making junct 36 what it is 
    Regards Mickey 

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