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  1. Will pay £500 for a nice copy. Will take a lesser condition one for reduced price. Possibly trades available too. Thanks
  2. I know he seems like a nice chap and all but just be aware the photos he sells on eBay are not originals even if he states condition as Mint (well obviously since they just came out a printer) and starts them at a rather high price. Just thought it would be worth mentioning this as he does not disclose this information and some of his photos sell for tidy sums.
  3. PM with price and condition thanks
  5. Either label will suffice. Please PM if you have one or know of one available. Good price payed. Thank you.
  7. Same ultimate choice. None of them either remembered that session or had no idea it actually came out.
  8. Ending tomorrow!
  9. All prices in US DOLLARS! Ask for SOUND CLIPS and LABEL SCANS! I have these ready and can send very fast! Shipping: UK, Europe, Asia $12.50 up to 3 ($1 each additional after 3) / US $4 (.50¢ each additional) incl delivery confirmation. Paypal accepted. -- A.C. Caldwell: Wail (Lonely Love) / Joy, Sweet Joy (Rim) M- $45 Strong moody mid tempo funky soul with nice drums. His good and under the radar title. Albert Washington: Case Of The Blues / One More Chance (Rye) M- $100 Sharp copy of this elusive Ohio funky xover mover. Backed with a strong deep xover side. Baby Huey & The Babysitters: Monkey Man / Messin' With The Kid(Satellite) VG $60 R&B classic for the dance floors. Light sizzle in playback. Betty Adams: Make It Real / Too Much Goin' On (Notes Of Gold) M- $20 Sister funk 45 that really bumps when spun out loud. Bill Cosby With The Bunions Bradford Band: Hikky Burr / Part 2 (Uni) EX $25 Always entertaining funk cut. Billy Joe Young: The Push / I Had My Heart Set On You (Jewel) EX $30 Heavy funk classic b/w excellent deep soul side. Billy Mack: Son Of A Lover / I Can't Sleep (Miss Betty) EX $20 Funky soul mover that still sounds fresh to me. Bobby Womack: Across 110th Street / Hang On In There (United Artists) EX $50 All time classic 70's soul-funk and pretty scarce on 45. Bobby Womack & Brotherhood: Home Is Where The Heart Is / Mono (Columbia) VG+ $45 Demo copy on VINYL of this fab slice of 70's soul. Brown Bombers & Soul Partners: Wait For Me / Just Fun (Amazing) VG $575 Hard to find Detroit northern dancer. Plays nice too! D & Joe: Instant Happiness / Alone In The Chapel (De-To) M- $125 Clean copy of this fine Detroit northern mover b/w a deep side. Dario & The Inferno: I'm Not Gonna Be Takin' In Again / Brother, Where Are You (T.J. Dimension) VG $100 Psychedelic funk double sider that very rarely comes up. Killer sound. David Coleman: Drown My Heart / My Foolish Heart (Barry) VG+ $125 Latin northern soul of the highest order. Both sides great. Devils: The X-Sorcist / Hip Hug-Her (People) M- $45 Heavy synth funk 45. Dunn Pearson Jr.: Groove On Down / same long (Shyrlden) M- $30 Strong disco funk cut nice on 45. Clean copy too. Dyna-Might: Borracho / Need You (Uni) VG+ $25 Latin funk groover from the deep funk days. Earl Grant: Hide Nor Hair / I Love You Yes I Do (Decca) VG $75 Strong playing copy despite grade of this fantastic R&B northern shaker. Eddie Holman: I Surrender / I Love You (ABC) VG $75 Essential falsetto led northern mover b/w a sweet side. Eternal Flames: Hi Off Life / What The Matter For Ya (E.T.F.) VG $800 Ultra rare New York funk killer. Both sides super solid. Near impossible to find. This copy even if it has some noise and pops is one of the cleanest copies to come up. Freddie Scott: (You) Got What I Need / Powerful Love (Shout) VG $40 Sampled classic! Gemini Brass: Higher And Higher / Carnaby Street (Tropico) VG+ $50 Cool Islands funk 45. Awesome label design on this one. Gene Chandler: In My Body's House / Go Back Home (Checker) EX $75 Hard funky soul dancer getting plays and rightly so. Deep flip is solid too. George Benson: My Woman's Good To Me / Jackie, All (A&M) EX $45 Classic 70's soul in nice condition. Great Pride: She's A Lady / Stereo (MGM) M- $50 Breaks breaks breaks! Have 2 copies available for your DJ set needs! Harris Mazyck: Patience / I'm Surprised At You (Bossman) EX $250 Totally under the radar spacey modern soul stepper. Give it a couple listens and it'll have you hooked. Killer in my books! Will fly out. Hermon Hitson: Yes You Did / Better To Have Loved (Minit) VG- $75 Killer raw soul mover b/w a deeper side. Strong double sider from one of the best voices in soul. Honey Drippers: Impeach The President / Roy C.'s Theme Song (Alaga) VG $175 Funk breaks classic! Imperial Wonders: Trying To Get To You / When I Fall In Love (Black Prince) VG+ $60 Absolutely stunning sweet xover soul. Iris Bell Trio: Something Else / Baby, You've Got Soul (Cadillac) VG signed on lbl $500 Rare as hens teeth mod jazz funk soul 45. Signed by artist. Jackey Beavers Show: We're Not Too Young To Fall In Love / When Something Is Wrong With My Baby (Jaber) VG+ $450 Classic northern rarity b/w a fine deep side. Jambalasie: Ball Of Fire / Jab Jab (Strakers) VG $75 Dope Islands afro funk double sider. Johnny De'Vigne: I Smell Trouble / Things Ain't The Same (De-Lite) M- $450 Nice clean copy of this rare and super heavy dance floor filling funky R&B soul 45. Perfect for today! Very rarely comes up for sale. Johnny Thunder: I'm Alive / Verbal Expressions (Calla) M- $75 Killer raw psych funk soul screamer. Heavy heavy record! Jorge Darden: Alone Again / Please Don't Stop The Music (Ladonia) M- slight dish warp $60 Unique jazzy soul funk cut with slamming drums. Pretty much under the radar still. Kim Melvin: Doin' The Popcorn / Keep The Faith (Hi) M- $30 Fabulous funk dancer with breaks b/w a way slept on deep side. L. Duke: Eternally / Funky Disco (B.W.) M- $300 Obscure under the radar modern soul mid tempo that could go places b/w a pretty pedestrian funk side soundclipped for the curious. Both in clip. Laurene LaVallis: Key To Our Love / Love Don't Change (Tronic) VG+/VG $1250 Massive sweet soul w/ a beat 45 from Detroit. One of the biggest in-demanders on the sweet soul scene. Pretty solid copy too! Love Committee: Cheaters Never Win / C.C. & Company: Daydreamer(Monumental) EX $50 Classy feel good 70's soul split disc 45. Odd release. Marsha Wilson: Love Is Gonna Get You / Bring It Home To Pasture (Quadrastone) M- $75 Smooth and sultry modern soul floater. Such a cool record. Me, You & Him: Hey Love I'm For Real / Funky Disco Music (P&P) VG/VG- labels reversed funk side VG- $250 Obscure (on P&P 45) sweet soul b/w a solid disco funk side. Same as on K-Shavonne w/ diff flip this is the much harder and lesser known. Moses & Joshua Dillard: My Elusive Dreams / What's Better Than Love(Mala) VG+ $30 Class northern soul double sider. Newday: Wait A Minute / Just Another Reason (On Top) M- $25 Solid sweet soul double sider. Nick Allen: Hard Way To Go / Don't Make Me What You Don't Want Me To Be(Walas) M- $125 Big current in-demander. Funky Northern side b/w fabulous deep side. Sublime double sider. Oral Caress: Why Can't Our Love Be Like It Was Before? / Charlie's Angels(P&P) M- $40 Strong sweet soul number on this collectable NY label. Pages: Heartaches & Pain / Mack (Sunstruck) VG $600 Guaranteed original copy (perfectly round labels, sharp print, easily readable 'superdisc' in dead wax etc etc). Nice slept on funky flip too! Plays strong. Glossy with some marks and rubs. Pazant Brothers & The Beaufort Express: Chick A Boom / Mboga-Chakula(Vigor) VG- $100 Classic heavy funk double sider. Not mint but plays decent enough and priced fair. Perfection: Please Pardon Me / same (Fun City) M- $20 Sweet modern soul stepper. Perfection indeed. Ricky Williams: Discotheque Soul / Part 2 (Ebony Sounds) VG- $30 Heavy funk cut to spin out. Sounds huge in club sound. Scuffy but plays pretty decent. Ronny Lowe & The Dominoes: Lots More Fish In The Sea / The One Who Really Loves You (Panther) VG+ slightly off centre $250 Obscure/unknown northern soul double sider. Two solid sides. Samson & Delilah: There's A D.J. In Your Town / Time To Prove My Love To You (Black Prince) EX slightly off centre A side $40 Classic funk mover b/w a lesser known and very nice sweet side. Sass: I Only Wanted To Love You / Do It (20th Centurty) VG $75 Heavily in-demand sweet modern soul stepper b/w a funk side. Some ticks and pops but priced accordingly. Skip Mahoney & The Casuals: Town Called No-Where / Seems Like (DC International) VG- slightly off centre $30 Fine funky 70's soul that was massive for a while. Still sounds fresh as ever. Marked copy but plays okay. Smile Street People: Smile Street / Lypso Disco (SSP) VG+ $80 Killer Islands modern soul funk 45. Both sides solid. Strangers: Smoke In My Eyes / Pena (Sally Ruth) VG $50 Odd Panamanian sweet soul Islands 45. Third Guitar: Lovin' Lies / Sad Girl (Rojac) M- $50 Quality northern mover. Xover flip. Strong double sider. Tipsy Taylor: Oo-Wee Baby / What Is It? (Tifton) VG+ OFFERS Obscure quality northern soul dancer. Deep flip. Can't find anything on this one so make an decent offer. Best offer secures. No minimum bid. Listen: TNT Band: The Meditation / Mr. Slick (Cotique) VG- $15 Latin soul with a touch of Tighten Up. Worn but plays pretty solid. Topics: Try A Little Love / All Good Things Must End (Heavy Duty) VG- $30 Scuffy but playable copy of a fab northern / sweet soul 45. Voices, Incorporated: Thinkin' / I Turn To Jesus (Columbia) VG $225 Hard to find northern stormer. Plays pretty nice despite plenty of hairlines. Willie & The Mighty Magnificents: Take My Love / same (All Platinum) M- $50 Clean demo copy of a fine northern mover. Willie Mason: Why / Knock On Wood (Ka-La-Ma) VG $600 Killer minor key funky northern soul monster. Very rare and very good. Some marks and pops but a nice DJ copy.
  10. PM TO RESERVE. Shipping from the US. Paypal OK! No gift/personal needed. Ask for Label Scans AND soundclips! Have these ready so can send fast!!! -- JAN LIST: Ace Spectrum: Don't Send Nobody Else (Atlantic) VG- $20 Classic 70's Soul. Cleans after intro ------------------------------------------------------------ Anthony & The Aqua Lads: You Feel The Power (Aqua) VG $35 Blue-eyed northern mover from North Carolina. Both sides in clip ------------------------------------------------------------ Atlantic Starr: Circles (A&M) EX $10 Amazing modern soul cheapie. Comes with juke strip! ------------------------------------------------------------ Big Jim's Border Crossing: Love Built On A Strong Foundation (Zanzee) VG+ $30 Lesser known quality double sider. Xover side b/w a superb sweet group side with snappy drums. Both sides in clip ------------------------------------------------------------ Black Truth Band: Butter Nut (Black Truth) VG $1500 Ultra rare New Jersey deep funk smasher. Pt 2 in clip first but both sides are great. Plays fine despite soft hairline scuffs. Shame about the labels, but can't really be too picky with a record that comes up maybe once in three years ------------------------------------------------------------ Clay Brown: Walk With A Groove (Florentine) M- $300 Fabulous sparse xover sound for the dancers ------------------------------------------------------------ Coming Of A Man: Sunny Day (Right Kind) M- SM WARP NAP $425 Clean copy of this semi-known Bay Area funky xover mover. Both sides are absolutely stunning dance floor fillers. Both in clip ------------------------------------------------------------ David Morris Jr.: Midnight Lady (Buddah) EX $20 Classy mid-tempo 70's soul. Reduced due to lbl rip ------------------------------------------------------------ Dynamic Corvettes: Keep Off The Grass (Ru-Jac) EX $550 Monster Baltimore funk 45 that somehow ended up being a big northern spin last few years. Both sides in clip ------------------------------------------------------------ Father's Children: Hollywood Dreaming (Mercury) VG+ $50 Sublime 70's soul and not too easy to find either ------------------------------------------------------------ Fatso: Love The One You're With (Fatso) M- $40 Pretty obscure funk soul 45 from Cali. Both sides in clip ------------------------------------------------------------ Freddie Scott: I'll Be Gone (Shout) M- $60 100mph northern smasher. Sounds amazing out loud ------------------------------------------------------------ Gibson Brothers Band: Love Coming At Us (Rocker) M- $40 Excellent sweet soul 45 and a clean copy too. Pretty pedestrian disco funk flip in the clip for the curious ------------------------------------------------------------ Hamptons: Keep On Doin' (Harage) VG- OFFERS Totally under the radar Indiana modern soul funk b/w a sweet xover soul side. Open for offers until January 27th Sunday ------------------------------------------------------------ Heartbreakers: I've Got To Face It (Derby-City) M- $40 Fabulous double sider from Kentucky. Group northern dancer b/w a sweet soul side. Both in clip ------------------------------------------------------------ James Bell & The Highlighters Band: Amazing Love (Ro Jam) EX $300 Rare Indiana soul b/w a heavy funk side. Clean copy ------------------------------------------------------------ James Dee & A Piece Of The Action & The Primettes: Jealous Over Love (Enrica) VG+ $100 Sublime sweet soul rarity. Lite sizzle from pressing ------------------------------------------------------------ Jerry Washington: Let Me Get Close To You (Excello) M- $20 Fair price for this smashing 100mph funk cut ------------------------------------------------------------ Jesse Gomez: Baby I'm Coming At You (Mankind) M- SM WARP NAP $60 Clean copy of this fabulous modern soul double sider. Both in clip ------------------------------------------------------------ Jewel: Paradise (Jewel Productions) M- $500 Original copy of a floor filling modern anthem. Same guy as Pamoja "Oooh Baby" ------------------------------------------------------------ Jimmie Steward Jr.: I'm In Love Again (Better) VG+ $10 Early sweet soul 45 ------------------------------------------------------------ Joe Anderson: You Gotta Believe (Buddah) VG+ $25 70's mid-tempo in Al Green vein. Very hard to find for some reason ------------------------------------------------------------ Joe Bataan: Ordinary Guy (Uptite) VG $20 Sweet latin soul classic. Both in clip ------------------------------------------------------------ Joe Bragg: I've Gotta Make It (Bocart) G $50 Hard to find northern soul popcorn 45. This copy has some weird heat related marks so graded at G. It plays fine with some lite noise in places. Full sound file recorded ------------------------------------------------------------ Joe Coleman: Get It Off The Ground (F1 Team) EX $200 Killer Italy only 45 of this classic Keb Darge spun modern soul disco biggie. Sounds absolutely amazing out loud. Comes with pic bag ------------------------------------------------------------ Johnny Sedes & His Orch.: Mama Calunga (Fonseca) M- $75 Super sharp copy of a hard to find latin 45. Both sides in clip ------------------------------------------------------------ King Funk Part 2 (Nu-Sound) VG- $175 Rare Island funk 45 with break. Plays okay as you can hear ------------------------------------------------------------ Lavell Hardy: Don't Lose Your Groove (Rojac) M- $20 Classic funk double sider on same label as Third Guitar etc ------------------------------------------------------------ Lee Moses: Time And Place (Front Page) VG- $20 Classic soul funk rawness from one of the greatest voices. Both sides in clip ------------------------------------------------------------ Love Exchange: Got To Find A Disco (Dance Disk) M- $10 Bargain of the list and for this list only. NYC uptempo disco cut nice on 45 ------------------------------------------------------------ Macho: Mucho Macho (Event) M- $50 Superb NYC cosmic disco funk cut ------------------------------------------------------------ Maffia: Amor Confuso (Continental De Panama) VG- OFFERS STARTING AT $250 Totally unknown Panamanian sweet soul monster with hard drums and sharp horns. Cleans up after the start. One of the best records I've heard in a long time. Just amazing! Open for offers until January 27th Sunday ------------------------------------------------------------ Marauders: Old Dog God (Jive Time) EX $250 Another totally obscure 45 here. Unique vocal soul jazz dancer. I've had this copy for close to 10 years and not once seen another one. Both sides in clip ------------------------------------------------------------ Mark IV: Signs Of A Dying Love (OTB) M- $350 Stunning clean copy of this fantastic modern soul 45 ------------------------------------------------------------ Mexicanos: Street Dance (Village) VG $60 Killer Island funk rarity ------------------------------------------------------------ Michael Baker: I Like It (Charlie's) VG+ $20 Island soul disco 45 ------------------------------------------------------------ Nathan McKinney & The Valleyites: Oh How I Love You (Ray-Co) G $10 Excellent R&B northern dancer. Scuffy copy but plays ------------------------------------------------------------ New World: We're Gonna Make It (Polydor) VG $500 Rare original vinyl copy of this fantastic 70's rarity. Some scuffs and lbl wear but plays great ------------------------------------------------------------ Norman Connors: Once I've Been There (Buddah) M- $10 Stunning 70's soul with vocals by Prince Phillip Mitchell. Talk about value for the money. This price for this list only as have some stock copies available ------------------------------------------------------------ Notations: I Can't Stop (Twinight) VG $20 Classic Chicago double sider. Essential ------------------------------------------------------------ Richard Grayson: Hot Fun (MCM) EX $140 Strong 80's modern soul mover that is totally unknown as a 45 release. The 12" comes up but never seen this on a 45 ------------------------------------------------------------ Rusty & The Upsetters: Ball Of Confusion (Paradise) VG+ $1250 Arguably one of the nastiest and rawest funk 45's out there. Mind blowing sums this up for me. Only few copies around and only gone through once listed as a garage record and it was in G condition ------------------------------------------------------------ Samuel Ray Relafonte & M.O.T.: People, There's Got To Be A Change (JWJ) VG+ $100 Hard hitting deep funk 45 on the same label as Black Essence 2001. Pt 2 is instrumental and my preferred side. Both in clip ------------------------------------------------------------ Soul Dynamics: Stay In The Groove (Wand) EX $500 Extremely rare deep funk 45 and on a major label like Wand. One of the best in the genre. This is the stock copy with slight distortion to sound. It's on all stock copies. Listen to the soundfile. Totally fine to dj with ------------------------------------------------------------ Spice: Sweet Norma Jones (Sound Gems) M- $15 Sister soul funk classic in clean stock condition and for a fair price ------------------------------------------------------------ Sugar Hill: Slow Down (Washington) EX $150 Hard to find Milwaukee funk 45 b/w a great sweet soul side. Both in clip ------------------------------------------------------------ Sylvia Striplin: Give Me Your Love (Uno Melodic) EX $80 Classic modern soul disco cut that is real hard one on 45. Excellent sampled stepper on flip not to be slept on. Both in clip ------------------------------------------------------------ T.S.U. Toronadoes: What Good Am I? (Atlantic) VG- $25 Sublime double sider. Xover b/w funk. Plays okay. Both in clip ------------------------------------------------------------ Tommie Young: Hit & Run Lover (Soul Power) VG+ $100 Classic 70's crossover dancer. Mini burn in start ------------------------------------------------------------ Veda: What It's All About (West Sounds) EX $325 Mid-tempo modern soul classic that still sounds great. Just made $455 on eBay ------------------------------------------------------------ Virgil Griffin & Rhythm Kings: A Forgotten Lover (Reginald) VG+ $15 Ultimate wrist slashing deep soul cut .
  11. All prices in US DOLLARS. Strict grading. Ask for SOUND CLIPS and LABEL SCANS! I have these ready and can send very fast! Shipping: UK, Europe, Asia $7.50 ($1 each additional) / US $4 incl delivery confirmation. Paypal accepted (no gifts needed). -- SET SALE: Scorpio & His People: The Unforgiven (International Hits) M- $2500 Ultra rare funk double sider. Original copy with just one faint paper scuff DNAP of course. Very happy to be able to offer this one. Ships only Express Mail at $40 cost Pervis Herder: Honky Tonk Junk (Inner Ear) EX $1500 Ultra rare 100mph funk monster. Impossible to find recent discovery w/ very few copies around Cheryl Johnson: It's Not Too Late (Bug Singers) EX $1200 Ultra rare sister funk w/ touch of jazz Stone Creations: Hands On A Golden Key (Fly-By-Nite) M- $500 Ultra rare Ohio sweet soul with drums. Backed with a great funk side. Clean copy Billy Young: How Much Longer (Can You Hold Out) (Grotto) M- CURRENT OFFER $425 Obscure killer from the "Suffering With A Hangover" guy. Same sound on this one. Much much harder to find than the "Suffering.." title. Open for offers until Nov 27th Ambassadors: Ain't Got The Love Of One Girl (Arctic) VG+ $300 100% original copy of this sampled Philly rarity Domestic Five: It's An Empty World (Without You Girl) (Aquarius) G $200 Killer Detroit sweet soul. Paint specks and some marks but all copies I've heard are a bit noisy Dynamic Golden Stars: There's Been A Change In Me (J&B) EX $150 Unknown gospel funk for the dance floors. Should do well in a funky northern set. Still under the radar Punchy & Early Warning System: Whole Lotta Jammin' (test pressing) VG+ $150 Obscure Atlanta modern soul funk 45 on a cool United test pressing --- ASK FOR SOUND CLIPS via PM --- Fuller Bros.: Stranger At My Door (GD&L) G WOL $120 Rough by the looks but plays pretty nice New Decade: Try God (Chunnie) EX $100 Totally obscure modern soul gospel. Really into this Oceanliners: Spill The Wine (Cat) VG $100 Extremely rare Miami 45. Has weird surface wear that doesn't seem to sound Soul Generals: Grandma's Funky Pop Corn (Ahned) G WOL $100 Killer NYC funk 45. Visually rough copy but plays better. Very hard to turn up in any condition Jamie Ross: Try My Love (Cat) M- Slighty Off Centre $85 Rare title for the label. Slightly off easy to fix is desired tho doesn't seem to affect Class Act: Lifes Too Short (Ri-Bob) M- $75 Obscure modern double sider Jame T. Horn: The Glory Bound Train (Modo) VG- $75 Monster gospel soul shaker. Sadly has a mark in first half. Priced accordingly. Ask for sound clip! Melvin Carter: One Too Many (Cat) M- $75 Rare number for the label. Funky soul Ultimate Ovation: Chameleon Man (Ultimate 1999) VG+ $75 Charming Detroit double sider Mildred Hollins: Out Of Place (Dove Song) VG- $60 Hard to find semi-known Memphis modern soul Music Inc. & The CBA Ensemble: Abscretions (Obe) VG $50 Decent player for a fair price. Private jazz funk 45 Wood Sisters: Come And See (Castletone) VG+ $50 Obscure unknown gospel R&B 45 4th Kingdom: Why Do You Think They Call It Dope (Congress of Racial Equality) VG- $40 Heavy funk b/w sweet side. Rough but plays Martini's: Hung Over (Bar) VG $40 Classic Memphis funk 45 with a crazy grunt New Affair: Someone Somewhere (Peppermint) VG+/VG- $40 Hard to find Ohio sweet soul. Sweet side is clean. The no good flip is scratchy Posse: Evil (Janus) VG- $40 Decent player priced accordingly. Ask for soundclip! Pure Pleasure: By My Side (QC) G WOL $40 Rough but playable copy of this Detroit modern soul 45 Spencer Wiggins: Lonely Man (Goldwax) VG XOL $40 His tough title to find --- ASK FOR SOUND CLIPS via PM --- True Reflection: Silent Treatment (Atco) M- $40Under the radar funky soul double sider ready for serious plays C. Alexander & Soul Family: Pay Them No Mind (Antone) G WOL $35 The rarest label for this excellent double sider. Plays pretty decent Jambeaux: Fat Chance (Gruntasaurus) VG+ $35 Totally obscure funky modern. Tiny lbl rip. Debbie Taylor: I Don't Wanna Leave You (Arista) VG+ $30 Tough to find deep soul / xover excellence Jesse James: If You Wnat A Love Affair (20th Century) VG- $30 Tad noisy in start but playable as clears up nice Sly, Slick & Wicked: Love Gonna Pack Up (Bad Boys) VG WOL $30 Tear on lbl. Killer double sider. Plays okay. Labels messed up with Four Hi's: The Train (Verve) VG+/VG- $25 Ballad side is clean while the flip has mark at the end Ila Van: No Good Joe (Star) EX $25 Great northern in pic sleeve and with mini poster James Crawford: Honest I Do (Omen) VG+ $25 demo copy Johnny Holiday: Show The Peace Sign (Bold) M- $25 Ohio funk Mickey And The Soul Generation: Iron Leg (Maxwell) VG+ $25 Labels trashed. Clean wax. Ask for pictures! V.I.P. Connection: West Coast Drive (Morningstar) M- $25 Variations: Yesterday Is Gone (Bob-Joy) VG- $25 Wiley Terry: Follow The Leader (USA) VG+ Small Warp DNAP $25 Eddie Simpson: Naked (AMG) M- $20 Ethics: I Want My Baby Back (Vent) G Crack WOL $20 Jesus Alvarez: Please Stay Don't Go (Vibration) VG- $20 Lenny Jennings: The Last Laugh (Roulette) VG+ $20 Lost Weekend: The Bridge Of Love (Lost Weekend) M- $20 Seven Brothers: Crying In The Streets (D-Vine Sprirituals) VG-/VG WOL $20 Tyrone Ashley: I Want My Baby Back (Phil-L.A. Of Soul) G $20 Love Foundation: Let One Hurt Do (Spot) EX $15 Willie Collins: She's Hot (Skyride) M- $15 Bargain of the list!!!!! Larry Santos: Can't Get You Off My Mind (Casablanca) VG+ $10 ---
  12. All prices in US DOLLARS. Strict grading. Ask for SOUND CLIPS and LABEL SCANS! I have these ready and can send very fast! Shipping: UK, Europe, Asia $7. US $4. Paypal accepted (no gifts needed). --- SET SALE: Charles Turner: Poorer Than Poor (Turn Ray) VG+ WOL OFFERS Obscure mid-tempo northern double sider that I can't find anything on so have to put it up for offers Ledgers w/ Mannie King: Exaggerate (Public) VG $2000 Totally unknown new discovery from Savannah, GA. Killer up-tempo northern A side so right for today with that driving funky guitar. Backed with a hard hitting funk instrumental Masters: Party Time (Masters) VG $1500 Ultra rare island funk grail signed by the songwriter on the label as a bonus. Plays above grade Otto & Sensations: Keep On Lovin' You (Cti) M- $600 Killer Milwaukee sweet soul b/w funky northern. Must be the cleanest copy to surface. Absolutely beautiful. Village Choir: Along The Beach (N.Y.C. Street Sound) M- $400 Scarce and very strong New York modern double sider. Lee Rogers: Love And War (Wheelsville) EX $300 Impossibly hard to find clean copy of this Detroit classic. Chip & Dinah w/ Jabbers Band: These Are Funky Times (Black Gold) M- $250 Totally obscure and undocumented funk 45 from parts unknown. Instrumental on flip. Techniques IV: How Can You Win (Twink) G WOL $225 Strong Texas sweet soul 45 that is very very hard to turn up in any condition Professor & Efficiency Experts: I Gotta Stand For Something (Stanson) M- $200 Clean original copy of this excellent funk rarity Wendy Rene: After Laughter (Stax) VG+ $200 Wu-Tang soul of the highest order Eddie Bo: From This Day On (Seven B) M- $175 Close to impossible to find in M- condition. Rough beat up copies sell for this so a bit of a bargain here Al Foster Band: Night Of The Wolf (Roulette) M- $150 Absolute classic deep funk 45 that still sounds fresh Judson Moore: Everybody Push And Pull (Capri) M- $150 Fabulous xover dancer hard to find this clean R. Man Prince & Soul Foundation: Everyone Has Got To Go (Snowball) EX WOL $150 Killer Jamaican spacey dub funk only released in Canada. Bastard to find Carl Hall: What About You (Columbia) VG- $150 Tough to find modern / xover classic. Noise in backround Soundsations: Mr. Sensation (Bye) VG+ WOL $100 Scarce northern soul for the dance floors. Excellent double sider with powerfull vocals. Guitar Factory: Soul Sindrum (Toke) M- $100 Unknown Florida wah wah funk instrumental Jesse Gould: Out Of Work (P&P) EX $75 Hard P&P title and a great funky soul cut nice on 45 Down To Earth: Forgive Me If I Cry (Unique) VG+ $75 Hard to find sweet soul classic. Essential 45 for group and sweet collectors Elements: Save It For A Rainy Day (Big Street) M- $75 Sharp copy of this fine New York sweet soul cut b/w a funky modern side Chet Davenport: War In The Ghetto (Toe/Holt) VG+ $75 Strong funky soul 45 usually double or more than this Starvin' Marvin: Disco Boogie (Velvet Bullet) VG $75 Hard to find excellent floor filling modern soul 45 Florida Spiritualaires: I Remember When (Ernie's Record Parade) M- $70 Scarce sweet soul gospel 45 totally ripping off Cowboys To Girls. Has made double this recently on ebay Smithstonian: Mississippi Mud (Enterprise) VG- WOL Warp DNAP $70 Deep and dark funk rarity. Such an unique sound. Slight warp and marks that produce noise but still very much enjoyable copy of this rarity Bill Hayes & Sensations: My Baby Loves Me (L. Brown) M- $65 Lesser known northern / xover dancer from NYC. Midtempo flip is excellent also. Dave Cortez & Moon People: Happy Soul (Speed) VG+ $60 Classic latin funk w/ a touch of Tighten up. Needs to be played out loud Queen Yahna: Ain't It Time (P&P) M- $60 Hard to find P&P title and such a great soulful disco cut. Slightly off centre pressed copy but doesn't seem to affect play too much Deviations & Deviation Band: Loving You (Soul Sounds Unlimited) VG- Small Warp DNAP $50 Rare and killer Cincinnati, Ohio sweet soul b/w funky modern side. Slight warp DNAP. Lite sticker stain on B side label. Surface hairlines litely audible mainly on the slow side. Plays better than grade would suggest Push: Runnin For Ya Love (Fun Town) VG WOL $50 Hard to find modern soul dancer b/w a sweet soul flip. Has very very slight heat damage in the middle that doesn't affect play. Dennis Landry: Sing My Song (Soul Unlimited) M- $50 Funky 70's soul that is getting spins right now. Strong 45 that sounds great out loud Stevo: Pay The Price (Shield) M- $50 Scarce late 70's synth disco funk 45. T. Mack: Millions Due (Megas) M- $50 Clean unplayed looking copy of this spacey Detroit boogie funk killer. Ballad flip. Encore: Minute (Gerim) M- $45 Strong Chicago modern soul b/w a sweet side Hot Ice Company: I Got The Love You Need (Lionel) G $45 Great funk cut b/w a funky soul side. Surface is full of lite hairlines but plays above grade Swinging Allusions: Farewell Darling (B.J.) EX WOL $45 Sweet group soul 45 on this obscure label. Labels Reversed!!! Harry Ray: Ride Your Pony (All Platinum) VG+ $45 NJ sweet soul 45. Looks clean but plays w/ noise as all copies do. Tommy Ponce: Mucho Momma (P.S.) M- $45 Cool latin jazz instrumental outta Chicago Paula West w/ Chuck Booker & Blues Messengers Band: You're In Trouble (Nale) VG $40 Lesser known sister funk 45 Lou Wilson, Charlou & Living Legends: We Need To Get Together (Big 8) VG $40 Rare Detroit funk 45. Sounds like Marva Whitney on vocals. Xover flip. Otis & King Pins: Funky Donkey (P&P) M- $40 Double sided funky 45 from this mighty NY logo Vegas: I Need Your Love (Cle An Thair) M- $40 Fantastic sweet soul 45 Mandrill: Too Late (Arista) VG- $40 Modern soul classic. Some marks both sides that click litely. Nothing too bad especially for this price Mancefield Hitchmon: Going To A P&P Disco Party (P&P) VG+ $35 Funky soul 45 Cloud One: Spaced Out (P&P) M- $30 Classic disco cut cool on 45 release Five Miles High: Should've Been Satisfied (Spooky) M- $30 Super sharp copy of this group funk 45 of the highest order. Should get soul scene plays from upfront DJ's imho. Rare 1st local label. Dunn Pearson Jr: Groove On Down (Shyrlden) M- $30 Recommended funky jazzy disco cut that sounds great out loud Dicky Williams & Midnight Pashion Band: Ride The Wind (Backfire) VG-/VG+ $20 Obscure funky modern b/w a deep side. Mark on A side so VG- on it. Flip is cleaner Modulations: Who's Going To Lose (Mozel) EX WOL $20 Excellent funky soul that is ready for wider exposure. Group ballad flip. Slight noise due to pressing. Ice Water Slim: Supersonic Megatonic Blast (Hawk Sound) M- $20 Excellent 70's mid tempo b/w a dancer. Highly recommended double sider. Scott Davis & Movements: Freaktime (P And D) M- $20 NYC disco cut laced with a funky rhythm guitar. Cool 45 Sharon Henderson: Inside Of Me (Melody World) VG- WOL $20 Semi known modern xover soul from New Orleans Hill: Slow Walking With You (Joy) M- $20 Obscure 80's stepper in a cool pic bag Creations: Kinky Girl (Dre Mar) M- $20 Strong boogie cut tough on 45. ---

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