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    Love art, History, and sport. especially Athletics, Martial Arts, caving. And of course dancing.

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    99 ways Etta Thomas.

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  1. Looking forward to spinning a few up tempo tunes at this great venue and amongst good friends a knowledgeable Dj,s x
  2. Once again Smokin Guns up for more dancing , mayhem and fun. See you all shortly xx
  3. Gutted that we can't join you this month as got Dj commitment elsewhere, but hope to see you all next month xx
  4. Thanks for the kind words Kev, like yourself we just play to the floor that supremo beat in its original format, and great to join both Carl and Tony again at Kingsway Hall heaven. Bring your energy bars and pain killers that floor is gonna be red hot xx
  5. Looking forward to another great night with like minded folk as both a dancer and dj on this occasion, hope to do everyone proud xx
  6. Although a very old topic there was e record shop on Dudley rd Wolverhampton mostly ska and reggae near the old coliseum cinema that had the odd soul record. then there was also on Penn rd by Goldthorn hill a shop that sold ex jukebox records along with electronic stuff, had some good sounds from there even if a little scuffed. And there was an hmv that had back catalogue tunes, where you searched through a card index, again tunes to be had cheap, a school friend and I used to walk to town from parkfields to look through them. Pretty sure pep was in Walsall in c74 and then to wolves in 75 reme
  7. Don't forget that corner tables reserved for our dance crew lol, looking to be a good night.
  8. Gets better by the month, great oldies tunes.
  9. What can I say other than an event not to be missed, the late cats era got the ball rolling for myself and then many years of Dancing until circa 86. Then by chance it was the cats reunion in 2008 that set things once more in motion and still dancing my way through things in 2017, so a special moment for me to once again hear those iconic tunes of the smallest club with the biggest kick. Get yourselves to this alldayer you won't be disappointed.
  10. Looking forward to this fantastic venue and Djs once more, and dancing on that floor to to the original northern tunes xx
  11. To right Carl we have all been in the doldrums to long, onwards and up ???
  12. Will be traveling up to see you all on Sat, looking forward to a good dance.
  13. Hope you still play them fast ones lol. In need of some exercise. See you later
  14. I have enjoyed this venue immensely, for great music, atmosphere, and people. And are so glad to be making it on Saturday as both a Dj and dancer. I have made a list of the soul venues I have visited during my lifetime as yet that is up to the 200 mark. I have some grand memories across the country from 72 onwards, and such do I hold inner soul that it is in my all time top ten. well done to you all, you have entertained me perfectly, and I will be pursuing places in the future where you great resident Djs are on. See you all Saturday and let's really party out xx
  15. Steve Powell

    The Soul Shack

    Here's to everyone at the soul shack, hope you all have a great night, and best regards to patto and Martin.

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