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  1. Don Hosea - Misery (RITA) £25 EX Carol Fran - Knock knock (EXCELLO) £40 VG+ Jo Ann Campbell - I really, really love you (GONE) £40 EX Carole Bennett - Haunted lover (CAPITOL) £35 EX Cordia Allen - Copy cat shadow (DALE) £25 VG++ All soundclips can be found on youtube, paypal as a gift + p&p, PM if interested, thanks!!
  2. E' uscito un paio di volte su ebay nel mentre, dov'eri, ahah
  3. Yes I saw that the LP was reissued recently, thanks for the info
  4. Hi all, anyone know if this track does it exist on 45 or if it's only on "Flying high" lp? And eventually is it rare, is it an hard record to find? Any help appreciated, thanks!
  5. Yes, always Maycon 101, but different flip sides. I can confirm also my copy is not immaculate but pretty clean, only slight marks, and has slight distortion and is pretty noisy for first 30 seconds, than situation get better.
  6. Not so easy to find I think Earl Connelly-I feel a little lonely with Four more days on the flip, and very cool r&b track IMO, good luck!
  7. Great record, like very much the Slow Down side, I always wondered what kind of press was the Aestuarium you see on youtube, thanks to make clear! I suppose that as First Family is a little harder to find that as Sugar Hill
  8. I think it's another case of not total realistic price of JM auction, probably a great sound for today's tastes of many people and so the unexpected high price, anyway check popsike to see what a floating price on this one...ehm not sorted yet
  9. Don't worry, I don't need 2 copies, for me one copy is enough ahah
  10. Hi, looking for an original nice VG+ or better copy of The Specials - I can't find another on Satch. Please pm with price and condition if you have one to sell! Thanks!
  11. All in EX condition, pm if interested, thanks for viewing! PRISCILLA BOWMAN - SUGAR DADDY (FALCON) dj copy 65£ Great and rare popcorn tune! YVONNE GOMEZ - MY MAN A-GO-GO (HAWAII) 20£ JOE NATHUNE - CRAZY (JAY-TONE) 40£ Cool slow version! CAROLE BENNETT - HAUNTED LOVER (CAPITOL) promo copy 30£ Classic and great popcorn tune!
  12. Joe Nathune - Crazy on Jay-Tone, bought this in the purple coloured label n.808 and then I realized that what I wanted really was on Jay-Tone n.811, same artist, same title but different version.
  13. Hi, searching for an original copy of THE SALEM TRAVELERS - TELL IT LIKE IT IS on CHECKER 45, want it on the normal Checker label, not the Sermon & Spirituals series, in strong VG+ or better condition. Please pm if you have one to sell, thanks!!
  14. Lucky guy who bought that Harmonics, not me , great record and great price!
  15. Hi, I've seen there is Delia Gartrell - Fight fire with fire on Right On and Delia Gartrell - Fighting fire with fire on Demin-kalo. My question is: are these same identical versions or there's something different? Suppose on Demin-kalo is the first release or what? Let me know, thanks!
  16. I've seen how much it went for in Manship auction yesterday, luckily I grabbed my copy for a great price before it get up so much
  17. Nowadays I'd say a realistic 350-400$
  18. I agree with you, great record but not an "easy" one to play, I think I've played mine two times in three years, no more , when I bought it I paid for mine 40-50$, but it was three years ago, no idea of current value, anyway not an easy one to find I think.
  19. Thanks Flynny, my copy has the same identical design, also has AL-9658-1 and a little ARP in a strange font in dead wax
  20. Anyone can say if this one has been bootleged in the past? I'm asking this 'cause I recently bought a copy of this, surely not immaculate, but at a very cheap price, so now I have some doubts
  21. I think you must be lucky to grab it now for 250$, last copy on e-bay went for 405$ and a VG copy in buy it now at 350$ sold in a while
  22. I can't believe the price was 75£, what a bargain for the one who arrived first, and for such a great record!!
  23. Hi, looking for a copy of: HUNS' REVIEW - DON'T MAKE ME LOVE YOU, on the SORRO label, in VG+ or better condition. Please PM with price and condition if you have one and decide to sell, many thanks!
  24. My copy seems to have darker blue label and has Criss Cross written in cursive, without the address under "RECORDS", I think it's the slightly different design you're talking about
  25. I agree with you on Oscar Wright, totally stunning record!!

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