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  1. The Bi Monthly Mar V Lus Soul Clubs Soul Night 8pm - Midnight Bar Zero 2 Western Road Billericay Essex CM12 9DZ Free Admission.
  2. The Bi Monthly Mar V Lus Soul Clubs Soul Night 8pm - Midnight Bar Zero 2 Western Road Billericay Essex CM12 9DZ Free Admission.
  3. Mar V Lus Soul Club Allnighter, Jardins Club, East Street, Braintree, Essex, CM7 3JJ. 3 Rooms Main Room Northern Soul Room 2: Ska Room Room 3: Mod Room Admission £5 on the door, 9pm - 6am. Late Bar & Food Available.
  4. Would have been a great end to a whole weekend in the North West for me until the cars got broken into or smashed with Vinyl, Turntables and an amp taken from Tony Bruce's car and sat nav's etc taken from other cars. However from 3am - 7am I was looking in the dark hoping to find stuff the bast*rds who done this dropped which I did with the help of others. (Not many may I add).
  5. No Offence Taking The Downstairs Sound System is Mince, Never ever used it till the nighter as we are usually upstairs, Would like to thank everyone who attended and making it a good night. Thanks for all the good comments. Thanks Julie for your Photo's now a vid on You Tube. Mick. KTF.
  6. I believe he is bringing 2 bodyguards that weigh over 50 stone between the pair of them.
  7. Event Title: SOUL @ THE BARHOUSE ALLNITER Event Author: micklove61 Calendar: Allnighter/Weekenders Event Date: Sat 17 April 2010 ------------------------------------------------- Soul @ The Barhouse 16 Victoria Road Chelmsford Essex CM1 1NZ 1st Anniversary Allnighter 2 Rooms Of Soul Northern & Modern 8pm - 6am Admission by Ticket or On The Door (If Available) £10 A Very Rare Guest Appearance Ian Levine. DJ's. Ian Levine, Mick Love, Paul Spain, Simon White, Davy Marshall, Dick Coombes, Paul McKay, Rob Messer, Annie Neale, Stubbsy & Ginger Dave. For Ticket Info call Mick on 07807 325903 or visit the web site http://soulbarhouse.99k.org/ Visit this Event in Soul Source Events Guide for venue maps, street views,road and rail directions and more
  8. Got Very Real Thanks 70 Tickets Left Ian just started sending out to his people. I listen to new stuff Everyday never mind every week. Couldn't care much about your comments. Looking Forward to it and so are the people who are attending, so do you think they really care what you think? Nope is the answer. Hope you all have a great Weekend next weekend cos I will. Mick.
  9. Mr Levine has told me Annie that he has a Mega Rare 1965 Tune that John Manship has not even listed, that Tim Brown or Pat Brady has never seen in there lives and he is gonna spin it's debut at Soul @ The Barhouse Allnighter. A Totaly unknown discovery on original vinyl getting it's public premiere in little old Chelmsford. Love it.
  10. Might even celebrate Annie & go see Ady & Co at The 100 Club, havn't seen Ady in Years. Next 100 Club dance is the Xmas Party Tues Dec 22nd 9pm-2am. Mick Smith Ady Croasdell and more. Next nighter is Jan 9th 10pm-6am. DJs Butch, Mick Smith, Ady Croasdell and others www.6ts.info for info.
  11. I forgot to add Mr Simon White is also coming to DJ too Annie.

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