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  1. ben


  2. ben

    Tall Paul (Spinner)

    Mandy and I heard of Tall Paul's passing last night. We used to catch up with Paul and Carol at all the usual haunts Lowton, Bury, Prestwich, NCS and loads of places, always a smile and always dancing hard. Paul was a really, really nice bloke and personified all that is the best of the NS scene. Having moved away from the NW a decade ago we only got to occasional doo's. The last time we saw Paul was at the Prestwich reunion last year. It was like we had just seen him the week before, a hug and a chat and watch him spin!! Our hearts go out to Carole. RIP Paul. Ben and Mandy
  3. ben

    Wedding Tracks?

    The Joytones - This Love that i'm giving you brings a tear to the eye of even the most hardened stomper
  4. ben

    Ns In Film

    A boy called dad (2009) context.... Long lost dad > "Can you not dance son!"...[stops the van, gets out side]....dad spins into backdrop, spin into splits. Ruined by the soundtrack ....'The Snake'! Tumshie McFadden's Bid For Ultimate Bliss (2005) (Writer/Director Simon Hynd, hailing from Mountsorrel) Bloke trying to fulfill all of his 5 senses at the same time [cracking one off to your favourite tune, come on we've all done it ] Kansas City Playboys - Quiting time
  5. ben

    Rob From Rugby

    Dave is round and having a brew verballing around long trips in an escort (the car not a bird), he's wondering how you are doing?
  6. Soul in the Highlands?....there are a few of us There is a fella called Dave originally from Birstall , Leicester who lives 2 miles down the road from me in Forres (which is bizare as i'm a mountsorrel boy) and another Dave this time from Manchester who used to DJ, but is now a preacher in Dingwall! There must be more hiding away, but perhaps not enough for a regular night and perhaps not on a Saturday if Dingwall Dave needs to work on Sundays . Fort William, nah i'll still be recovering from Aberdeen Nighter on the 4th October to consider attending, if someone fancies organising a Highland weekender though ...
  7. Is there proof of an authentic link to all things NS (praise be to god) and this rather under performing Scottish league 1 club or this just another sickening case of Youtube youth messing about with something that thEY CLEARLY DO NOT UNDERSTAND AND CHERISH AS THEY SHOULD? Soul Starsi, your judgement please...
  8. For the posh intellectual types on soul source (that's probably about 87.5%) http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/musicfeature/pip/i2ar3/ ben
  9. ben

    Tall Paul & Carol

    Can anyone PM us with the contact details for Tall Paul and Carol Mc cheers Ben & Mandy
  10. ben

    Whats All This About Then?

    "Infamous" in a purely lovin way - he's a mate for life (though he does owe me a tenner and a pint of full fat milk ) - he took me to my and a few young pretenders to our first soul doo and many thereafter. You might bump into him in Canada as he's skiing for two weeks somewhere near Banff - top moves on the piste as well as on the floor
  11. ben

    Whats All This About Then?

    Mr G Barber (School of Dancing) don't do registers, at least he don't sign nothing!. He's my best man this summer (just imagine the speech ) but he refuses to sign anything official looking OOooooh! He's getting a laptop next month and will be on here soon little-stevie so you just watch out!
  12. Just see a young billy doing a spin on the telly http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/soulbritannia/ Yet another documentary about soul not featuring the infamous Graham Barber
  13. ben

    A Strange Request?

    Wasn't the Trickster doing some consultancy in London town? You might have to pay his train fare and travel time
  14. MMMmmm, my old boss has a landrover freelander with KTF as the reg. plate, how much would it go for on ebay? and should i sewed a few badges onto the headrests to add a further touch of class?
  15. ben

    Had A Chat With Mark Lamarr Today

    I know someone who knows someone who knows Alan McGee quite well....! and i once sat on Jimmy Savilles knee at the Canal Gardens, Leeds.


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