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  1. First picture is my wife Karen (Linney) at the top right with Dale (Cardwell) Tony Foulds wife next to her
  2. Little Richard cut Get Down Get With It at Abbey Road
  3. Apart from Cody Michaels you will notice that the fronting does not follow the backing
  4. Rossevelt Grier?
  5. Anybody remember this from a "Persil " advert? ( did anybody find out who it was)? persiladd.mp3
  6. Ray Brown & The Whispers ? ( Australian Group)
  7. this makes 2 boots Yum Yums on t'other side ST JAMES THATS NOT LOVE ABC WD 016 LARGE.jpg
  8. DEpending on value rarity you could use these guys oops here's the link to the video
  9. another one from little Anthony sorry about the iffy sound & PQ
  10. Never been able to make out what the invitations were mumbling on about in Ski-ing In the Snow, It always sounds as they were making up the lyrics as they went along, andas for wigans ovation the less said the better
  11. It Is albeit a boot.pressing call it what you want

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