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    its bad you know rl burnside

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  1. To celebrate Shirley Fords 60th birthday, which she dedicates to the memory of Del (Spud) Taylor. DJ line up as follows Brian Chidley Lester Wardle Blunny Derrick Whatmore Pete French Dave Rimmer Pete Casper Davies Mick Lyons Glen Walker Foster Jordan Wilson Ste Pownall Ian Wills Pete Lister Mark Freeman Jed Parker Carl & Maria Willingham £12 OTD 2 rooms, large bar lounge Parking within walking distance Start time 9pm-6am
  2. people who write books about our music and the northern scene, should get the facts wright end of, I my self have been into our music from the time it all began, early 60ts ok get the facts wright before making things up.
  3. fido


    looking forward to this Vince se you all there lol ktf DJF
  4. fido

    Pomas Tribute Night

    wot a bostin nite just got ova it, poma wud b dansin in the grate allnita in the sky. sarnds that he luvd. must make this an anual event plz . our luv 2 pommas family. as 4 the rokin horse brain person or persons say no mor. hope 2 c u all next time. luv +ktf. fido, shirley xxx