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  • Birthday 18/01/1961

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    Grantham, Lincolnshire
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  1. My favourite singer of all time... his voice has melted me a thousand times. What a legacy to leave behind for all who loved him and appreciated his brilliance Sonia x
  2. Drewes


    Great night Barry ... and Almeta Lattimore will always get me out of my seat x
  3. Got a blooming chest infection now ... :-(( x

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    2. Drewes


      I dont think I got rid of the last one Sandra, and its back with a vengeance.... got some antibiotics this time so fingers crossed :-) x

    3. billywhizz


      try vick really good

    4. suzannek


      Hope you feel better soon Sonia x

  4. Feel proper poorly and fed up that I didn't get out of the house all weekend, nevermind see my buddies at Rugby :-( x

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    2. Joyann


      Hope your feeling better soon luv Xx

    3. billywhizz


      i miss you not diddy lol

    4. Drewes


      thanks for your kind wishes... and billy you're a funny boy lol x

  5. Drewes

    Butlins Wristbands

    Ha ha.... very good x
  6. Looking for a couple of butlins passes for two lovely ladies, if anybody can help x

  7. Drewes

    Butlins Wristbands

    Anybody know of a couple of spare wrist bands for two of my lovely female friends Many thanks Sonia x
  8. All packed for Moldie's 50th but so full of cold :-( x

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    2. suzannek


      I'll see ya there Sonia, I have the lurgy too :) x

    3. Alison H

      Alison H

      Enjoy yourself & get better soon .... all of you !! xx

    4. suzannek


      Thanks Alison xx

  9. Benn Hall next time hey ("-") Enjoy you lucky peeps x

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    2. Drewes


      Would have loved to Kev... but am sure you will all dance your wee socks off for me ("-") x

    3. good angel

      good angel

      I will try my best x

    4. Rugby Soul Club

      Rugby Soul Club

      :-( Hope you're ok tho Sonia?

  10. Great thread Grant ... keep 'em coming... my kinda tunes x
  11. Costa del soul here we come!! whoop woo ("-") x

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    2. SWIFTY


      Lucky gits !!! have a good 'un both xx

    3. Alison H

      Alison H

      Enjoy & don't get too sunburnt xx

    4. nightfiler


      Aw no we dont get to see you at ToH Sunday!

      Have a great time and see you both soon x

  12. My top ten, straight off the top of my head as I have a plane to catch (given time to think it could well be different ) So in no particular order: George Smith - I've had it Charles Brandy - I can't get enough of you baby Holly St James - That's not love Florence Devore - Kiss me now, don't kiss me later Peggy March - If you love me The Tempests - Someday Dotty Cambridge - Cry your eyes out Cindy Scott - I lo..
  13. Oh where to go and what to do this weekend? hmmm ("-") x

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    2. billywhizz


      get your ass down there lol

    3. nubes



    4. lightwatersoul


      rugby sonia....the nice crew will be me x

  14. Drewes


    it did Kev x
  15. Drewes


    wall of sound -hang on- big bird ...ex £35 SOLD £2.20p&p uk ta ta