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  1. My favourite singer of all time... his voice has melted me a thousand times. What a legacy to leave behind for all who loved him and appreciated his brilliance Sonia x
  2. Drewes


    Great night Barry ... and Almeta Lattimore will always get me out of my seat x
  3. Drewes

    Butlins Wristbands

    Ha ha.... very good x
  4. Drewes

    Butlins Wristbands

    Anybody know of a couple of spare wrist bands for two of my lovely female friends Many thanks Sonia x
  5. Great thread Grant ... keep 'em coming... my kinda tunes x
  6. My top ten, straight off the top of my head as I have a plane to catch (given time to think it could well be different ) So in no particular order: George Smith - I've had it Charles Brandy - I can't get enough of you baby Holly St James - That's not love Florence Devore - Kiss me now, don't kiss me later Peggy March - If you love me The Tempests - Someday Dotty Cambridge - Cry your eyes out Cindy Scott - I love you baby Gwen Davis - My man don't think I know Jackie Day - Naughty boy Bit of a girly list maybe.... but hey... that's me x
  7. Drewes


    it did Kev x
  8. Drewes


    wall of sound -hang on- big bird ...ex £35 SOLD £2.20p&p uk ta ta
  9. Drewes


    jean shy - what can i do -fantasy , anyone want to help £100 for a ex copy thanks xx
  10. Drewes

    Are You Embarrassed By Your

    Well i couldn't have my christian name sonia .... it had gone, so resorted to my works ID for my current surname since marriage and divorce 18 odd years ago. Was born Sonia Clements ...... my little brother was I know known to a number of you on the scene, particularly on the east coast.... Clem. Love the mix when I go to soul do's and aquaintances refer to me as Sonia / Drewes / Clem .... they are all me.... its who I am! x
  11. Drewes

    I Have A Serious Question

    Ha ha ... this had made me chuckle for hours! x
  12. Enjoyed the gwen davis on sat Steve... great tune x
  13. Thank you but they only do the bands with accommodation. I was going to drive so only wanted the bands.
  14. Looking for a couple of wristbands for next weekend... anyone able to help? Sonia x
  15. Drewes

    Gay Connection?

    ohhhh you sound a tad interested.... lol... sorry honey but think you may be the wrong sex. ("-") lol .... skeggie is the lesbian capital of lincolnshire.... I learned to my detriment when some young lady grabbed my ass walking up the street x


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