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  1. DiddleyDi


    Blimey o Reilly - Hello you two :-) Ha ha not lusting over Brian - was just curious that no-one ever mentions him and wondered what he was up to . he was Christine's fav !! Where are you guys now - still East coast ? Still have the pics of being bridesmaid at your wedding too - was it really that long ago ?? memories x x
  2. DiddleyDi

    City Soul Leicester

    THATS IT !! Thank you for putting me out of my misery - i dont go to soul nights half as regulary as I would like these days and hence have not heard that tune for years - remember dancing to it early 80's at Clifton or Cleethorpes - happy days !! Thanks guys
  3. DiddleyDi

    City Soul Leicester

    Sam - help me out pleeeease !! You asked Soul Sam to play a record for you - think it was poss second from last on his spot upstairs - which I used to absolutely love and I cant for the life of me remember what it was called - shout it out loud ? Loved dancing to it - and have the chorus stuck in my head and it's driving me mad !!!!! helllp !!
  4. DiddleyDi

    Do You Recognise Anyone

    How bizarre and sad that this should come to light now - Just found out that Lyndel Walsh aka Spin passed away last week. It is indeed Mick Scott in the picture - he and Spin were huge friends in the late 70's/early 80's. God Bless and KTF. x
  5. DiddleyDi


    Yes I remember Ian (Irish was his 'stage name') went out with my friend Terri Beighton for a while - remember Kev Mason too and Smiler !! Lots of happy memories from the club nites and then straight into the nighters (and then later up to the KGB when that first started. ) Remeber Brian Johnson ? Appeared out of nowhere with his cocky trilby hat and was 'hardcore' soul from day one - lovely chap.
  6. DiddleyDi

    various inc stan rudies scarboro 79

    [quote name='mick5712' date='07 November 2009 - 12:09 AM'] Just another thought, what about the nights in the Central at Leeds [/quote] Blimey - had forgotten about these !! Yes - Great nights - Central, port Cullis, Brickyard - Windmill -- Best days of my life too :-) Thanks for posting
  7. .. and this is exactly why I didnt post my opinion earlier - cos I didnt particulary want to get dragged into the bun fight. No I dont think people should stand by and watch their mates be stabbed in the back - IF that is definately what has been done, but from what I hear the people who have taken over now are not the people who were initially going to do it and have only stepped in because people who are still willing to attend the Empress (obviously people other than the members who have posted supporting items on here ) have asked them repeatedly to do so. I think what a lot of us forget (or might not even want to face ) is that so long as the DJ's are the ones they like, playing the music they like, 9 out of 10 punters would not even know - let alone care- who the promotors are. Sorry if this sounds patronising - it;s not meant to - a few of you know me from old and will probably be surprised I can even spell that let alone get dragged into this argument.
  8. DiddleyDi

    Jr Walker At Wigan

    ha ha - Hi Darren - and wasn't I just ??????
  9. Take care, be safe & remember," You pays your money, you makes your choice", Spot. As already stated on this thread - you pay your money and you make your choice - I'm sure there are more than enough people in and around Yorkshire to fill both places and I hope both venues have successful nights. As a long ago past 'attendee' of The Empress Rooms i have followed the recent events with interest and have arrived at the assumption that there are two sides to every story - one of which has been very publicly aired on these pages - and I'm sure things weren't as straight forward as they appear nor as contrived as people seem to think, but putting all that aside - come on guys - this is the soul scene and in my day we were about sticking togther and having a good time - not slagging each other off . You should be grateful that you have the choice of two good venues to go to.
  10. DiddleyDi

    Jr Walker At Wigan

    Yes - that would be about right - I saw him there around that time too and was lucky enough to blow his sax !! (now now !!) went with Martin Stanley if my memory serves me right :-)
  11. DiddleyDi

    brighton 79 vespa

    I have no idea who this actually belonged to but it was beautiful !
  12. DiddleyDi

    adrian, me & chris brady-edited

    This was a fancy dress party hence the dress !! Rousiesouledout - think this is the guy you mentioned yesterday?
  13. DiddleyDi

    Cleethorpes, Rudies Part 2

    As requested - few more from 79 /80 era - Stan, Tich, Manky, Adrian, Crofty and more .....
  14. DiddleyDi

    Modernism. Fri March 6th

    when you said I knew some dodgy people Sean - I assumed this was one of the piccies you were referring to when I posted them earlier this week ! What I want to know is .... Why do you look so guilty ??
  15. DiddleyDi

    Cleethorpes, Rudies,KGB & Flyers circa 79-83

    various piccies and flyers including shots of Sean Hampsey, Steve Croft, Adam, Darren and Steve Mank ! Enjoy


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