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  1. Looking for a spare for tonight as a mate has turned up unexpectedly. Don't need the record. If you can help text Harry on 07714172311 Regards H (soulster22)
  2. been looking for a Richard Caiton I'd like to get next to you for 20+ years now and never got close. even when the highest price for it was around £1800 and I offered a man in Germany £2800 but still no deal.
  3. As I recall Jon Buck used to run the Drummonds night on Euston road, upstairs in the pub which later became O'Neills if my memory serves me right. great times . regards H
  4. the Ascots another Day on Miradon , can't post a clip but you all know it regards H (Soulster22)
  5. morning Foi, will take these if they are still available? regards H (SOULSTER22)
  6. Hi LadyDee, did this sell last night, if not and due to it's condition I would pay £700.00 for it. regards Harry (Soulster22)
  7. Hi Dobber, would you consider a straight purchase for the Servicemen. this is one that I always regretted letting go. regards Harry (Soulster22)
  8. Remember seeing a sam fletcher I'd think it Over on Tollie sleeve only selling on ebay for £350.00 + !!!!! absolute madness
  9. HI Pete, is the school boys still around , I know it was posted back in april. regards HARRY
  10. Good afternoon all, desperately looking for the following record and will pay top money for a decent copy the slickers - Run Fattie / Hula Boola - Trojan TR 7718 Cash waiting and my eternal gratitude if you can assist me with this one. regards H

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