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  1. Soul Nights @ Bridgwater

    Looking forward to celebrating your 10th anniversary - where have the years gone
  2. Soul Nights @ Bridgwater Saturday 28Th May

    roll on saturday, haven't been any where for a while so especialy looking forward to this and the willinghams are playing what more could you want, is there football on
  3. Soul Nights @ Bridgwater Sat 12Th

    well done Pete and Cathy on putting together another quality night I'm not a big lover of 70's but i really enjoyed Steve's set especially the Aretha track even though i can't remember the title (have to try to get to coppertops soon) Mick also played a g...
  4. Soul Nights @ Bridgwater Sat February 12Th

    i don't believe for one minute that you boss Wazz about looking forward to seeing you both
  5. Soul Nights @ Bridgwater Sat February 12Th

    As usual the Wife and I are really looking forward to this (she likes it when i call her that), i may even have a hobble around the dance floor as I've said on many occasions Bridgewater is a fantastic night musically and socially well worth a visit if yo...
  6. Hip Hug-Her - Weston Super Mare 13Th Nov

    well done guys at least you finished on a high note
  7. Bridgwater Soul Night 23 October

    top night again, great to see the place full and the dance floor rammed, well deserved for a fantastic club run by two genuine great people:yes: , the music as usual was second to none definitely some thing for all tastes but with a line up like that you woul...
  8. Soul Nights@bridgwater Sat Oct.23Rd

    Top lineup once again:thumbsup: and as usual me and Mrs O'Leary are looking forward to this (wouldn't miss it for the world) our favourite soul night by a country mile and only an hour down the road also a travel lodge just up the rd for people that want...
  9. What Is A Dj Nowadays

    a prima donna, Know all, Bleeding heart
  10. Bridgwater Soul Night

    another top night, great to see Pete and Cathy not sitting on their laurels and booking dj's that take people out of their comfort zones, personally i love RnB so it was great to see/hear dj's like Rob Savetz and Des (who also played some RnB jems) keeping...
  11. Soul Nights @ Bridgwater Saturday 29Th May

    Hello Matt i was only saying to tracie the other day that i've seen matt more times this year than i've seen my mum (not complaining though) be good to see you as usual
  12. Soul Nights @ Bridgwater Saturday 29Th May

    hello mate be good to catch up with you both , i think the last time we saw you was a for short chat at that hotel in barnsley (ships that pass in the night) you'll both love it in bridgwater very appreciative crowd and top notch music, i bet Elaine...
  13. Soul Nights @ Bridgwater Saturday 29Th May

    as usual we're looking forward to this, can't come around quick enough i'm especially looking forward to hearing Rob's spot allthough with a superb lineup like that i'm sure there'll be something for all taste bridgewater my favourite soul night , heard a ...
  14. Farnborough Soul Night

    what a great night we had, musically and socially it was top notch we really enjoyed ourselves and Chris you were right i did enjoy all the dj's spots i even had a few dances, what a way to celebrate your third anniversary well done guys hope you have ...
  15. Farnborough Fc Soul Night

    tracie and i will be making are first visit to Farnborough (a bit last minute) and we're looking forward to it espeicaly looking forward to Danny's spot always enjoyed the stuff he's played previously, right up my street

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