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    Soul, Soul, Soul.... Mostly moddun and x-over.
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  1. New - Modern Warm-up mix (tracklist now added))

    Yes please! Great stuff.
  2. Finally found the time to put together a short mix of rare and not so rare 45's from the 70's and early 80's. Hope you'll like it!
  3. [SORTED] Micheal Smith - A Love That's Heavenly Inspired [Pharoah] 45 Rideout - Spend Some Time [Hotlicks] 45 Coco & Ben - Good Feeling [Earth World] 45 Wreckin Crew Band - Cruisin' With The Crew [Plexus] 45 Ben Wiggins - It's All Over [Almeria] 4...
  4. Wantlist have been gettting way too long for a while so it's time to shorten the list a bit: Innersection - Let Me Love Yuh [Group 5] 45 (Yellow issue) S.P.G. – Loveland [Magick] 45 Floyd Beck - Fly By Nite [Timeless] 45 Motherfox - Fallen In To Lo...
  5. Hi all, Years have passed and I find myself still in need of a yellow label issue of "The Innersection ‎– Let Me Love Yuh / I'm In Debt To You - Group 5". Would be great if someone could help me out!
  6. Wanted ! Richard Carl Watson

    Don't know if you're already sorted but I have a spare I would be willing to trade or sell. It's VG++/EX condition. Looks and plays perfect with only light surface noice and a few pops. It's on discogs, taking offers: https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/280...
  7. Kristoffer Ahl

  8. Mister - I wanna thank you / Starville

    Give me an offer that I can't refuse. My copy is NM. Send me a PM if interested.
  9. Ultra Rare Modern

    Here's another one I don't think have been mentioned in this thread: Glenda Mcleod "No Stranger To Love" HGEI - 1st press Lovely tune and not many seem to have the first press of it. How many copies do you know of?
  10. Ultra Rare Modern

    Been a while since I posted anything but I keep coming back to this thread so why not start here... Motherfox - Fallen In To Love [Shabang] Herby Brown - One More Broken Heart [Blue Ash] S.P.G. – Loveland [Magick] Coco & Ben - Good Feeling [Earth World] I...
  11. Movin' On Barcelona - 4th October

    Great stuff there David! Here's a couple of photos from the weekend...
  12. Movin' On Barcelona - 4th October

    Wow, what a brilliant time I had in Barcelona! Top tunes, the best company and lots of good food. I cannot recommend this event enough! A big thanks to Cristina and Eduard for everything. I'll be back! Here's what I played: Sala Jazzroom, Set 1 ...
  13. Movin' On Barcelona - 4th October

    Sounds great my friend, light jacket it is. Great flyer btw!
  14. Movin' On Barcelona - 4th October

    Really starting to get exited about coming over now. What's the weather like this time of year?
  15. Boomerang - Canal Tavern, Thorne (9th Aug)

    Thumbs up to Maria & Karen and all the DJ's for a great night at the Canal Tavern. Top tunes from start to finished with just the right mix of norhtern, modern and crossover for me. It was also really nice to meet so many friendly people from all over. Th...

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