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  1. "Let the doorknob hit yer where the dog should have bit yer." Marlena Shaw. Yuma go away little boy.
  2. I was passing a local church today and there was a banner advertising "Riverside Stompers." I thought Northern was finally making a return to Selby. Thought I may even dig the brogues out and polish them up for a dance. i have since found out that "The Riverside Stompers" are a band from Vienna playing New Orleans Jazz and Dixieland. Decided best go in,t Hobnails and do a "Floorsprung Dork Technique." Anyone else been deceived by a sign or advert? (Joking)
  3. ITV showed a programme of 26 episodes of 'The World At War' in the early 70's (narrated by Laurence Olivier) which was the most expensive series ever recorded at the time of completion in 1973. That only covered 6 years of the Second World War. i cannot conceive how any broadcaster could afford to cover a soul scene which approaches 50 years in the UK. How could they possibly cover: The events: Every nighter, dayer or soul night? The record finders and breakers? The promoters and organisers? The dancers and everyday soul lovers? The drug dealers
  4. Virgil Henry "Ain't saying nothing new". The whole chorus part. Bobby Cutchins "I did it again". "The wall I built just came tumbling down................brick by brick." Jerry Warren "I really love you". Trumpet break. Skip Mahoney "Janice". "I feel just like a wolf up in the hills..........roooooah". William Bell "The man in the street". "The man in the street, the common people" The Innersection "I'm in debt to you". The whole chorus part about what she can have.
  5. Anne Perry - That's The Way He Is. Storming instrumental. Dave Love - Colalined Baby. Like vocal and instrumental but bought it for instrumental side in 70's. Frankie Crocker - Ton Of Dynamite. Could argue there are some vocals in this but not many. Young Holt Unlimited - California Montage. Arthur Fenn used to play it as a finisher at St Mary's Hall in 70's.
  6. Sidra's Theme. Much better than poppy vocal.
  7. You don't see many documentaries about Stamp Collectors, Metal Detecters, CAMRA (real ale lovers) etc.. etc... etc... Just enjoy the fact the BBC have actually gone to the effort and expense of trying to tell a story about something which will never (NEVER) be fully told. GOOD EFFORT.
  8. Really sad. "The only survivor" of the greatest period in soul music. R.I.P.
  9. Marlena Shaw - "Go Away Little Boy" "Let the doorknob hit ya where the dog should have bit ya."
  10. The Camaro's - Lover Come Back/We're not Too Young. Dar Cha Len Jewel - All My Good Lovin'/Elevator Song. Pzazz Charles Mintz - Running Back/Lucky Guy. Uplook
  11. Looking out at the snow brought back many memories of snowy journeys made to soul events over the years. This got me thinking of characters on the scene who I have fond memories of. 1. Arthur Fenn. Biggest influence on me with regards to soul music and a great friend. I was both lucky and privileged to have known Arthur from a young age and have access to a lot of great music before it was even broken on the scene. His dedication to collecting quality soul music over many years takes some beating. He also got me my first US original "Colalined Baby" by Dave Love for £5. Think my mu
  12. Surely the stairs at the Cats went "Up and Down" depending on whether you were "Coming or Going?" Chalkies were so shite you would nearly consider going straight!!! Nearly but never quite!!! Queen of Fools. Did John Manship have a White British Demo supposedly from the BBC Radio archives? Mid 70's. Not sure if I remember this correctly or it could have been the effect of some of the previously mentioned substances!!!
  13. Excluding the Motown stable of labels, which record label has contributed the most tracks to the UK Northern Soul Scene? Is there one clear winner or are there a few close runners?
  14. Not sure if Richard Searling was responsible for discovering many of the aforementioned records. I'm sure William Powell was discovered by Arthur Fenn on a trip to the States. I thought records were "discovered" by people trawling through Record shops, Warehouses, Vaults etc.... People like John Anderson discovered records and sold them to the big DJ's and collectors. This is not intended to take anything away from Richard Searling and his immense contribution to the soul scene. He is in my top 5 DJ's of all time and was a genius at cover up names and titles. He a
  15. Really sad news. What a truly great and distinctive voice. Personal favourites- "Everything's Tuesday" Reminds me of my sister Dee who died a few years ago. "Don't Walk Away" Really tears at my heartstrings. RIP G.J.
  16. Had trousers made to measure at a tailors in the Corn Exchange in Leeds. Not sure of his name now but he was on the old balcony area. First pair were grey cord high-waisters with about 20 pockets. Loved them so much I cut the waist band down when high waist was going out of fashion. Had at least 5 other pairs made by him including 40" bags in black and moving on to pegs in two tone. Great bloke, just said "get material you want from the market and I'll make whatever you like." I'd be interested to know if anyone else on SS went to him as he seemed to know all about the
  17. Eric Smith without a doubt. Even saw him dancing in the entrance to the old Finefare store in Selby to a tape. He looked as good as Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly. He appeared to float above the dance floor with style, grace and timing.
  18. Sorry, no idea what's happened to any of them. Don't get out these days so lost touch with everyone on the scene. Just hope they are all well and enjoying life. I hope this for everyone I met on the scene over the years. Great times and memories. May try to reintroduce myself to the scene in 2011. Last went in 2002.
  19. My first nighter in Yorkshire. I had been to Wigan & St Ives when I was at school darn sarf. Quite a few of the older Selby crew used to go like Ady Dundas, Les Ure, Dennis Jacklin, Eric Smith(Best dancer I ever saw), Sammy Seaman etc... I was just a whipper snapper and mainly stood and watched in awe at the dancers, only dancing to things I knew really well so I knew when to clap etc.... Happy days.
  20. Having had 4 older sisters ranging from 14 to 3 years older, I was brought up on a fair mix of music in my formative years. One massive Beatles fan followed by two Hippy sisters who attended " Isle of Wight" festivals in the late 60's to my next eldest sister. Deirdra (Dee) was my closest (in age) sister and we started listening to Reggae style music with the "Tighten Up" LP's from late 60's. Then loads of Motown in early 70's, Followed by Northern Soul at Selby Youth Club 1974 / 1975 (Manifesto run by "Dipper and Arthur Tunningley from Knottingley" with their "Kal Eye
  21. Gil Scott Heron - "The Bottle" Ellusions - "You didn't have to leave" Mac Simmons - "Turning Point" Tony Middleton - "Paris Blues" Pierre Hunt -"I've got to have your love" Lenny Welch - "Hundred pounds of pain" Sorry more than three but dementia could keep me thinking things I thought I'd heard from the past going all night. Now where's the Casino again? Is it really still there?
  22. There is a CD "Northern Soul 70's Floorshakers" which has "Ton of Dynamite" on it. Visit www.unionsquaremusic.co.uk Released 2005 Hope this helps.
  23. Sonic Explosion - We belong together Frankie "Loveman" Crocker - Ton of dynamite Ronnie "Loveman" Stokes - Touch you again Anyone remember an instrumental by Eart Wind and Fire called "Bio"? It was the flip of a well known 12 of theirs. May have got an odd spin at Casino or maybe the Ritz. Seem to remember it was a fast shuffler.

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