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  1. Bobby Barnes

    Bobby Barnes Tomorrow I'll be gone fabulous record!!!
  2. Sound file for the Festivals

    Hi Andy....I have the Price Exchange Smash 2263 WLP Deception on both sides....so if Good love gone bad is the flipside I'd be interested to hear that if you have a sound file. cheers fella
  3. The Chapells

    Hi....did you get sorted for this record
  4. Rising Sun - Gettin is kinda cool now

    PMed you fella
  5. [SOLD] CLARENCE REID (I'm Your Yes Man) WAND Demo

    worth noting the flipside of this record is nothing short of a slow soul masterpeice!!!
  6. Original Acetates/one offs

    Is that the right spelling on the surname of your acetate....I got a 45 by Chuck Vallent....love is so strong / my heart confesses....Peak Records P-101 its very much in the same vein as your acetate & definitely the same vocalist....penned by Darnel...
  7. 2x VRC 45s

    I have the following 2 records for sale £2.50 rec delivery or £5 registered....record conditions are as described payment via F&F PayPal PM any queries The Revelons....I want good lovin'....VRC 116 £25 vg+ some label rub & 2 crosse...

    PMed you Tony
  9. Charlotte Stokes - is this a 'real' record?

    thanks for the replies on valuation fella's
  10. Charlotte Stokes - is this a 'real' record?

    what would be a current value for this 45???
  11. Unissued northern dancer

    just search....mike's acetate....worked for me
  12. few well priced records for sale

    Few records for sale at well below prices seen elsewhere....postage £2.50 recorded £5.00 registered over seas will quote think there is YouTube clips of them...not the discs on sale though....any queries PM me.....PayPal by F&F The Castaways...
  13. Want! Clifford Binns - you've got to help me (green)

    Hi...don't have a Green copy...but do have an Orange original copy in EX cond....if interested PM me an offer
  14. King Arthur and The Soul Messengers

    Hi Claire....the title for this one is....I believe I love her
  15. Thoroughly excellent read Rob thanks for putting it up
  16. sounded superb Jordi...as did the rest of your set
  17. Mandells - I Miss You Baby/think Back

    sent you a PM
  18. Hi...I have this record for sale PM me if you want to make an offer for it. cheers fella
  19. A Few Mixed Sales

    A few mixed 45's for sale....PM if interested...payment via PayPal gift....recorded del £2.50 Registered £6 outside of the UK will quote Sound clips can be found on YouTube although none are the actual records for sale...condition of records are a...
  20. A Few Mixed Sales

    PM replied cheers fella
  21. Hey up Tony...pretty sure ya right Mark played Mr. Lucky as Jesse Boone....and did'nt Nigel Parker play the Soul-Po-Tion record being discussed covered up as The Fantastic Four at venues like Braford Queens Hall...Mexborough etc around 1990-ish!!
  22. Sag War Fare & Wanda Mcdaniels

    First time it got played in Berlin was 2001 Marc at Olivers night & I played both sides only person other than Smithy that asked about it was a German fella called Martin. Same year it also bombed at Wilton niter and only person that asked about it ther...

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