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  1. Up for sale mint condition £280 all in private message me if intrested .....
  2. hi any one selling a copy of this french ep JOHNNY TAYLOR - BLUES IN THE NIGHT, must be original and in vg+ or better pm me plz.... with price and condition ....
  3. Any one got one of the above for sale vg+ or better must be original pm me plz come on someone must have one going .......
  4. Hi any one selling one of the above on peri tone yellow or green label (original ) only must be vg+ or better no hissing or pops plz pm me with price and condition
  5. Hi any one got a copy of this clean labels must play vg+ or better no back ground noise if possible pm me price condition please ......
  6. Anyone selling one vg+ or better original on sss international records .... pm me with price and condition plz
  7. anyone selling one of the above must be original and vg+ or better pm me plz......................
  8. looking for one of these must be vg+ or better original on OK label .......... pm me only with price and condition, maybe a picture or 2 of the record please would be appreciated ....
  9. did you get sorted with carol Anderson, sad girl
  10. the ikettes whatcha gonna do on phil-dan records ex condition £100 + SOLD billy storm educated fool on infinity demo ex condition SOLD......................... laura greene moonlight music in you on RCA demo ex condition £100 + POSTAGE invitations whats wrong with me baby, on dynovoice vg+ condition plays fine £100 + POSTAGE bill harris am i cold am i hot, on RCA ex condition plays great £150 + POSTAGE
  11. must be original on Columbia records and in vg+ or better condition no hissing or loud pops pm me only with price and condition...... thanks

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