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  1. hammy

  2. Sales List

    All - I'm looking for offers on these - either individually or as a job lot. Serious offers only please. Ta. Hammy .. PM me. THE CANDY GIRLS - TOMORROW MY LOVE (ROTATE) SHIRLEY OF THE SOUL SISTERS - WHAT MORE ( RUJAC) JAMES GRESHAM - WHAT DID ...
  3. mr & mrs hammy!

    Aye, n nVery handsome couple :-) .. Shame we couldn't have stayed longer but we'd been out on the piss since mid-day!! n nHammy
  4. 100 Club

    LOL!! Hammy
  5. 100 Club

    My marriage to Melv was annulled - legal technicality ... my lawyer tells me cross-species unions are null and void ;-) Hammy
  6. 100 Club

    I hope to be there..not been out for ages. However, it is my stag night so I dunno what sort of state I'll be in... Hammy
  7. 100 Club

    Good time had by all. I thought the atmosphere was as good as I've had on a night out for a long time. Nice to see everyone, and put a few names to faces. Hammy
  8. Implements - Look Over Your Shoulder

    Dan Put a socket in it.... Hammy
  9. Wants - Soul Incorporated - My Proposal

    A tune I associate with Mark Wilson/ Rob Marriott. I think Mark's was Rob's old copy. Hammy
  10. Soul Gems Preston

    hey Joan - best of luck tonight. Not seen you in donkeys. Remind Phil I'm the guy who bought Richard Anthony on Virtue off him years ago. Hammy
  11. Ralph Soul Jackson - Set Me Free

    Some illustrious company there Mr D! We shouldn't forget the flip of SMF either - fantastic tune. Hope you're well. Hammy
  12. Title: miles davis - billy preston - get up with with it - cd Artist: miles davis Track: billy preston Label: columbia Record information: fantastic. hammy
  13. Wigan Casino Revisited

    A mate of mine told me his mother asked for her money back after seeing Paul Anka play Dundee back in the 60s. The lady was upset that he was " too short" Hammy
  14. Kip Anderson Dies

    RIP " That's all I Can Do " - love that record and loved playing it out. Hammy
  15. Doesn't 'all the time' suggest there are exceptions, whereas ' every time' would not. Hammy

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