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    Music (Obviously). A pint with mates !! AVFC. Sport.
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  1. Thankyou to all of you who responded to the post. The collection has now been sold.
  2. It would appear from the e-mails received, that the interest in the LP's and 12's is low and therefore I am now only looking for a genuine offer on the Singles only. A few more added today (In bold) Bobby Reed -The time is right for love - Bell Demo Ma...
  3. Due to a change of job (after 28 years) and an imminent move abroad I have decided (after some real Soul searching !! no pun intended) that I shall be selling my vinyl collection consisting of a large number of items and in particular,collectable modern &...
  4. Bad News - Martin Alsop Very Ill

    Have not seen you for yonks Martin, my thoughts and best wishes go out to you. Get well soon mate. Mick Whitehead -Colchester
  5. Colchester Soul Night

    Already got the night off for that one, look forward to meeting some of you Guys up there !! Gonna have a Gorilla !!
  6. Listed today: The Innersection -Let me luv yuh / Im in debt to you -Group 5 (White ) Ty Karim -Lightin up -Romark To be listed: Will Collins - anything I can do -Derby
  7. Sales

    K.I.C - You dont want my love - New Hit ....Offers e-mail pse.
  8. Aj Brown And Bonnie Blanchard

    Ted have you still got A J Brown..Ive been after it for yonks !!!!
  9. Modern Sales

    A number of tunes for sale.........by e-mail please, will consider good offers !! Brown Sugar - The game is over - Capitol Will Collins & Willpower -Anything I can do - Derby(Italian - picture sleeve) Al Hudson - When your gone -AT...
  10. Soul Essence 24

    A big thankyou to all of the Essence crowd, who made it such a great event. The music as usual was outstanding and to everyone I met and chatted with over lots of alcohol, thankyou. Managed to get a load of photos of drunken Soulies, dancing, drinking and put...
  11. Got to agree with many of the points, however just because youre considered old (over 45)does not necessarily mean that youre going to play OLD STUFF all the time...now and then maybe, theres lots of quality Soul out there post 60/70's The new tunes are not ...
  12. Northern Soul Or Norfolk Soul

    BOOOOOOOOOOTIFAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. A Florida born vocalist who became one of the greatest Chicago Soul voices ever
  14. Top Ten Crossover Rarities

    I would think that Flourescant Smog would be Modern....but hey I still Think Ty Karim is Xover.others would disagree !!
  15. Top Ten Crossover Rarities

    Frederick Hymes III-Time aint gonna do me no favors Bernard Smith -never gonna let you go Billy Kent -take it all this time Major Lance - without a doubt Nathan Williams - what price Matt Brown - Thankyou baby

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